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  1. On January 12, according to the official announcement, Web3 game aggregation platform service provider ForthBox released the first self-operated on-chain game Space War public beta from January 9 to January 15. In addition, the platform launched the Game Center on January 9, and pioneered the decentralized commenting system "Comment To Earn". Space War is the first game independently developed by the ForthBox team. It introduces blockchain technology, integrates NFT+GameFi functions, adopts innovative financial mechanisms and game systems and gives full play to the advantages of DeFi and NFT. And it adopts a new financial mechanism and game system to give players a unique game experience. Space War strives to become the top player in the Play to Earn ecosystem. The game releases a total of 10,000 NFT fighters (Fighter) according to their rarity, including 5,000 N-level, 3,000 R-level, 1,500 SR-level and 500 SSR-level. Each level of Fighter NFT corresponds to different POWER, COINS, PET, HP, and users can improve these attributes by upgrading. Space War Gameplay · Requirements of Before starting the Game For Space War, one Ham NFT, Fighter NFT and a portion of coins are needed. There are three ways to get coins. (1) Playing Space War game. (2) Lottery. (3) Exchange by using FBX at a ratio of 1:10. · Gameplay In games, you need to control the Fighter by mouse or tap on cell phone to destroy enemy planes while avoiding gunfire, and collect as many coins as possible to hit higher points. · Mechanics There are 45 levels to be unlocked in Space War, and the awards and difficulties of these levels will increase accordingly. In addition, there will be a boss at every 4 levels and an ultimate boss at level 45, and you can get a lot of points and coins by defeating them. Each game costs 200 coins and each Fighter NFT has 10 chances to challenge per day. The same level could be challenged without limits. High-level and rare fighters, especially enhanced by consuming coins, can significantly reduce the difficulty of clearance. *Attention -Failed challenges will only keep coins but not points. -The settlement time is from 16:00 pm — 17:00 pm (UTC) every day. During this period, the system will clear the personal points for the day and calculate the personal earnings of all users. New points will also be unavailable. -Your pending revenue will keep permanently, please do not forget to claim. · Levels and Points Factors · Game Props (1) Fighter NFT Fighter NFT is the aircraft that controlled by users in “Space War” and is classified into four levels, namely N, R, SR and SSR. Different rarity of the aircraft corresponds to different POWER (which affects the attack power), COINS (which affects the number of coins obtained), PET (which affects the probability of obtaining props), and HP (which affects the volume of blood). Users can upgrade the aircraft to improve these attributes. (2) Wingmen In Space War, you can unlock a total of 4 wingmen and choose 2 different wingmen to help you destroy the enemy. All of them have different attack styles and POWER (which affects attack power). (3) Props Props are shown as below. · Tokenomics There are 2 types of reward in Sapce War. 1. Point Bonus The points you earn by playing are treated as hashrate, which has two usages. (1) The total hashrate will be cleared from 16:00 pm — 17:00 pm(UTC) every day and converted into FBX tokens that will be given to users according to the formula: (10000+100*N)*personal hashrate/total hashrate. N is the number of Fighter NFT participating in Space War on that day. (2) You can buy 1 Mystery Box for 10,000 points, the quantity has no upper limit. The consumed points will not be counted as personal hashrate. The prizes and the probability in opening Mystery Box are as follows. 2. Coins Bonus There're three uses of the coins you earn. (1) Pay for Space War game. (2) Strengthen the fighters. (3) Spend 1000 coins on drawing 1 time. Each BSC address can draw a maximum of 10 times per day. The prizes and the probability in lucky draw are as follows. Note: All prizes will be distributed to the account on real time. Comment To Earn We consider "Comment To Earn" as a GREAT attempt for GameFi. To encourage users participating in ForthBox game rating, ForthBox will place an mining pool with FBX tokens as prizes in the comments section under each game for one month. The mining hashrate will be calculated based on two factors: comment quality and Ham NFT level. And each BSC address with Ham NFT minted can only make comment once. Dividends will be distributed proportionally to all users who made comment based on the ForthBox AI algorithm. Take the prizes for the Space War game as an example. The revenue formula for ''Comments To Earn'' in Space War is as follows. About ForthBox is a full-category GameFi aggregation service platform. It formulates a NFT asset aggregation protocol based on game scenarios, supports game developers to issue game NFTs with one click, and makes the rapid transformation of traditional online games into blockchain games a reality. Based on GameFi and NFT's game ecology, ForthBox uses Web 3.0 SocialFi as a way to lead the flow of games, turning traditional online game players into blockchain game players. In response to the launch of the GameFi platform, the ForthBox team will launch 15 independently developed Avatar series metaverse games in phases to create an ace product at the platform application layer and ensure that the platform has continuous and stable users. Ham NFT is a ticket for users to enter ForthBox. To participate in games on the ForthBox platform, Ham NFT and Game NFT are both the essential conditions.
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