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  1. ⚡️ MATIC Token of Polygon network is now available on Cryptomus There's a lot of work ahead of us. The functionality of the service is expanding at an incredible speed. The design soon will become more convenient and the support service will be easily reachable. ☕️ We'll continue keeping you up to date here, and also you could follow the latest news from the world of cryptocurrencies in our news channel.
  2. BNB and BUSD are available now 🔥 Bear market makes you want to earn assets in cryptocurrency - don't miss the chance!
  3. How do I choose a payment system for my website? Important factors: 1.Payment methods. 2.Reputation. 3.Speed of technical support. 4.Ease of integration. How does Cryptomus work? - Security Good anti-fraud system, and in the 2Fa settings we offer Email, Google2Fa, SMS. You can assign permissions to each of the authorization methods: change password, delete account, use merchant, edit "Trusted" wallets and so on. Speaking of "Trusted" wallets Automatic withdrawal to "Trusted purses" you specify. All funds are automatically transferred to your wallet, not stored on our service. Autoconvert. With autoconvert you can receive only the coins you need. For example, customer preferred to pay in BTC, but you want to receive only in USDT. We will fix the exchange rate at the time of payment and convert the coins in your account. Notifications in Telegram bot Now you will have all necessary information at your fingertips: authorizations, password changes, API, transactions and so on. There's a separate bot for merchants and wallets. Easy integration You can integrate payment on your website or messenger using our API, there is also an SDK for API. If you don't understand anything at all, write to support - we'll help. For designers and self-employed people of other professions. You can generate a personal payment link. The link contains a payment form with a QR code and a wallet. Or use Cryptomus as a regular wallet with a nice interface for transfers. Now you can track your customers payments and set payment timeframes. Easy registration. Very simple registration All you need is a phone number or email address to start using Cryptomus. Sign up now! You will not regret it. Advantages of the service: - Commissions from 0.4% - depends on your goals and turnover; - Instant withdrawal and mass payments; - Anonymity - we do not require KYC or KYB; - High security level; - Automatic withdrawal to your wallets and auto-conversion on receipt; - We will help you with integration and will support you with any questions; Get individual terms and consult in "Telegram": @cryptomus_support
  4. How do businesses follow trends? How does crypto help increase sales? Marketing is what brings customers and money into a business. In the news bulletins we see every day: - Cryptocurrency is on the rise; - Amazon has started accepting payments in crypto; - NFT's future; - How will the authorities regulate digital assets? Now is a good time for businesses to use this trend for marketing purposes and start accepting cryptocurrency payments. This is easy to implement with The payment system makes it easy to integrate cryptocurrency payment acceptance on a website or in messengers. All you need for registration is a phone number or email address, for individual commissions email the support team. It is ready to answer any of your questions: Contact email: [email protected]
  5. The number of cryptocurrency users worldwide has reached 320 million. The adoption of cryptocurrencies continues to increase. According to analytics company Triple A, the number of digital asset users has reached 320 million.320 million people are using digital assets, storing in their wallets and paying for purchases. Despite the crypto-zine, the trend is only growing.What does this mean for business? Customers now want to choose what they will pay for a product or service on a website: fiat or cryptocurrency. If cryptocurrency, is it BTC, ETH or USDT?With you can easily integrate cryptocurrency payment acceptance on the website or in messengers. At the moment the service accepts payments in 6 different crypto assets. All you need to register is your phone number or email address, and to get your individual fees, email the support team. They are ready to answer any questions you may have: email: [email protected]
  6. Everyone has an understanding that trading is not for everyone.Only 5% of traders, or even less, benefit. Sad, but don't forget that cryptocurrencies are also a means of payment.More than 100 million people pay for goods and services using cryptocurrencies, and some portion prefers to pay exclusively in cryptocurrencies. Perhaps it's time to make a business that takes this audience under its wing.You don't have to invent something new, because cryptocurrency payment acceptance will be an innovation, and we - - can help you integrate such a tool.This service starts from 0.4% commission, no KYC, a high level of safety, and great automation and integration are absolutely free.Read more:
  7. What is cryptoprocessing and how do I accept cryptocurrency payments on my website? How does cryptocurrency payment work on a website? Cryptocurrency payment can become available after integrating a special service for accepting cryptocurrency payments - cryptoprocessing. This is a payment processing service.The functions of cryptoprocessing usually include:- conversion at the exchange rate;- acceptance of funds from the buyer;- transfer of received funds to merchant's cryptocurrency wallet;- payment processing confirmation;- sending transaction data to the blockchain.Connect cryptoprocessing and start accepting cryptocurrency payments today. All you need to register is your phone number or email address, and to get your individual fee, contact support, who is ready to answer any of your questions - email: [email protected]
  8. It no longer makes sense to deny the impact of cryptocurrency on our world. Millions of people buy cryptocurrency, and in Hong Kong they pay their rent with it. Today there are not many services that can accept payments from clients in crypto, and we are performing one of the most convenient and practical solutions in the market. With you can easily integrate payment on your site and accept cryptocurrencies from users around the world. All you need to register is a phone number or an email address, and to get individualized commissions, write to the support team. They are ready to answer any of your questions: Contact email: [email protected]
  9. If your clients want to pay or transfer cryptocurrency, how do you do it? was created specifically for this purpose. A service for accepting payments in cryptocurrency. With this, you can accept payments from all over the world and increase your client base. The popularity of cryptocurrency is growing and with it the audience of users who prefer to pay exclusively in cryptocurrency. In order to provide security and a low service charge, we will charge 0.4%. For registration is enough phone number or email address, and for individual commission please write to support service, which is ready to answer all your questions - Contact email: [email protected]
  10. We launched a Telegram channel, where we publish the best news from the world of cryptocurrencies. Join in!
  11. Hi! — processor, gateway, cryptocurrency wallet and exchange in one place with fees from 0.4% and no KYC We automate all processes, and you focus only on business Auto conversion Want to protect yourself from volatility or convert less-used coins into more liquid ones? We'll give you that option. Automatic withdrawal Set up automatic withdrawal to your wallets. It easy. Notifications via Telegram Bot Two Bots, for pesonal and merchant accounts Referral system You can invite users to Cryptomus and get 0.05% from their every transaction. Referral code waiting for you in the personal settings. Contact us for lowest fees: Telegram support [email protected]
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