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  1. GoLogin have version for Android devices, please check on PlayMarket or our site
  2. We will be glad to hear from you questions, comments and suggestions. Contact us [email protected]
  3. GoLogin is an anti-detection browser that allows you to hide and control your digital fingerprint by removing all parameters that sites can see.
  4. Browser profiles are located separately in the cloud. They can be run from any platform or a regular browser.
  5. In the new update, GoLogin has another interesting feature — emulation of human input. Now all your copy-paste will look as if you are entering the information manually (just like a real person). Instagram Facebook, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Instagram, Coinlist and bookmakers will potentially increase the credibility of your profile on many websites.
  6. Creating your own business has never been as easy as it is now. Most often these are the largest trading platforms - Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba or Shopify. Almost half of online sales come from Amazon. However, the sites themselves strictly control this process. Sellers' accounts are often blocked in accordance with the rules of the service, which are not specific. Of course, you can apply for account recovery. But it will take time. And time is money. This is a blow to your business. How to protect yourself from this? You should create several isolated trading accounts. But this is also prohibited by the rules. Therefore, you need to hide your registration data. GoLogin will help with this. GoLogin allows you to monitor your fingerprints and manage your profiles. As long as you remain anonymous using the Orbita antidetect browser, you can replace your IP, browser, operating system, platform, geolocation and 15 other parameters that can be monitored if you do not use GoLogin. This will allow you to create multiple trading accounts and avoid losing sales. Sell and earn money with GoLogin.
  7. GoLogin allows you to control your fingerprints and manage your profiles while remaining anonymous using the Orbita privacy browser.
  8. Are you just starting work with GOLOGIN? Forget about the suspension or termination of the account. Select any Weed platform and easily control several accounts. Use all GOLOGIN functions right now!)
  9. If you need to hide your real geolocation, we have come up with a unique solution -GoLogin.
  10. Hello, friend! Check out our new friends and partners - Adscobar Adscobar is a crypto and forex affiliate network. The guys give offers in various GEO and invite both beginners and experienced affiliates to join Adscobar. Adskobar managers and trusted brokers will help you attain maximum ROI. Advantages to Adscobar: Integrate quickly and easily with TrackBox; CPA, CPL and CRG payment models; Conversion of traffic from all sources (Facebook, Google, Native, TikTok); Stable cash flow (special terms are discussed with the manager). The guys from Adscobar have prepared a promo code GOLOGIN_1000 especially for you. You can get an additional $1k bonus. Register on the platform, earn $10k in Adscobar within 3 months and use the promo code to get your bonus for the next payout
  11. Hello, we are making your use of Gologin more comfortable and safe. I want to introduce you to our new partner iProxy and get a discount. 🔥 You can make mobile proxies with your own hands in a couple of minutes. Install the app and the mobile proxies are ready. Rotation, HTTP support, SOCKS5, telegram bot, IP address history, uptime, proxy verification. Advantages of iProxy: ✅ You can create a proxy server from your phone without programming knowledge; ✅ You will receive functions for managing a ready-made proxy server; ✅ Create mobile proxy servers in any country in the world; ✅ Cost: from $6 to $10 per month for 1 mobile proxy; ✅ 2 days free trial
  12. Gologin, based on Chromium. Allows you to configure and control each parameter of the digital fingerprint. The main advantages of Gologin: 1.Each profile is located separately in the cloud; 2. A convenient ecosystem for teamwork; 3.The database of prints is constantly updated; 4.Gologin provides IP addresses for free, and fingerprints are automatically adjusted to IP; 5.Supports cloud solution and Google play app.
  13. With the help of the anti-detection browser Gologin, you can create your own unique digital fingerprint. This will help: - create accounts with different fingerprints. - circumvent the restrictions and prohibitions of anti-fraud systems. - increase the level of anonymity. By changing your fingerprint, you will be able to hide your real data from both anti-fraud systems and fraudsters. - protect yourself from hacking by IP.
  14. GoLogin has about 10 thousand users worldwide and is widely used to create and scale stealth account farms in various business verticals: Traffic Arbitration; Account farming; Dropshipping; Referral programs; Crypto and Fiat Sphere; Marketing and reputation management; Web-scraping and automation.
