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  1. BLOCKCHAIN REVIEWERS: BITCOIN #1(BTC) BITCOIN #2(BTC) ETHERIUM (ETH) RIPPLE (XRP) BITCOIN CASH (BCH) LITECOIN (LTC) STELLAR (XLM) DASH (DASH) ZCASH (ZEC) MONERO (XMR) TON (TON) UNIVERSAL REVIEWERS: BLOCKCHAIR (most cryptocurrencies + API) BLOCKCHAIR (extension for CHROME) BREADCRUMBS (extension for CHROME) BLOCKCHAIN.COM BLOCK EXPLORER BITAPS BLOCKCYPHER VISUALIZATION OF CRYPTOCURRENCY TRANSACTIONS: BREADCRUMBS SHARD ETHTECTIVE (ETH Free) MALTEGO (external sofware) SPIDERFOOT (external sofware) BLOCKPATH OXT (after registration) GRAPHSENSE (after registration) GitHub SICP (after registration) CRYPTO HOUND ORBIT (open source) WALLET TRACKER (open source) CRYPTO WALLET IDENTIFICATION: WALLET EXPLORER BITINFOCHARTS OXT (after registration) ANTINALYSIS (TOR) REVIEWS OF CRYPTO WALLETS: BITCOIN ABUSE RANSOMWHERE BITCOIN WHOS WHO CHECK BITCOIN ADDRESS SCAM ALERT CRYPTSCAM ETHEREUM BLACKLIST ADVANCED QUERY OPERATORS IN GOOGLE: Clearing search results at the request of a crypto wallet Clearing search results at the request of some crypto wallets Search for a crypto wallet on a specific site Search for lists of identified wallets BLOCK ANALYSIS: KYCP LOCKSTREAM CRYPTOCURRENCY STORAGE FILE TYPES: Armory: %appdata%\Armory (.wallet)Bitcoin Unlimited/Classic/XT/Core: %appdata%\Bitcoin (wallet.dat)Bither: ‘%appdata%\Bither’ (address.db)Blockchain: (wallet.aes.json)MultiBit HD: %appdata%\MultiBitHD (mbhd.wallet.aes)Electrum: %appdata%\Electrum\walletsmSIGNA: %homedrive%%homepath% (.vault) OTHER USEFUL PROGRAMS FOR INVESTIGATIONS AND OSINT IN BLOCKCHAIN: MONITORING THE ACTIVITY OF A CRYPTO WALLET #1 MONITORING THE ACTIVITY OF A CRYPTO WALLET #2 CHECKING THE COMMUNICATION BETWEEN CRYPTO WALLETS SOURCE COMPILATION FROM BLOCKSHERLOCK CRYPTO WALLET SCORING (BTC, ETH, ERC20) CRYPTO WALLET SCORING (BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC) BRUTEFORCE WALLET'S PASSWORD find-my-btc-wallet (BTC Recover) Btcrecover (BTC Recover) Findbtc (BTC Recover) EtherClue (ETH smart contract forensics) OTHER TOOLS AND INFORMATION: OSINT 2022 TOOLS (Part 1) more than 6000 tools. OSINT 2022 TOOLS (Part 2). Research Bitcoin wallets OSINT BTC 2023.
  2. In today's world, most cybercrimes are committed with the use of Bitcoin wallets. Laundering, Hacking, Blackmail, etc.That's why I decided to write an article on identifying the owner of a BTC Wallet.It's trivial, but it's important. The easiest thing you can do when trying to figure out the owner of such a wallet is to look at its transactions thanks to blockchain.A blockchain is a database with transactions consisting of a sequential chain of digital blocks, each block storing information about the previous block and the next block.To view transactions, we can use a simple blockchain explorer WalletExplorer.Transaction Visualization and AnalysisTo visualize Bitcoin-Wallet transactions I can recommend you the service OXT.ME, as the service I used before for the same purpose (Crystal Explorer) has been disabled for several weeks now. OXT is only available to PC users, with a minimum screen extension of 1280*520 pixels, which to me seems justified. Sometimes, the graphics get so big that it will be difficult to understand something from a phone or tablet. Service will be available to you immediately after registration.There is also an analogue of the aforementioned service, Blockpath. Personally for me, it is not as convenient as OXT, but as they say to taste and color there is no comrade, so a little talk about this service. Here, too, certainly has its advantages, the tab "Accounts", for example, which shows a detailed report on the last transaction. Blockpath has no screen resolution limitations and registration is not required.Looking for linked wallets Analyzing transactions, it is possible to find certain patterns in user's transfers, for example, we can notice that a person once a month sends money to a certain address, this is the same pattern. Let's analyze different patterns:- Subscription payment.The user sends a fixed amount of money every month/year/day etc. Perhaps he is paying for a subscription on some service. This can be checked by googling the wallet to which the funds are sent, most likely, as a result you will get a link to pay for a web resource.- Payment for work, or blackmailIf you see a fixed amount of money being sent each month/year/day, we can assume that this is payment for work, especially if the recipient's bitcoin wallet is similar to a personal one. It could also be blackmail, it's hard to tell the difference. If the amount is not fixed and $150 is sent in one month and $200 in the second, it could be blackmail, of course, it is impossible to say for sure.- Distribution of fundsIf we see that the owner of a wallet irregularly and chaotically sends large amounts of money to another wallet, we can assume that he is distributing funds between his wallets.- Bitcoin Mixer appliedBitcoin Mixer is an anonymizing service that makes it much more difficult to track Bitcoin transactions.When a user sends a transaction through it, the mixer breaks it down into many small pieces and then mixes it with other people's transactions so that not a single "piece" of the original transaction remains in a particular user's transfer.If you see that a certain amount of money has been sent to different wallets over a period of time, a mixer has probably been used. By using a bitcoin mixer, the user is trying to hide something from the public, usually money laundering. Tracing such a transaction is extremely difficult and will take you some time.Feedback sitesThere are special sites that contain a database of complaints about Bitcoin-Wallets scammers, hackers, blackmailers, etc.Bitcoin AbuseThis is the most popular complaint service for Bitcoin-Wallets, the service allows you to leave a tag and write your own review.CheckbitcoinadressShows the balance in euros, dollars and BTC, finds the possible owner, mentions on the Internet and on forums, as well as other information. And, of course, it shows complaints, tags and countries of the person who complained.TraceerIn principle, the service is no different from the first, but there may be complaints that are not in the other reviewsI will not go on to list the other reviews, because there are so many of them. You can find them by searching on GoogleCheck the wallet for suspicious activity and "dirty money".Services showing bitcoin wallet scoring will help us.Scoring is a system of evaluation, which helps financial institutions to predict payment discipline of people, who applied for a loan.The service I use most actively AMLBot. The service shows trust score and describes cryptocurrency activity in a detailed report, based on its own algorithms.The pluses are that it is all in the form of Telegram-Bot, and the minuses are that the service is paid.Well, if you are not ready to pay money for scoring, then BitRank for you. This service will show you trust score without registration and payment. Of course, there will not be a detailed description of cryptocurrency activity, but there will be a score from 0%-100%.Search the Internet What is the first thing you will do when faced with the task of figuring out the owner of a BTC-Purse? That's right - google him.As a result, you can get mentions on forums, mentions on websites, maybe someone left a wallet as payment details, or a donation.It is better to use different search engines, especially the ones listed below.Яндeкc , Google , DuckDuckGo (Resources with the .onion domain zone will be available.)You can also access Bing, Yahoo, Swisscows, etc.You can use Google-Dorking for a more efficient search.Google Dorking involves using advanced operators in the Google search engine to search for specific strings of text in search results.You can use banal "BTC-wallet" to sift out unnecessary results, or more advanced, but still banal "BTC-wallet" site:Interesting site, it will help determine the involvement of your site to the wallet.Or, you can use more advanced search methods and use with this cheat sheet. By following this link you can observe 15 thousand Google Dorks designed for BTC-Wallets. Of course, it will take a lot of time to try them all, so you can use only those that interest you.Monitoring cryptocurrency wallets It is possible to track the activity of purses through specialized services. One of these services is, Cryptocurrencyalerting. The service will send you a message about decreasing, increasing amount of money in this crypto-wallet. So there is a function that will notify about any crypto-wallet activity. The service allows you to notify about the action in any way you want. With a message in Telegram, phone call, push notification, etc.There is also a service cryptotxalert, with similar functionality. Of the pluses here, the fact that you can set the amount of money, and when you top up your wallet to this amount of money, you will receive a notification. The message comes in the form of push notification and no more, if in the previous service, you can get a notification in ten convenient ways, then there is only one way.Well, if you are too lazy to do the investigation yourself, or at this point you do not have enough experience, just turn to the professionals, and evil will be punished!Original article>>>
