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  1. cryptocurrency investment platform provides you a system to get 30% profit your desired cryptocurrency investment after 10 days, you can invest in 50 different cryptocurrency options, once the 10 days is completed, the System automatically transfer your payout to your provided wallet address. Hodlergroupfx cryptocurrency investment platform is a registered company in USA; they have dedicated support team to handle all your queries.
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  3. Crypto Poker is a revolutionary blockchain technology-based platform that uses USDT stable-coin as the main in-game currency. Instant and secure transactions using USDT. With Crypto Poker you can now enjoy the game with the easiness of deposits and the instant collection of your winnings directly to you wallet address. Play Crypto Poker Now with USDT! Cash in and Cash out directly to your crypto wallet. Play now with the lowest rake (3%) Download Now: Telegram:
  4. In crypto, the early bird gets the worm. As in, savvy early adopters can earn major gains by finding projects BEFORE they are being shilled by crypto influencers or promoted in mainstream media. With that said, finding early gems in this space is easier said than done. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can identify NFT project early on so that you can buy them before they blow up. We’ll also cover some of the most promising NFT projects right now and what makes them unique. Why random picks don’t work? If you’ve invested in NFTs before, you know that it can be hard to find good projects. The vast majority of NFT projects aren’t good picks. Most people don’t have the skills or resources to produce high-quality art, music, or other forms of digital entertainment. Their flaws might include: Poor design Unengaged team / rug pulls Inconsistent quality Limited utility or unclear/absent purpose Poor community engagement (bot-filled social media groups) So where do you start? Well, if you’re like most people, you probably browse through the trending NFT collections on platforms like OpenSea or Rarible. However, with there being thousands of new projects pumped out on the regular, this strategy falls short. Another popular strategy is to follow crypto celebrities on Twitter or Instagram and search for their username in NFT projects they’ve endorsed. This approach has its limits too though; if the crypto celebrity doesn’t post much content about NFTs, then this strategy won’t work very well either. Further, their can be conflicts of interest and uncertainties with whether a project will take off. Best Ways to Find NFT Projects Early If you’re willing to put in some extra effort upfront, then your chances of finding good projects increase dramatically. is a website for upcoming NFT project. They share the most interesting and trusted NFT projects across marketplaces and platforms.
  5. Have you heard about smart contracts and want to know more? With this video you'll discover why smart contracts are important for decentralized finance - DeFi - and how they work.
  6. With this video, you will discover how DeFi lending works, and how it differs from traditional lending. Decentralized finance is reshaping the financial landscape, making it more democratic, but at the same time, it gives you more responsibilities. So, watch this video to discover what to consider if you want to be a part of the DeFi lending and borrowing world -
  7. Have you ever heard about decentralized finance? If not, here’s the right video for you. In this video, you will find all you need to know about decentralized finance - DeFi: .
  8. CRD is a utility token used on the CRD Network, a DeFi ecosystem bridging crypto and traditional financial services. It has built a KYC system designed around DeFi. Their contributors are already fully licensed and regulated and can therefore help DeFi users pass their KYC. When passing their KYC with CRD, users can confirm that they’re a trustworthy account, whilst simultaneously remaining anonymous. It would allow DeFi apps to check the KYC of users, but not their personal information. CRD Network Ecosystem KYC DeFi onboarding as a service Creators Bank BitClout Integration NIFTIT Tokenomics Of CRD Type: ERC-20 Ticker: CRD Total supply: 1,000,000,000 CRD (fixed) Token contract: 0xcaaa93712bdac37f736c323c93d4d5fdefcc31cc
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