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  1. It has gone offline in the past. It's not certainly the first time. One thing I've come to learn as a developer is that there's never a 100% perfect system. Some things do break. One thing I like is Bitcointalk off time are always momentary and brief.
  2. That's gonna be BTC. It's been my favorite cryptocurrency since day 1. But for altcoins, my first love was Mobilego but it fell short like the parent company. Right now, I don't have a favorite altcoins because most of them turned out to be valueless as years go by
  3. Certainly, A pro trader once said that trading is one of the ways of moving money from the inexperienced and impatient to the hands of the patient. Anyone who is successful at trading could attest to the fact that Trading involves being knowledgeable, being patient and of course, making disciplined decisions.
  4. Trading or investing in Cryptocurrencies involves risks. That's one of the things people usually leave out when introducing their family and friends to the space. These people often end up in losses and only then do they realize that Crypto is indeed risky. It's better people know what they're getting into upfront.
  5. Great work. One of the easiest way to spot scamming attempts is that, If something sounds too good to be true, That's because it is. I have similar experience with some scammers using Brave Browser airdrop as a base to scam unsuspecting people.
  6. Lol playing with Crypto trading is the same as lining up to throw your money into the bags of more experienced traders. Most people don't take trading as a serious endeavor and business. I believe that's why most new traders fail.
  7. There are couple of ways to earn. You can earn more by trading ( not without learning how to trade) You can make money by offering a service (whether you can provide followers, RTs, or you can make graphics etc) Other ways include participating in rewards campaign like bounties and airdrops.
  8. In business there are bound to be competitions and competitions are healthy as it'll help you to improve. That's the case with Bitcointalk and Cryptotalk. Bitcointalk got too popular and started having issues combating spam. So they mass ban users and created the DT system which has been a mess unfortunately. My point is, bothforums can coexist together. Banned bitcointalk users can take refugees and learn from their mistakes.
  9. It's only logically to keep the reactions even after the posts is deleted. I believe reactions are stored in the memory. Reaction count stays same even after the oostis no more. It's right because the reactions duly earned by the user.
  10. It's as expected. Bitcointalk "Elders" always frown whenever there's a new campaign that pays users something tangible. They did the same to stake.com campaign and the owner stopped the campaign. Bitcointalk used to be filled with signature campaigns for everyone until the mods messed everything up. Now there's just barely 1-3 campaigns yet they still won't let it be. The campaign participants too are not helping matters. They don't care about the spam they create so far they earn those pennies. It shouldn't be the case.
  11. It's Binance for me. No offense. It's more of a personal preference. Yobit just doesn't have my favorite pairs on their exchange and like listing coins I perceive to be of low quality. Like I said, It's just a personal thing.
  12. Simeon4real

    McAfee DEX

    No dex is truly decentralized. I'd give a couplof examples. Remember Bancor? They control majority of their dex operations. What about Idex? They recently forced their users to provide their identity information yet it's called a dex. Same goes for McAfee dex.
  13. What are you basing your prediction on? Or you're just speculating without facts or analysis to back you up? Don't forget that the market is no respecter of personal believes. It will go where its meant whether you think it should be going that way or not. That said, Let's see how things play out
  14. It was a typo. I actually meant most of them didn't know what it was before giving it to you. It's just like the emojis we use on social media. I do use sad emoji from time to time and wouldn't know it it gives - 1 exposure to a post or something. Same happened here. But that's just by the way
  15. We do need Libra.but not for profits (It's a Stable Coin and at such doesn't support volatility. This literally means it doesn't increase in value. However, Libra could unlock mass adoption for Bitcoin and crypto thanks to its over 1B users of which Facebook would introduce it to.
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