  3. Original text and other information on OSINT is available at>>>> His nostrils were permanently flared, as though he sniffed invisible winds of art and commerce. William Gibson, "Count Zero" In this article I will show: How, using the basics of financial investigation and OSINT, we can prove the affiliation of cryptocurrency addresses How by analyzing the transactions of two or more ETH addresses, we can aggregate them into a cluster (i.e. multiple addresses controlled by the same entity) How the attacker's economic activity dataset changes once the addresses are clustered together Let's get started! The most popular onchain detective ZachXBT once posted the following tweet For those unfamiliar with English, let me explain. Using a phishing site, a hacker gained access to the victim's address and stole 3 ERC-721 tokens (NFT). Immediately after the theft (i.e. after sending the tokens from the victim's address to his address, 0x864875aef79B107221bEE89C8ff393BD2B666d96) the hacker sold the NFT on the marketplace The criminal profits were then laundered through the Tornado.Cash mixer. While our hands are itching to get the target address into sooner rather than later, we'll stop on the shore and turn to the theory. The criminal first stole and then sold tokens that use the Ethereum blockchain infrastructure. In order to operate the tokens, you need some amount of cryptocurrency to pay transaction fees. In our case it is the Ethereum blockchain, which means you need some ETH to send tokens or sell them. Let's try to find out where the hacker's address 0x8648... ETH he needed to pay commissions came from. This line of enquiry is called a source search Open Etherscan, insert the address, see the first transactions. They will be right at the bottom of the page. And here are the ones we need: 1, 2. The sender of the funds in the transaction table is always shown on the left of the IN (incoming transaction) or OUT (outgoing transaction) bar So, we have identified the source of the funds, which is address 0xA474cE48300D91334339fb5aDeF99A1B11B1cfe6. What can we extract from this information? In our case, the first address of the hacker, 0x8648... (aka Fake_Phishing5435 in the picture above) never received any funds before the transactions we detected. So address 0xa474... is the sponsor address (or funding address) with respect to the hacker address, or 0x8648..., or Fake_Phishing5435. Most often the sponsor address is affiliated with a target address. The owner of the sponsor address could be, for example, some customer who has paid for services with crypto. Or, for example, the sponsor address is operated by a cryptocurrency exchange whose services are used by the owner of the target address. But even more often, both the target address and the sponsor address have the same owner. Let's analyze the transactions of the sponsor address and try to figure out which option would be correct in our case. The most interesting direction in the case of the sponsoring address is to try to detect suspicious transactions (such as the theft of NFT). To do this, open the address in and go to "ERC-721 token Txns", which is the section responsible for NFT transfers. We see four transactions, two incoming, two outgoing. The first NFT, Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC), was sold half an hour after receipt. The second, Azuki, 9 (!) minutes later. Seems suspicious to me! But how do we prove that these transactions are not a normal sale, but a real theft? By the consequences! In order to sell MAYC, you have to contact the Opensea marketplace's smart contracts. When you interact with them, the marketplace will automatically generate a profile for you, accessible via a link like "". I should also add that actively cooperates with law enforcers and also actively assists victims. In case of hacking, the stolen tokens are blocked and the hacker's account is banned, making his profile inaccessible. Let's try to open the profile of address 0xa474... and examine the transaction history. To do so, go to oops! the address was banned....... We now know two facts about the sponsor address: it transferred money to the hacker's address, which was then used as a commission, and also made questionable transactions with NFT, for which it was banned from The target address also made questionable transactions with NFT and was banned from Now let's find out where the criminally obtained coins were sent to. To do this, let's examine the transactions in chronological order and try to find the incoming transactions immediately after the sale of (possibly) stolen NFTs. In this way, we will determine the amount of criminally acquired funds. The transactions we are looking for are found in the Internal Txns section: The hacker received a total of 23.8 ETH. To do this, let's examine the transactions in chronological form and try to find the incoming transactions immediately after the sale of (possibly) stolen NFTs. Who else sent the stolen coins to address 0x945b...? Target address! Withdrawal transactions of stolen funds highlighted in yellow Let's find out what address 0x945b was used for... To do that, we again study the transactions in chronological order, we are interested in all incoming and outgoing transactions after the address received the stolen funds. Target email address (13 ETH) was the first one to receive the stolen funds. Next, address 0x945b accumulated presumably stolen funds from several other addresses, including the target address. The money was then, as ZachXBT wrote, withdrawn to the Tornado.Cash mixer The money sent to the mixer was grouped into two payments of 100 ETH, of which 125 ETH originally belonged to the target address, 13 ETH to the sponsoring address, and the remaining 62 ETH to other addresses. It turns out that either the hacker owns all five addresses and uses 0x945b as an intermediate point before money laundering, or the owner of 0x945b is a separate criminal (money launderer) whose services are used by several criminals at the same time. Let's briefly examine the other hacker addresses: as you can see from the graph, they too have interacted with NFT on Opensea. Let's use the old vetting method and... one of the addresses is in a ban on Opensea! The second address is not in the ban, but appears in the ZachXBT investigation. Here you can see the names and faces of our heroes, the dangerous cybercriminals. Mathys and Camille together Well here comes our friends Mathys and Camille from romantic France shitting themselves hard by posting a screenshot of one of their profiles on Opensea with previously stolen NFTs on their personal Twitter. This profile appears in our investigation, on the graph is address 0x5bb51... Admittedly, I even got a little upset at this stage. How is it, we've only just started and they've already found everyone for us! But I decided not to dwell on Mathis and Kamila and go a bit further and try to add new factors to my investigation. Back to the sponsor address. The sponsor address, like most addresses on the Ethereum network, has its own sponsor address (pardon the recursion). Let's find it! This time the sponsor address is signed in the block browser as Fake_Phsihing5099. Comments about the affiliation of all the addresses appearing in the investigation seem to me to be redundant with: Having discovered the new sponsor address I decided to go towards the final destination of the funds and figure out exactly where Fake_phishing5099 was sending the dirty money. After looking through all the transactions, I found an interesting address 0x27429f480a3E2a69D7E4D738EBc54AeB4096eb43. The owner of this address, according to a thread on, is spamming in Discord (Discord is where many of the victims received the phishing links). Diwan Nuri (judging by the content of the thread, that's the name of the address owner) was so far-sighted and wise that he registered the forum account with his personal email. This wasn't enough, so he decided to screw one of his potential clients by sending them his ETH address in addition to the email. According to the record we found, Diwan graduated from German Aletta-Haniel-Gesamtschule and now earns his living by spamming and scamming. So, after studying 6 cryptocurrency addresses and their transactions, we found out that: 5-6 of the addresses in question were communicating with NFT. 4 six analyzed addresses were involved in illegal activity and got banned at Opensea 4 six investigated addresses were "skimming" for the withdrawal of funds to the Tornado.Cash mixer 2/six of the addresses have been implicated in existing investigations 6 addresses have close economic ties The couch is not as simple as it looks! In my opinion, the discovered facts are enough to merge the addresses into a cluster. Which addresses do we merge: Target address 0x864875aef79B107221bEE89C8ff393BD2B66d96 Target Address 0xA474cE48300D91334339fb5aDeF99A1B11B1cfe6 Hackers' complementary address #1 0x38dB16DA44A61560e04E94DCb71c3E64Aa94d318 Hackers secondary address #2 0x5bb5180D8b84d754F56e2BC47Dc742d0f5Ac37FE The laundering address 0x945b4a77649Ebe89eABAf03F78A0C8993f99bd41 Fake_Phishing5099 0xdE09020653cA303CFC143d23A18183299558065F What can we learn after clustering the addresses together? First, our 'friends made about $1.7M on such a scam. One million was sent to the Tornado.Cash mixer. Second, just over $300k went to centralised exchanges (those with KYC