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  1. Yeah right. Whatever system to use is always have the risk when you start playing your game. Martingale will be there for everyone who intend to win by trying to find their luck, It's not to set your limitations and make sure to have the right mindset to stop and not to allow your aggressiveness to chased your loses.
  2. Investment should be backed by knowledge, you can choose between any service that available around, but you have to make sure to understand and analyze the investment form that you will going to take, there's always good chance to those who's willing to study things fro their own benefits.
  3. There's no doubts or questions regarding to that especially if you will use the system for long term stay, gambling for fun don't need any strategy at all, it's all about luck and how you find yourself enjoying the opportunities to get something out from this activities.
  4. That's the sure thing you need to enjoy this strategy, many factors also affects the system not only the funds but the house limitations and how your emotions will bring you to a much better place when you are engage to the game.
  5. This strategy is very common being used while playing inside dice or any other luck based gambling. keep doubling and hoping that it will give you the win that you are aiming to have. Do you think it's worthy to use it or not?
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