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  1. I had my first cryptocurrency income in 2018, $ 300. Those were good times! Now of course it's more difficult
  2. It seems to me that after all, the cryptocurrency will win, but this victory will not be quick and not easy, you know why ...
  3. of course it's true, otherwise there was no such hype around him, although we must admit that lately they talk about him less and less
  4. Well, there are various projects, I even met such projects related to real estate and cryptocurrency.
  5. From only 12 thousand, but also much higher, and in 2021 more than 20 thousand may well pass this bar.
  6. It seems to me that in general the market will grow at the end of 2020 and at the beginning of 2021, and I think the price of ripple will be $ 3
  7. How to trade? I'll tell you this that of course you can trade in different ways, and there are many guides on the Internet, but you need to practice and only then some understanding will come
  8. Of course, that's why I'm already in cryptocurrency for 3 years, because I believe in it and advise you!
  9. Is this application still relevant? And can you immediately withdraw it there? Are there any restrictions?
  10. Perhaps this is just another stuffing, because the paper has already been noticed more than once on not very truthful news. I used to remember they hated cryptocurrency
  11. age7397

    Yobit Withdrawal

    I don't know how much I use this exchange, I have never had this, maybe there are technical problems? Write to support!
  12. And most importantly, after all, someone is and really sends them bitcoin. It's all sad ...
  13. It seems to me that yes, because the binance has always been a pioneer and usually exchanges take successful steps
  14. It seems to me that Ethereum is the most promising, especially considering Ethereum 2.0. In any case, I hold it more than bitcoin!
  15. It seems to me even if Bitcoin does not grow in 2020, then this will happen in 2021. I will keep
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