procedures, cooperating with law enforcement, etc.). $285k went to Coinbase. Thirdly, we will get a much more detailed list of counterparties of this criminal group, which (as in the case of Couch, for example) can lead to interesting findings. And it could help law enforcement to trace the stolen money back to exchanges and exchanges. Conclusions As you can see from the material above, cryptocurrency is far from always anonymous. By properly applying OSINT and financial investigation techniques and methods, as well as knowing the theory of cryptocurrency, even large thefts can be successfully investigated, let alone small ones like the one we discussed today. What can we do concretely? Look for the source of the funds (sponsor address) and the final destination of the funds. Analyse in detail the transactions of each address in question. We can cluster the addresses based on this data. This may be done either within the software you are using, e.g. Cheynalisis, or logically. If the software you have available does not support clustering, I recommend exporting the transactions of the addresses you want from and then merging multiple tables into one. After aggregating the addresses into a cluster, in our case we were able to understand the approximate volume of the thefts committed and also find out information about which exchanges the money from those thefts was being withdrawn to. We also learned that around a million dollars had been withdrawn to Tornado.Cash, which is a ready-made money laundering charge in some jurisdictions! Original text and other information on OSINT is available at>>>>
  4. ИНСТРУМЕНТЫ ДЛЯ OSINT 2022 (часть 2) Первую часть списка, содержащую более 600 инструментов для OSINT, можно найти здесь>> Браузерные расширения для OSINT Поиск в двух разных поисковых системах доменов электронной почты и поиск в фотопоисковой системе других сервисов. • Double Shot Search ( ) - это расширение для Chrome, которое удваивает ваш поиск. Вы можете искать одновременно в Bing и Google. Найдите адреса электронной почты за считанные секунды • Hunter (Email Hunter) ( ) - сервис, который найдет адреса электронной почты, связанные с определенным доменом. Также с помощью этого инструмента можно найти адрес электронной почты по фамилии за пару секунд. • RevEye ( ) - расширение для Chrome с открытым исходным кодом, которое пробивает фотографию с помощью Google, Bing, Yandex и TinEye. • Namechk ( ) Username and Domain Name Checker - Search All Domain Names and User Names to see if they're available) - сайт, который найдет все аккаунты человека во всех социальных сетях и мессенджерах. Достаточно ввести его ник в одной социальной сети, и тот же ник будет найден в другой. Поиск цели по IP и MAC-адресу - OSINT Друзья, сегодня я подготовил для вас очень полезную подборку ресурсов, благодаря которым вы сможете найти информацию о вашей цели с IP или MAC адресом. • HostHunter ( ) • обнаруживает и извлекает имена хостов из набора целевых IP-адресов; • Cyberhubarchive ( ) - архив утечек данных, в нем есть IP-адреса аккаунтов Skype; • Iknowwhatyoudownload (торрент-загрузки и раздачи для IP ) - показывает, что скачивается в Интернете; • Recon ( ) - автоматический поиск и отображение ссылок; • Извините. Вы не используете Tor. - найдет список всех исходящих узлов Tor за последние 16 часов, которые могли достичь IP; • Reverse IP, NS, MX, WHOIS и Search Tools ( ) - найдет домены; • @iptools_robot - бот для быстрого поиска информации об ip адресах, найдет whois, реальный IP за Cloudflare, порты и многое другое; • Welcome to Tor Metrics ( ) - проверяет, использовался ли IP-адрес в качестве хоста для Tor-трафика, требует дату; Компиляция сервисов для компьютерной разведки OSINTСписок сервисов и утилит, созданных для анализа таких данных, как IP, SSID, метаданные файлов, записи DNS и всего, где объектом анализа является элемент IT-структуры, будь то сайт или IP-адрес.• Whatsmydns ( ) - проверка DNS записей сайта (включая скрытые).• dns recon and research, find and lookup dns records ( ) - Данные о сайте, включая местоположение хостинга и владельца, а также другие данные.• ( ) - проверка домена или IP-адреса по whois; получение снимков из кэша Google и данных из веб-архива; сервисы и протоколы на сервере; заголовки ответов HTTP; ссылки со страниц сайта на хосте; адреса электронной почты домена; проверка сайта на VirusTotal; показ реального IP-адреса за Cloudflare; DNS-инфраструктура сайта.• URL и сканер сайтов ( ) - проверяет, кому выдан TLS-сертификат и какие IP-адреса связаны с сайтом.• PDFCandy ( ) - сервис дает возможность извлекать и изменять метаданные PDF.• Wigle ( ) - может показать SSID и BSSID точек доступа Wi-Fi на карте.• PublicWWW ( ) - сервис осуществляет поиск исходного кода страниц. Находит никнеймы, ссылки в коде, совпадающие иконки сайтов, что позволяет искать двойников; находить любые похожие ID или фразы, кошельки, токены, также позволяет находить поставщиков рекламных виджетов и т.д.• Metadata2Go ( ) - помогает узнать все метаданные файла.• HostHunter ( ) - поиск доменных имен по набору IP-адресов.• Knock Subdomain Scan ( ) - перебирает поддомены на целевом домене и может генерировать выходной файл с результатами. Поиск данных человека по номеру банковской карты - OSINT. Бывают ситуации, когда нас обманывают мошенники, имея на руках только номер карты.Поиск через мобильный банкМы пытаемся сделать перевод через мобильное приложение нашего банка. В этом случае желательно, чтобы и вы, и объект поиска пользовались одним и тем же крупным банком, например, Сбером.Но здесь это вопрос везения.Если звезды сошлись, банковский интерфейс выдаст нам имя владельца карты.Поиск через специальные сервисыВ сети существуют десятки сервисов, позволяющих найти конкретную информацию по номеру карты.Это может быть название банка, тип карты или регион проживания владельца.• ( )• ( )• ( )Этот сервис позволяет проверить тип вашей кредитной дебетовой карты и другие данные.• ( )• ( ) Проверка биткоин кошелька - OSINT[/color] Уже ни для кого не секрет, что биткоин не так анонимен, как многие думают. Баланс кошелька и все его переводы можно легко отследить. Именно поэтому существует список некоторых сервисов, которые могут помочь в этом.• Bitref ( ) - Верификация биткоин-кошелька.• Block Explorer ( ) - Block Explorer, позволяет отслеживать, куда и когда уходят деньги с вашего биткоин-кошелька.• Blockchain ( ) - Block Explorer, также позволяет отслеживать транзакции в вашем кошельке.• Cryptocurrency Alerting ( ) - Сервис, позволяющий устанавливать уведомления об активности вашего адреса.• Blockseer ( ) - Визуализация связей между адресами, участвующими в транзакциях. Вычисление жертвы по фотооснове. • Photo Sherlock ( ) - Приложение обеспечивает поиск фотографий из камеры или галереи. С его помощью можно найти информацию о фотографии в Интернете, например, проверить, кому на самом деле принадлежит фотография из социальной сети (проверка на поддельные изображения).Модификация получила Premium, убрана реклама и мусор. Незаменимая вещь для любого OSINT'ера.• ( )- бесплатный сервис для поиска лиц в социальных сетях. В настоящее время существует 4 базы изображений:1 миллиард 109 миллионов 563 тысячи аватаров;280 миллионов 781 тысяча аватаров из +;125 миллионов 443 тысячи аватаров из TikTok;4 миллиона 594 тысячи аватаров от ClubHouse;Поиск можно осуществлять не только по фотографии, но и по любому другому изображению человеческого лица. Например, по фотографии или фотороботу. Инструменты OSINT (часть 1) более 6000 инструментов>>>>
  5. OSINT TOOLS 2022 (Part 2) The first part of the list, which contains more than 600 tools for OSINT, can be found here>>> Browser extensions for OSINT Search two different search engines for email domains and search photo search engine for other services.• Double Shot Search ( ) is a Chrome extension that doubles your search. You can search on both Bing and Google at the same time.Find email addresses in seconds• Hunter (Email Hunter) ( ) a service that will find e-mail addresses associated with a particular domain. Also, you can use this tool to find an email address by last name in a couple of seconds.• RevEye ( ) is an open-source Chrome extension that punches in a photo using Google, Bing, Yandex and TinEye.• Namechk ( ) Username and Domain Name Checker - Search All Domain Names and User Names to see if they're available ) is a site that will find all the accounts of a person in all social networks and messengers. It is enough to enter his nickname in one social network and the same nickname will be found in the other one. Finding a Target by IP and MAC Address - OSINT Folks, today I have prepared for you a very useful collection of resources, thanks to which you can find information about your target with IP or MAC address.•HostHunter ( ) - Discovers and extracts host names from a set of target IP addresses;•Cyberhubarchive ( ) - archive of leaked data, it has IP addresses of Skype accounts;Iknowwhatyoudownload (Torrent downloads and distributions for IP ) - shows what is being downloaded online;•Recon ( ) - automatic search and link mapping;•Sorry. You are not using Tor. - will find a list of all Tor outbound nodes in the last 16 hours that could reach an IP;•Reverse IP, NS, MX, WHOIS and Search Tools ( ) - will find domains;•@iptools_robot - bot to quickly find ip address information, will find whois, real IP behind Cloudflare, ports and more;•Welcome to Tor Metrics ( ) - checks if the IP address was used as a host for Tor traffic, requires a date;Compilation of services for OSINT computer intelligenceList of services and utilities created for analysis of such data as IP, SSID, file metadata, DNS records, and everything where the object of analysis is an element of IT structure, be it a site or IP address.