  15. Hello for all! In this article you will learn: What is the multi-accounting? How can it multiply your income? (Reading time 5 minutes!) Before moving on to multi-accounting, let's recall the basic concepts: Mint - transition to your disposal NFT. Mint is either bought or obtained randomly. WhiteList - getting into the list of future distribution of the crypt. A certain closed list, like access to a club by invitation. You can get into this only by invitation, or if you shine actively, help the project develop. Airdrop - random distribution coins to everyone. The owner of the token wants its active development, and therefore he issues coins in a couple of simple actions. Of course, to attract attention to your project. What is the multi-accounting? Did you know that Internet sites know a lot about you - ip, browser fingerprint, hardware number, etc. It will not be possible to create 100 accounts in one browser and take part in the distribution, you will be blocked by geo or hardware. It will be lucky if the accounts are simply merged into one, but still, each account is your time and money. Obviously, if you create at least 10 accounts, you will increase your chances of winning by 10 times. The multi-accounting is a creating multiple profiles to participate in giveaways in order to multiply your income. Once again, if you used to make $50 on mints, then by creating 100 accounts, you can make 5000. There are important conditions: crypto projects, discord, twitter and the rest have good anti-fraud systems that will not let you create an account through incognito mode or through a free vpn. How multi-accounting helps us to earn in mints? NFT is obtained randomly, rare and expensive something may fall out, and it is unlikely that it will be possible to sell something cheap. Everything is like in a casino. The more accounts we have, the more chances we have to hit the same jackpot and get a rare and expensive thing. When we have one account, we can only hope for God's luck. Therefore, when registering dozens of accounts, we have the opportunity to get something very rare and expensive, which will immediately pay off all the costs that will be described later in the article. How can you make money in whitelist? To get into this “closed list” you need to join the discord or Twitter of the project, be an active participant, write messages, make memes, etc. Once in the WhiteList, you get tokens or NFTs, and then sell them during the public sale. There is also another option, you can sell your account and guarantee earnings if you are afraid that the token will not skyrocket in price. In this way, you can automate everything and regularly receive tokens, or you can sell ready-made accounts so that the income is stable. You just need to register accounts and be active in the social networks of projects. A couple of advice: actively write in the community discord, if you have a budget, you can take a full-time artist who will draw art, 5-10 pieces are enough to get into WL. You can also invite your accounts to be guaranteed to get WL on one account. Your income on AirDrop. In fact, this way is the easiest of income. Often you need minimal action compared to WL or mints. Therefore, multi-accounting is suited best here. You need to link the wallet, register in the project and wait for the coins to be received in the draw. As in other projects, if we create 100 accounts, then we will increase our chances of getting coins by 100 times. There are quite a lot of services like yobit.net that conduct AirDrop, so you can register in all of them. They also pass frequently. Accordingly, the income can be huge, depending on luck, of course. How to create 100 accounts without getting banned? What will you need to create accounts? 1.Antidetect Browser. It is a browser in which you can create many unique browser profiles in order to be able to work with them from one device at the same time, imitating individual users. Anti-detect browsers are appreciated by traffic arbitrageurs for the ability to effortlessly create new FB accounts and drive traffic from them. I pressed 2 buttons, added a proxy and the new account is ready. The browser itself will change all the necessary data to maintain uniqueness. This is exactly what we need. If the anti-detect browser will save you from a fingerprint or hardware ban, then high-quality proxies imitate geo connections. 2.Proxy. It is your mask to hide your real ip. Put it on and now you are no longer in Moscow, but in Voronezh or Frankfurt. The convenience of proxies is their personality, each account can have a separate IP. Thus, sites will not determine that 100 different accounts, with different geos and ips, are managed by one person. Proxies are different, from mass and free, to personal and expensive. Now proxies can be rented for a period of 1 day, for an account farm it is better to buy 100 pieces in bulk (consider a rotating proxy), it will be much cheaper. As a result, we have a completely unique browser fingerprint and a unique ip. Complete blocking protection. Of course, somewhere you will need to buy a phone number to confirm your identity or verify the exchange using documents, like on CoinList. But there will be no problems with this, you have already gone through all the most difficult things. How can you earn your first money now? Step-by-step instructions for using browser antidetect. In our case, we will use GoLogin. 1. Download a browser with free profiles and proxies, and register on the site. 2. Click on “New profile” and create a new profile. 3. Set the profile name you like, add custom proxies or use free ones from gologin. 4. You can manually change the browser fingerprint if you want some specific settings. If you don't want to bother, the browser will automatically keep your anonymity for you. That is, when creating a new account, you need to add a proxy and everything else, the browser did everything for you. 5. Repeat steps 2-4 as many times as you like or clone the profiles. 6. Run the profile. The Run button starts the Orbita browser from gologin. 7. Check the correctness of the print. 8. Install the extensions you need and log in to all social networks. 9. We go to crypto projects, let's say premint.xyz or coinlist, and fulfill the conditions for participation. 10. Repeat this on all accounts, scale and earn MONEY. And in custody: You can earn multiple times more on the crypto if you increase the chances of dropping coins and NFTs, for this we create many accounts and fulfill the requirements for participating in distributions. Anti-detect browser GoLogin will help you avoid bans (2 weeks free for new users with promo code - SETRUGOLOGIN) and proxy. Thus, we increase our income, we get the opportunity to earn consistently, and not from week to week, when something interesting falls out. With multi-accounting, you can expect that every week you will still get an expensive NFT or token. Thanks for reading and good luck sharing!
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