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  1. Yes, of course. I am relatively new to the field of trading, but I am already making good money. The main thing is to have a good understanding of this field. And then it will go like clockwork. Yes, of course. I am relatively new to the field of trading, but I am already making good money. The main thing is to have a good understanding of this field. And then it will go like clockwork.
  2. I agree with the opinion above. Absolutely no better it used to be. Because now there is a very simple and accessible source of information like the Internet. You can research anything you want. Any field on your own. Also now you don't have to go to the theater or movie theater to watch some interesting story. You just have to open RarBG and find whatever you want, for example. Or you don't have to go to the front to feel like a soldat. Just play any war game. So it definitely got better with the opening of technology.
  3. If the fast way on the Internet, it is a fraud like fake phone bill or some such nonsense. but of course this is illegal and I would not advise you to make money this way. The best option would be to master the initial knowledge of programming for a year and a half and make sites. I think this is the best way. I have a friend earns so.
  4. The tensions between iPhone and Android users have not subsided while the two operating systems compete with each other. iPhone is a smartphone designed and produced by Apple Corporation and running on the proprietary iOS operating system. The product logo is a biting apple. Android is a smartphone from various manufacturers that runs the Android operating system. The product logo is a green robot. Personally, I like products specifically from android. Recently bought a tablet from huawei, I like it better than Apple. The Android phone is assembled by analogy with the PC - all the functional elements are selected by calculating the cost of the finished smartphone, and the components can be manufactured by a variety of companies. The consequence of this has been a large variation in the price of the devices. Therefore, the prices of Android smartphones range from obscenely high to budget with the lowest possible cost. Apple smartphones cost an order of magnitude more, which is a policy of their organization. At the same time, the device undergoes a rigorous gadget testing process before being launched on the market, and their internal characteristics are seriously defined for a small number of models. This explains such a small output of new products - once a year release no more than 3 models. All of its resources the system architecture of the phone uses rationally, which makes their work more stable. I apologize for such a long text. It's just that I really love this field of discussion 😝😋
  5. Hello! I can definitely say that for me youtube is better than tiktok. Because youtube has more advantages and possibilities. Also, I like streaming on youtube and in general I like this area, so I read different articles (recently there was an article about moderating you tube live stream chat. If you are interested I will leave a link, also I read books about promotion on youtube. I like to wrap myself in a plaid, drink tea and stream. It's awesome.
  6. Я тоже так делал) Думаю все сначала через ютуб учатся
  7. I also like GTA in all parts. I also like pubg and apex legengs. Mostly I like shooters and MMORPGs. Recently I played Albion online. But most of all I like to play old games like Prince of percia and other games that people used to play on SEGA. By the way, guys, maybe there are fans of old SEGA games? So, I want to play this game on my laptop, but I have a lot of games just blocked or not available at all on steam and other platforms. Maybe you know where I can download this type of game? (I have already find it here thanks!)
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