•Whatsmydns ( ) - Check DNS records of the site (including hidden ones).•dns recon and research, find and lookup dns records ( ) - Site data including hosting location and owner location, as well as other data.• ( ) - check domain or IP address by whois; get snapshots from Google cache and data from web archive; services and protocols on server; HTTP response headers; links from site pages on host; email addresses of domain; check site on VirusTotal; show real IP address behind Cloudflare; DNS infrastructure of site.•URL and website scanner ( ) - checks who is issued a TLS certificate and which IP addresses are associated with the site.•PDFCandy ( ) - service gives you the ability to extract and modify PDF metadata.•Wigle ( ) - can show you the SSID and BSSID of the Wi-Fi hotspots on the map.•PublicWWW ( ) - service searches the source code of pages. Finds nicknames, references in code, matching website icons, that allows looking for twins; find any similar IDs or phrases, wallets, tokens, also allows finding advertising widgets providers, etc.•Metadata2Go ( ) - helps to find out all the metadata of a file.•HostHunter ( ) - searches domain names for a set of IP addresses.•Knock Subdomain Scan ( )- Crawls subdomains on the target domain and can generate an output file with results. Looking for a person's details from a bank card number - OSINT. There are situations where we get scammed by fraudsters with only the card number in hand.Search through mobile bankingWe try to make a transfer through our bank's mobile application. In this case, it is desirable that both you and the object of the search used the same major bank such as Sber.But here it is a matter of luck.If the stars are aligned, the banking interface will give us the name of the cardholder.Search through special servicesThere are dozens of services on the net that allow you to find specific information by card number.It can be a name of a bank, a type of card or a region the owner lives in.• ( )• ( )• ( )This service allows you to check your credit debit card type and other details.• ( )• ( ) Bitcoin Bitcoin wallet checker - OSINT It is no longer a secret that bitcoin is not as anonymous as many people think. The balance of a wallet and all of its transfers can easily be tracked. That's why there is a list of some services that can help with this.•Bitref ( ) - Bitcoin wallet verification.•Block Explorer ( ) - Block Explorer, allows you to track where and when your bitcoin wallet's money goes.•Blockchain ( ) - Block Explorer, also allows you to track transactions in your wallet.•Cryptocurrency Alerting ( ) - Service allowing you to set notifications about activity of your address.•Blockseer ( ) - Visualisation of links between addresses involved in transactions. Picking up the victim by photo-OSINT. •Photo Sherlock ( ) - The application provides a photo search from the camera or gallery. You can use it to find information about a picture on the Internet, for example to check who really owns a photo from a social network (check for fake images).The modification got Premium, removed ads and rubbish. An indispensable thing for any OSINT'er.• ( )- free service for searching faces in social networks. Currently there are 4 image bases:1 billion 109 million 563 thousand avatars;280 million 781 thousand avatars from +;125 million 443 thousand avatars from TikTok;4 million 594 thousand avatars from ClubHouse;You can search not only by photo but also by any other image of a human face. For example, from a picture or a sketch.Get one-touch information about a picture on the Internet! OSINT 2022 TOOLS (Part 1) more than 6000 tools>>>>
  6. Anonymity and emergency data deletion for smartphones. Anonymity and emergency data deletion for smartphones. Privacy Extensions for Android (Compilation #1). 1. NetGuard ( you to see which applications are sending data and where, and to block unwanted data sending. The application does not require root access and allows to block connections for both user and system applications. Source code. 2. Orbot ( - allows you to use the Tor anonymous network on Android and redirect traffic from other applications, including the browser, mail, maps, etc. A great extension to improve your privacy on the web. Source code. 3. XPrivacyLua ( - an easy to use "privacy manager" XPrivacyLua solves the problem of excessive application permissions in an interesting way: instead of directly denying access (which often leads to application stopping), it sends fake data instead of the real data, providing user privacy. Source code. Emergency smartphone cleaning apps (Compilation #1). For some, the smartphone is life. The plastic box holds so much sensitive information that a blackmailer can "overdose". There's no need to feel sorry for him, but it's advisable to feel sorry for yourself! What's the point? Password as the only means of protection - it doesn't work. It should be so the phone is in the wrong hands - the files are deleted. 1. AutoWipe ( - full wipe is done, if unlock password is entered incorrectly several times. 2. SecAddon ( - deletes or encrypts files, which user selected beforehand in unforeseen circumstances. 3. Ripple ( - "panic button" to trigger a "ripple effect" in all applications that are configured to respond to panic events. Change MAC Address on Android (Link>>>>) This program on Android, allows you to change your device's MAC address to a random one, or one that you prescribe. Usage (as an option): 1. Scan your network with any network sniffer program 2. Copy a couple of MAC addresses 3. Change MAC address to another one in the program 4. Log onto the network only when the original is logged out. Or just hide your MAC address Root is required to use the software! Image metadata removal app for Android. Scrambled Exif ( for removing metadata from photos before submitting them. For Android users A cleanup app for your smartphone with no data recovery option. Extirpater ( is a cleaning app for your smartphone without the possibility of data recovery. This is usually needed before selling your smartphone. A standard factory reset does not guarantee complete deletion of your data, in particular photos. Extirpater cleans everything once and for all, as it uses an alternative way of deleting data: it fills the remaining space on your smartphone with random files and deletes everything at once without the possibility of recovery.
  7. Анонимность и экстренное удаление данных для смартфонов Расширения приватности для Android (Подборка №1). 1. NetGuard (— позволяет увидеть, какие приложения и куда отправляют данные, а также заблокировать нежелательную отправку данных. Приложение не требует рутового доступа и позволяет блокировать соединения как для пользовательских, так и для системных приложений. Исходный код. 2. Orbot (— позволяет использовать анонимную сеть Tor на Android и перенаправлять через нее трафик от других приложений, в т.ч. браузера, почты, карт и т.д. Отличное расширение для повышения приватности в сети. Исходный код. 3. XPrivacyLua ( — простой в использовании "менеджер приватности" XPrivacyLua решает проблему избыточных разрешений приложений интересным способом: вместо прямого запрета на доступ (что часто приводит к остановке приложений), он отправляет фейковые данные взамен настоящих, обеспечивая пользовательскую приватность. Исходный код. Приложения для экстренной очистки смартфона (Подборка №1). Для кого-то смартфон — жизнь. В пластиковой коробочке хранится так много конфиденциальной информации, что шантажист может «схватить передоз». Его жалеть не нужно, а вот себя — очень желательно! К чему ведём? Пароль как единственное средство защиты — это не работает. Должно быть так телефон попал в чужие руки — файлы удалились. 1. AutoWipe ( — делается полный wipe, если пароль для разблокировки несколько раз введён неправильно. 2. SecAddon ( — в непредвиденных обстоятельствах удаляет или шифрует файлы, которые пользователь выбрал заранее. 3. Ripple ( — «тревожная кнопка» для запуска «эффекта пульсации» во всех приложениях, которые настроены реагировать на панические события. Смена MAC-Адреса на Android (Ссылка>>>>) Данная программа на Android, позволяет менять MAC-адрес вашего устройства на рандомный, или тот, который вы пропишете. Использование (как вариант): 1. Сканируем сеть любой программой для анализа сети 2. Копируем парочку MAC адресов 3. Меняем MAC в программе на чужой 4. Заходим в сеть только, когда оригинал выйдет из нее. Или просто скройте свой MAC адрес Для использования софта Root обязателен! Приложение для удаления метаданных с картинки для Android. Scrambled Exif Scrambled Exif (— приложение для удаления метаданных с фотографий перед их отправкой. Для пользователей Android. Приложение для чистки для вашего смартфона без возможности восстановления данных. Extirpater ( — приложение для чистки для вашего смартфона без возможности восстановления данных. Обычно это нужно перед продажей смартфона. Стандартный заводской сброс не гарантирует полного удаления ваших данных, в частности, фотографий.
  8. blocked cryptocurrency withdrawal, fraud or Decentralization vs centralized finance! blocked the withdrawal of funds for the citizens of the Russian Federation, while making it impossible to provide documents confirming a change of citizenship or residence in another country. But the most interesting thing is that citizens of other countries, such as India, Mexico, Argentina, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and even Canada............ fell under this "wave". Judging by the complaints, everyone has different reasons, someone to re-verify, someone to confirm the legitimacy of funds in the purse, some just without explanation. And it looks very strange that after all confirmation of the origin of funds and verification, some citizens of India are asked a separate withdrawal fee... The situation, to put it mildly, is strange, according to experts, the blocked amount is estimated at millions of dollars, and judging by the behavior of they are very eager to part with this amount. Similar cases have occurred before, but they have never been of such massive volume. Now the whole crypto market is wondering if this is too zealous implementation of the law, or we will see as a new participant in our list of scams : Top Scam Crypto Projects! We would like to point out from ourselves: Service "purse" - it's just an interface, and nothing more (well and a little "strange" administration of the project). If you have seed phrase or private key of your wallet on, you can easily withdraw your cryptocurrency through other wallets. And no "either scams or bans" will not become an obstacle here, it's just technically impossible. In general, we are very sorry that blockchain and crypto-market, becomes similar to regulated financial system, where everything depends on the mood of specific individuals, and on the agreements of certain financial institutions. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies became what they are because they were independent from external factors, but the market is flooded by centralized projects.... At the same time, it should be noted that now the market is clearly turned in the direction of DEX, and decentralized projects have already come out ahead. Perhaps, it is the negative consequences for the centralized market of actions like that will turn the blockchain industry in the direction of decentralization and return the market to the right "rails". Ethereum founder Mr. Buterin's owl comes to mind, referring to both centralized exchanges and other centralized blockchain projects. "I definitely personally hope that centralized exchanges burn in hell:" In turn, we recall the types of wallets: NOT RECOMMENDED FOR USE: A custodial wallet (centralized) is a service that stores the wallet's private key, and its "owner" performs transactions exclusively through this service. As a rule, this requires KYC (Know Your Customer).Such wallets are primarily used on cryptocurrency exchanges, which belong to the type of centralized exchanges. RECOMMENDED FOR USE: Non-custodial wallet (Decentralized): differs in the fact that the private key or seed phrase is stored or directly with the owner, and for its creation and use there is no need to go through any identification procedures, i.e. there is simply no identification data about the owner of such a wallet. In this case, it is de facto impossible to restrict its use, you can send a transfer/payment to the address of another crypto wallet directly, and if you need to exchange transactions, use DEX - a decentralized type of exchanges. For this type of wallet there is no possibility to limit transactions, (although some decentralized exchanges can implement KYC). Also we urge you to remember about security (read manuals about cold wallets) remember in real blockchain only you are responsible for your funds! I will not advertise specific names of crypto wallets, you will find a lot of reviews on the Internet. But remember, when you make transactions with cryptocurrency inside blockchain network, without withdrawing funds to fiat currencies (USD, EUR and others), and you are already asked for KYC, run away from such service, it seems you got not on blockchain market blockchain, but in some "bank or similar structure" which is just hiding behind the word blockchain. Decentralization vs. centralization: where is the future? What do you think? Original text, learn more!
  9. 600 BEST OSINT TOOLS 2022. The first OSINT service with artificial intelligence using more than 1100 sources of information "OSINT AI BM". There are 7 months to go until the service is launched. We decided to make available to you some of the information sources that you can use for OSINT. Link to original resource list>>>> Keyword research tools. Google AdWords Keyword Tool KWFinder Keyword discover Keyword Shitter One Look: Enter a word, phrase, sentence, or pattern to search for related words. Ubersuggest: suggest keywords not available in the Google Keyword Planner. Browser extensions for OSINT. Double Shot Search is an extension for Chrome that doubles the search. It searches in two search engines simultaneously - Bing and Google. is a service that will find e-mail addresses associated with a certain domain. You can also use this tool to find an e-mail address by name in a couple of seconds. RevEye is an open-source Chrome extension that runs a photo through Google, Bing, Yandex and TinEye. Search Engines. General Search Google Bing Yahoo AOL Infospace Lycos Exalead ASK Ecosia entireweb teoma yippy I Search From: simulate using Google Search from a different location or device, or perform a search with custom search settings. millionshort: Allows you to remove the top of the search engine results (e.g Remove top 100,1000,10000) National Search Engines. Yandex: Russia Search: Switzerland Alleba: Philippines Baidu | so | bhanvad China Eniro: Sweden Daum: South Korea Goo: Japan Onet: Poland Parseek: Iran SAPO: Portugal AONDE: Brazil Lableb: Arabic based search engine arabo: Arabic Search engine Privacy-oriented search engines DuckDuckGo: Online investigators usually use it to search the surface web while using the Tor Browser. Startpage: Fetch results from Google without tracking its users. Peekier: Privacy oriented search engines that fetch its results using its own search algorithm. Qwant: Based in France. Oscobo: Based in UK. Swisscows: Privacy safe WEB-search based in Switzerland. Gigablast: Open source search engine. Gibiru: Uncensored and anonymous search engine. Privado Meta search engines Excite Search MetaGer Zapmeta etools: Compile its results from major international search engines, keep user privacy by not collecting or sharing personal information of its users. This search engine is very fast and show a summary for each search query -on the right side- detailing the source of its results. All the interne: query major search engines including shopping site like Amazon and eBay. izito: Aggregate data from multiple sources (Yahoo, Bing, Wikipedia, YouTube and other) to generate optimal results which includes images, videos, news and articles. Metacrawler: Aggregate results from Google and Yahoo!. My all search: Aggregates results through Bing, DuckDuckGo, AOL Search, Ask, Oscobo, Mojeek, ZapMeta, MetaCrawler. Carrot2: Open Source Search Results Clustering Engine aggregate results from GoogleAPI, Bing API, eTools Meta Search, Lucene, SOLR, and more. elocalfinder: Fetch results from Google, Yahoo!, Ask and Bing . All-in-One Searx FTP search engines Global file search Archie File watcher Mamont NAPALM FTP Indexer Files Search Engines Faganfinder DOCUMENT SEARCH ENGINE grayhatwarfare: Search for Open Amazon s3 Buckets and their contents. There are specialized sites that hold images appeared in the press and news media, to search for this type of images go to: Gettyimages: Contains images from news, entertainment, fashion, sports and archival imagery. Reuters pictures News press Associated Press images portal PA images European pressphoto agency Canadian Press images archive Images shared across social media sites can be found in the following locations: Flickr Flicker map idGettr: Find Flicker ID number (also works for groups). Flickr Hive Mind: Data mining tool for the Flickr database of photography. Instagram Stalkture: Instagram Online Web Viewer. Pinterest There are specialized sites that hold images appeared in the press and news media, to search for this type of images go to: Google reverse search Karmadecay TinEye Yandex reverse image search Bing visual search REVERSE IMAGE SEARCH Cam finds App: this is an App available for both Android and Apple devices. It uses visual search technology to recognize uploaded picture and give instant results about it like related images, local shopping results and a vast selection of web results. Image Identification Project Picsearch Yahoo search engine Graphics search: artage graphicriver freepik graphicsfactory clipart-library kissclipart Stock photo search: ImageFinder istockphoto stocksnap gettyimages shutterstock pikwizard mostphotos photopin Video Search Engines YouTube Google video Yahoo video search Bing videos AOL videos StartPage video search Veoh Vimeo 360daily Official Facebook video search Crowd tangle (Facebook video search) Internet archive open source movies Live Leak Facebook live video map Meta Tube Geo Search Tool: Search for all movies according to a specific query entered by the user – the result set will be further filtered according to the distance from a specific location (city, village, intersection) and according to a specific time frame (past hour, past two or three hours ..etc.). Earth Cam Insecam Blog Search. Blogspot Blog Search blogsearchengine bloggingfusion Blog Directory Bloghub: Online blog directory. blog-search blogsearchengine Fake News Detection. Snopes: Discovers false news, stories, urban legends and research/validate rumors to see whether it is true. Hoaxy: Check the spread of false claims (like a hoax, rumor, satire, news report) across social media sites. The site derives its results from reputable fact checking organizations to return the most accurate results. FactCheck: This site is partnered with Facebook to help identify and label fake news reported by its users. It also monitors different media for the false info covering a wide range of topics like health, science, hoaxes spread through Spam emails. ReviewMeta: Analysis Amazon user reviews. Reporter Lab: Gives a map of global fact-checking sites. Truth Or Fiction: Discover fake news in different topics like politics, nature, health, space, crime, police and terrorism…etc. Hoax-Slayer: Focuses on email scam and social media hoaxes. Verification Handbook: A definitive guide to verifying digital content for emergency coverage available in different languages. Verification junkie: This is a directory of tools for verifying, fact checking and assessing the validity of eyewitness reports and user self-published content online. citizen evidence: tools and lessons to teach people how to authenticate user-generated online contents. Managed by Amnesty International. News/Newspaper Search Engines. 1stHeadlines: Breaking news headline. Google News Archive Google Newspaper Archive News Now Newspaper Archives: Contains Newspaper Archives 1607-2017 and Obituaries & Family History Records. All you can read Newspapers Search Findmypast: US and world historical( China, Denmark, France, Germany, Jamaica, and South Africa are also searchable within the collection) Newspaper archive. Daily Earth Search U.S. Newspaper Directory, 1690-Present Newspaper Map World News The paperboy Newsography: International relations and armed conflicts global news aggregator and historical database. Online Newspapers: Online Newspaper Directory for the World. YouGotTheNews: Search Engine for US News – Search thousands of national, business, and local news sources. Library of Congress Newspapers directory & 100 Years Ago Today: Search U.S. Newspaper Directory, 1690-Present using these two links from the Library of Congress. Patent Search Engines Google Advanced Patent Search Engine European Patent Office Israel Patent Office Database Norwegian Industrial Property Office Swedish Patent and Registration Office Switzerland Taiwan Intellectual Property Office Japan Patent Office World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) of the People’s Republic of China Australia Patent Search Canadian Intellectual Property Office Danish Patent and Trademark Office Finnish Patent and Registration Office France Patent Search Germany Patent Office UK Patent Search Engine India Patent Office stopfakes: The International Trade Administration (ITA), U.S. Department of Commerce, manages to assist U.S. businesses protect and enforce their intellectual property rights against counterfeits and pirated goods in the global marketplace. FreePatentsOnline: Patent metadata search engine. Patent Lens Directory of Intellectual Property Offices Worldwide Business Search Business Profiles Open corporates: The largest open database of companies in the world. crunchbase Zoom info: List companies in the U.S categorized by industry and offer information corporationwiki: Allows you to search for any company and visualize the connection between people working within it Kompass: This is a global B2B portal with information about companies in more than 60 countries. Infobel Orbis directory Manta: Business directory for U.S businesses Canadian Company Capabilities Canadian Importers Database LittleSisThis is a powerful profiling website that lists a wealth of information about 185,000 people and 67,000 organizations in varying stages of completion. Companies House EUROPAGES Vault Owler The United Kingdom Limited Liability Company list International White and Yellow Pages Google finance VAT number validation (EURO) EORI number validation Court Case Files of Arbitration Courts (RUS) European e-Justice Portal Business Annual Records Annual Reports: Lists thousands of annual records from 5,333 companies worldwide. Reporter Link: Contains more than 60 Million searchable tables, figures and datasets. Gov.Uk U.S. Securities and exchange commission Sedar Company registration around the world: Give a list of government, commercial registers websites around the globe. Data Leak Websites breachchecker Intelligence X 4iq leak-lookup leakcheck nuclearleaks weleakinfo leakpeek haveibeenpwned snusbase Have I Been Sold? leakedsource WikiLeaks Joe Black Security Black Kite scatteredsecrets dehashed Cryptome inoitsu GlobaLeaks: is an open-source, free software intended to enable secure and anonymous whistleblowing initiatives Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit ghostproject Have I Been Facebooked? : Check if your data was part of the Facebook April 2021 breach. spycloud raidforums Have I Been Zucked? : Check if your details are included in the 2019 Facebook data breach. leakhispano Fasterbroadband F-Secure Identity Theft Checker Firefox Monitor Amibreached Password Checkup by Google Pastebin sites Social Media Intelligence Brand tracker Facebook Facebook scanner: As of June 6th, you can scan only your own profile with this tool. Socmint: Facilitate fetching information using Facebook Graph search. Lookup ID: Find Facebook personal numeric ID / Group ID / Page ID. FindMyFbid: Locate Facebook personal numeric ID. Facebook JSON Search LikeAlyzer: Analyze and monitor Facebook Pages. Face Live: Facebook live video search. Who posted what?: Facebook keyword search generator. It searches Facebook posts and limit the results to specific date. ExtractFace: Automate extracting data from Facebook profiles (Not working currently). Twitter Twitter search home Twitter advanced search page Twitter Deck All My Tweets: View all public tweets posted by any Twitter account on one page. Trendsmap: Shows you most popular trends, hashtags and keywords on Twitter from anywhere around the world. Foller: Analysis Twitter account (profile public information, number of tweets and followers, topics, hashtags, mention). First Tweet: Find the first tweet of any search keyword or link. Social bearing: Analysis twitter accounts. Twicsy Follower wonk Sleeping Time: Predict the sleeping schedule of anyone on Twitter. Simple Twitter Profile Analyzer (Python script). Tag board:Search for hashtags on Twitter, Facebook & Google+. TINFOLEAK Spoonbill: Monitor profile changes from the people you follow on Twitter. Export Tweet: Advanced Twitter analytical service, you can download the generated report for off-line usage. To unlock full features, you need to pay. LinkedIn Recruitment Geek LinkedIn Xray Search LinkedIn Scraper: Scrapes Any LinkedIn Data Tomgandhi Consulting LinkedIn Xray Search Recruit’em X-Ray Search Lisearcher: Easily find public LinkedIn profiles for candidates or B2B prospects in Google by searching using job title and keywords with boolean search. Locksmith for LinkedIn LinkedIn Contact Extractor LinkedIn Résumés LinkedIn People Finder (International) Instagram iconosquare picodash: A powerful search engine to explore Instagram & Twitter photos, videos, users and locations. ToFo Reddit Analyse a Reddit user resavr: Reveal Deleted Reddit Comments redditsearch: Advanced Reddit search karmadecay: Reverse image search of (beta) Redective: The Reddit Search Detective Mostly Harmless: looks up the page you are currently viewing to see if it has been submitted to reddit. redditarchive Reddit Enhancement Suite: A Google Chrome Add-on. reddit investigator: Investigate Reddit users. reddit metrics: a tool for tracking statistics of reddits users and discovering the fastest growing communities on reddit. atomiks: Analyse a Reddit user. SnoopSnoo: Get insights on any reddit user activity. Reddit Comment Search: Search through comments of a particular reddit user. Social Media Psychological Analysis Tone Analyzer: This is an online service that offers free linguistic analysis to detect human feelings -like joy, fear, sadness, anger, analytical, confident and tentative tones- found in text – like Tweets, emails and Facebook messages. Watson Tone Analyzer: This is a cloud based server created by IBM, it analyzes emotions and tones in online contents (e.g. Facebook posts, reviews and Tweets) to predict the emotional status of the writer. This service can be used in different scenarios -other than intelligence- like detecting customers tones to understand their needs or to better serve them. Fake Sport: This site analyzes Amazon, Yelp, TripAdvisor and Apple App store users reviews to check The credibility of these reviews. Review Meta: Investigate user reviews on Amazon to check which one is likely to be fake or misleading. People Search General People Search Engines Truth finder: TruthFinder has a huge database of social media profiles, address history, contact information, public records (federal, country and state data sources) and other commercial sources, you can search using target first and/or last name in addition to city/state where he lives or lived before. 411: Search for people within the United States, search parameter includes Full name, location, reverse phone lookup, email and business. Pipl People Smart: Search for people using thier name, phone, address or email. Skip Ease Spokeo TruePeopleSearch US Search Peek You Zaba Search: Find people in the USA using name or phone number. White Pages: Search for people within the USA using their name, phone number, business or address. Been Verified: Search for people within USA using their name, phone, email or mailing address. Address Search: Search for someone email or mailing address using his name and location, the service is limited to the United States only. Lullar: Search social media websites using target email address or first & last name or username. Yasni My Life Anywho: Finding people , places and businesses. You can search by name, address or phone number. intelius: People search and phone number lookup. Snoop Station: Search for people using full name and location. Commercial service. Family Tree Now Radaris Info Space Cubib: Search millions of online data records for free. Aggregated data is derived from people search, marketing data, property records, vehicle records, court records, patents, business registration, domain name registration, and white house visitation records. That’s Them Webmii How many of me Genealogy Sorted By Name: A list of links to genealogy details -based on the first letter of the person’s surname- mentioned on other websites. Online Registries The Knot: Find a couple’s wedding registry and website. Registry Finder: Search for registries. Amazon registry My Registry: Global online gift registry service. Checked Twice User Name Check Check user name: Check the use of a specific username on 160 Social Networks, very useful to discover target social media accounts if he/she was using the same username on multiple platforms. Namechk: Check to see if a specified username is used for major domain names and social media sites. Namecheckr: Check domain & social username availability across multiple networks. User Search: Scan 45 popular social media websites. knowem Namevine Email Search Email validation services. This service checks whether an email address exists or not and gives other detailed technical information about it. Email Permutator+: useful to guess the possible combination of the email account of the target. Email Dossier: Give detailed technical validation report about emails. Emailhippo Verifalia Hunter Email Checker: Verify whether an email address is real. Mail Tester Byte Plant Email Validator Email Format Email Permutator+ Scam Dex Email Header AnalysisGet detailed technical information extracted from email headers, this includes sender IP address, email, sender ISP in addition to Geographical information. Phone Number Search Z lookup: International reverse phone lookup including cell phones. Reverse Phone Lookup Inter800 Twilio Spy Dialer Who calld Info Bel Fone Finder True Caller Free Carrier Lookup Phone Lookup Employee Profile LinkedIn Recruit in: A third party website that use Google to search the profiles on LinkedIn. This return deeper results compared to LinkedIn. Byte: Popular Middle east job website. Market Visual Xing: Business networking site Indeed Eluta CareerBuilder Euro Jobs Glassdoor Monster Head Hunter Jobs Job site Seek Simply Hired Zip Recruiter Terrorist Organizations Jihad Intel: Jihad Identifiers Database. Government Records Vital Records These are government records usually created by local authorities, it includes birth and death records, marriage licenses and divorce decrees genealogybank: Genealogy Records found in Newspapers such as: Birth Announcements, Engagements, Marriage, Anniversary & Divorce Records, Obituaries, Legal Notices, Family Reunions, Military Records Passenger Lists, Photographs & Images, Shipping & Shipping Records, Community News Articles and more! Sorted By Birth Date: This site uses the Death Master File as of 1 March 2014. Online Searchable Death Indexes and Records Family Search Find a Grave Deaths of U.S. Citizens in Foreign Countries Obits Archive U.S., Department of Veterans Affairs BIRLS Death File, 1850-2010 Melissa Deceased online National Records of Scotland: Links to Births, Deaths and Marriage government records in Scotland and selected countries like USA and Canada. Find My Past Forebears Criminal & Court Records National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW) SpotCrime: Show a map of crime hot spots for hundreds of different cities around the United States. Black Book Online The Inmate Locator: List inmate locator services in the United Sates. Federal Bureau of Prisons FBI Crime statistics National Criminal Justice Reference Service: This is federally funded resource offering justice and drug-related information to support research, policy, and program development worldwide. Property Record US Realty Record Melissa Property record Zillow: Offers buying, selling, renting, financing, remodeling properties in the United States. US Title Records GOV.UK Neighbor Report Tax & Financial Records VAT Search Real Property Tax Database Search The National Archives (UK) United States Public Records Online Directory: Contain links to official States Websites Public Databases including US citizens’ public tax records. Social Security Number Search SSN Check: Reverse Social Security Number Lookup (For USA only). SSN-Verify: Social Security Number search and lookup tools. Other Public Records There are other types of online public records that can prove useful in some cases. Search Systems: Public records search engine; it includes links to premium databases (require payment). Unites States patent records Google Advanced Patent Search Federal Election Commission: List Individual contribution made by individuals, Native American tribes, partnerships, sole proprietorships, limited liability companies (LLCs) and contributions by the candidate to all political committees. Follow That Money: How money spent in Federal elections. Political Money Line: Track money spent in politics. EHDP Data.GOV.UK Stats Local libraries in USA offer access to proprietary databases like ReferenceUSA (huge directory service) and America’s Newspapers (full-text obituaries) for a small fee. In many instances, such services can be offered remotely in exchange for a valid library subscription card. Technical Footprinting Website history Internet Archive (Wayback Machine) Cached pages:Show previous websites capture on three different archive websites (Google cache, Coral, CachedView: The Google Cache Browser for any page on the Internet. Way backpac (Tool): This is a tool that allows you to download the entire Wayback Machine archive for a given web page. WebCite: Only archive history is avaiable. Library of Congress UK web archive Stanford Web Archive Portal Retrieve archived web pages from the different public internet archives. You can also display archived websites using different web browsers. UK Government web archive Website monitoring services Alert services Google alert Talk walker Visual ping Follow that page Watch that page Update Scanner:A Firefox extension that Monitors web pages for updates. RSS Tools And Services RSSOwl Websites mirroring tools HTTrack: Copy website for offline view. GNU Wget: Retrieve files using HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and FTPS internet protocols. BlackWidow: Download complete site or part of it and can download any kind of files- including YouTube videos embedded within it. Link extractor Link Extractor Free URL Extractor Link Gopher: This is a Firefox add-on that extracts all links from web pages, including the embedded one and display them in a new web page. Check target website backlinks To see all linked websites to a specific domain name, type the following in Google: site:* (There should be a space between the asterisk and the domain name). Identify technologies used Built with: Give detailed technical information about the technology used to build target website. Wappalyzer dnslytics: To Find domains sharing the same Google Analytics ID. IT devices Default Credentials CIRT Default password Default Password Lookup Router Passwords Open Sez Me! Hashes Vulnerabilities Database Exploit Database Packet Storm Security Focus National Vulnerability Database CVE Details CVE Secunia Research Web Scraping Tools Common Crawl: maintain an open repository of web crawl data that can be accessed and analyzed by anyone. theHarvester: This is a tool for gathering subdomain names, e-mail addresses, virtual hosts, open ports/ banners, and employee names from different public sources like: Google, Bing, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yahoo, pgp and more. Web data extractor (Commercial Application): Collect various data types including URLs, phone and fax numbers, email addresses, as well as meta tag information and body text. 80legs: (Commercial) Web Scraping Tools and Cloud-Based Web Crawling. agenty: Cloud-based agents for data scraping, text extraction, ocr, categorization, change detection, sentiment analysis and more… Anthracite: is a collection of Web mining power tools combined in an easy-to-use graphical environment that lets users quickly and seamlessly extract data from Internet sources, modify it to suit their needs, and export it to templates or databases, e.g. for RSS feeds. apify: is a web scraping and automation platform for developers. artoo.js: is a piece of JavaScript code meant to be run in your browser’s console to provide you with some scraping utilities. scrapy:An open source and collaborative framework for extracting the data you need from websites. datatoolbar DEiXTo datasift Email extractor Website certification search Censys Certificate Search Statistics & analytics Tools Alexa Moon Search Spy On Web W3bin Visual Site Mapper Site Liner Clear web stats Website outlook Informer Security headers Website Reputation Checker Threat Miner URLVoid Threat Crowd Reputation authority Sucuri SiteCheck Joe Sandbox Safe Browsing Malware domain blacklist MalwareURL Scumware WHOIS Lookup ICANN AFRINIC APNIC LACNIC Domain Big Data Whoisology Robtext Who Revrse Operative Framework URL Scan Subdomain Discovery Using Google search operator:Type -inurl:www and Google will show all related subdomain names of the target. -inurl:www ( Detailed instructions ) Virus Total DNSdumpster Gobuster Bluto PentTest Tools Sublist3r Amass: In-depth subdomain enumeration written in Go. SecurityTrails: Sub-domain discovery and different online footprinting tests (associated domains, IPs, and SSL) IP address tracking IP Geolocation information IPverse IP2Location Ipfingerprints DB-IP IP Location UTrace Information about IP (Internet Protocol) Onyphe CIDR REPORT for IPv4 IP to ASN Reverse DNS Lookup Reverse IP lookup Same IP CIDR REPORT for IPv6 IP Address Tools ExoneraTor BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) BGP4 Hurricane Electric BGP Toolkit BGP Ranking BGP Stream: Show Global map of alerts about hijacks, leaks, and outages in the Border Gateway Protocol. Blacklist IP addresses Block List FireHOL Directory of Malicious IPs Online Maps General Geospatial Research Tools Digital Globe: Easy to use global map imagery tool with advanced search filters. Bing Maps: Alternative to Google Map. Yandex Maps: A Russian alternative to Google. Baidu Maps: A Chinas alternative to Google. Daum: Koran Map. N2yo: Live streaming from different satellites. It also gives information about the tracked satellites and their coverage area. Wigle: Wi-Fi networks mapping around the globe. It shows the Wi-Fi network name along with the access point MAC (Hardware) address, in addition to the possible location where free Wi-Fi is might be available. BB Bike: Compare between two maps, for example, compare the same location map for Bing and Google map to see the difference in target location. Newspaper map: List all newspapers around the globe on a map, you can filter according to location and newspaper language. USGS: Search world map using different search criteria like address, place name or location coordinates. Map version is newer than Google maps. Google Street View: View a specific location -must be existed within Google street view database- as if you are there. Google maps Street View player: Show street view -where available- between two points on the map. RouteView: Another Google map street viewer. Open Street Cam: View open street cameras in a specific location -where available. Zoom Earth: View international cloud imagery -updated each day- from NASA satellites. Terrapattern: This is a visual search tool for satellite imagery, it allows you to search wide geographical area for specific visual effect. Currently, the search works in the following cities: New York, San Francisco, Pittsburgh, Berlin, Miami and Austin. dominoc925: Show Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) Coordinates. Mapillary: View street level imagery uploaded by people around the world. It gives a 3D view of many places (its database currently have 259,200,042), very useful to discover/investigate a specific location while you are not there. Address Lookup: Find the address of any place on Google Maps. Inspire Geoportal: Give access to European spatial data. Hiking and Biking map: A map for hiking and biking. Viamichelin: Show tourist, restaurants, hotels, traffic and weather on world map. CORONA Project: List more than 800,000 images collected by the CORONA spy satellite launched by the United Sates and was in operation between 1960-1972. Ani Maps: Create maps with interactive animations. Trip Geo: Create a direction map using Google Street View data. GeoGig: Open source tool which import raw geospatial data (currently from Shapefiles, PostGIS or SpatiaLite) into a repository to track any change to the data. GRASS GIS: This is an open source Geographic Information System (GIS) software used for managing and analyzing geospatial data, spatial modeling, and visualization. Timescape: This is a map based storytelling platform. Polymaps: A JavaScript library for making dynamic, interactive maps in modern web browsers and supports different visual presentations to place on. Mapquest: Helps you to find places on a map (Like Hotels, restaurants, coffee, Grocery stores, pharmacy, airport and many more), you can also use this service to find the best route -shortest one and estimated time to arrive- when going from one place to another. NGA GEOINT: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency official repository of map related tools on GitHub. Free Map Tools: Find the radius around a point on the map. Maphub: Create interactive map by adding points, lines, polygons or labels in addition to customized background. Crowdmap: This is an annotation tool that allows you to visualize information on a map and timeline. Maperitive: This is a Windows software for drawing maps based on OpenStreetMap and GPS data. Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection: List online maps of current interest around the world in addition to different map -including historical maps- of different locations around the world. United Nations Geospatial Information Section Roundshot: View live cameras from selected regions around the world. Live Earthquake Map Universal Postal Union: Find zipcodes of all countries. Commercial Satellites European Space Imaging Maxar Global Date/Time Wolframe Alpha: Enter a specific city/town or any location and the site will retrieve important information about it, like: Population, current local time, current weather, nearby cities, nearby airports, geographic properties and many more. SunCalc: Shows sun movement during the course of the day for any given location on the map. SunCalc Mooncalc Location Based Social Media Youtube Geo Search Tool: This is a Geolocation search tool for YouTube geotagged videos. You can search for videos at a given address and in a given time-frame. Facebook Facebook Live: Go to Facebook live to see where there are live videos currently broadcasting. Live videos appear on a global map; a user can click over any live video -represented as a blue dot- to view/save it. Twitter Geo-Location Tweet Mapper: This is a free service to list all Geo-tagged tweets (All tweets posted while the “Location” feature is ON). All you need to do is to enter target Twitter handle then press ENTER. A map will appear showing red markers. One Million Tweet Map: View world latest one million tweets on a map. Qtr Tweets: Allows you to find all tweets within a specific distance from the target location on map, you can also search for keywords and filter the results according to a predefined criterion like: tweets with images and tweets with non-location data. Tweet Map: Visualize all tweets on a global map, click over the points -which represent tweets- to read tweet content. You can also see top hash tags and tweets and search for them. Other Geo-Location Social Media Tools Strava Heat Map: This is a performance measurement sporting App for athletics; it works by monitoring athletic activities through the GPS sensor existed within their smartphone (supports Apple and Android) or any other supported devices. Strava heat map shows ‘heat’ made by aggregated, public activities over the last two years, this map is updated monthly. Transport Tracking. Air Movements Flight Aware: This company is considered the largest flight tracking data company in the world, it offers its flight tracking service free of charges for both private and commercial air traffic. Flight Radar 24: Offer international real-time civilian flight tracking service, it tracks over 150000 flights per day and has the ability to track specific types of military jets (Like Russian and NATO jets) in some regions. Air Cargo Tracker: Track air cargo for 190 airlines, you need to supply the Air cargo number to track the plane. The site also lists Airline code, Airline prefixes and Airport codes. Radar Box 24: International airplane tracker. PlaneFinder World Aircrafts Database Maritime Movements Marine Traffic Container Tracking: Track containers for 125 companies, you need to supply the container number only. Vessel Finder Cruise Mapper Ship Finder Container prefix list The international identification codes of container owners (BIC Codes) International port code Vehicles and Railway ASM: Real time train tracking across the USA. Train Time:Live map of London underground trains. Aprs Package Tracking After Ship: Track 447 couriers worldwide. Just enter the package number and it will automatically detect the courier company. Tracking EX: Track 235 courier. 17 Track: Package tracking service. Package trackr: Track global couriers and visualize the delivery path with Google Maps. Boxoh: Package tracking service for USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL/AirBorne. Canada Post Royal Mail Webcams World web cam search: Display -available- webcams from around the world on a Google map. Earth Cam: Live streaming webcam from different places around the globe. Fisgonia World Cam Opentopia Mila IP, MAC address data and service compilation for OSINT computer intelligence. 1. IP Data Retrieval HostHunter - Detects and retrieves host names from a set of target IP addresses; cyberhubarchive - Archive of data leaks, it contains IP addresses of Skype accounts; - automatic search using a huge number of methods, but can be used in the cloud if you register; iknowwhatyoudownload ( - shows what is being downloaded on the Internet; - automatic search and link matching; - finds a list of all Tor output nodes in the last 16 hours that may have reached IP; - will find domains; ( - checks if IP address was used as a host for Tor traffic, date required; 2. Data search by MAC-address. - shows Wi-Fi location; - will also show the location. - finds Wi-Fi access point, its physical address and name; 3. Compilation of services for OSINT computer intelligence List of services and utilities designed to analyze such data as IP, SSID, file metadata, DNS records and everything where the object of analysis is an element of IT structure, be it a site or IP address. - checks to whom a TLS certificate was issued and which IP addresses are associated with the site. PDFCandy - service allows to extract and modify PDF metadata. wigle - can show SSID and BSSID of Wi-Fi access points on the map. PublicWWW - the service searches for information on the source code of pages. Finds nicknames, links in the code, compares site icons, which allows you to search for twins; finds any similar links to identifiers or phrases, wallets, tokens, also allows you to find providers of advertising widgets, etc. Metadata2Go - helps to find out all the metadata of a file. HostHunter - searches for domain names using a set of IP addresses. Knock Subdomain Scan - searches subdomains on the target domain and can generate an output file with the results. Namechk - a site that will find all of a person's accounts in all social networks and Before the OSINT AI BM service goes live, the first 1,000 users will get free access to the service for one year. The service is scheduled to launch in September 2022.
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