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  1. For people want to join bounty first time better try on social media its so easy, but i teach my friend to join bounty its hard to he learning haha
  2. yes that was good idea, my friend who invest on HYIP tell me that, they HYIP site longest is just 1 month i saw
  3. moree4

    Trust wallet

    This wallet so easy to use that why some people use it, and now they can support bep2 if I'm not wrong
  4. i never try invest in hyip because its so risk, they can run with your money anytime, if they new website maybe can take a little profit then withdraw your fund
  5. also on bounty i always check the team and the whitepaper from the project before i join, if i want join on ICO/IEO must check more detail before lose your money
  6. its hard for this year to stable on 10000$ maybe its will stabel on 8000-95000, we are hope in 2020 the price cryptocurrency more good
  7. if some people back and start buying crypto in 2020 maybe can but it so hard, total marketcap now is below thant 2017, and some altcoin is dump right now. maybe if 300-500$ its still can possible
  8. moree4


    yes some people arbitrage without see the volume first, and they cant take profit
  9. im happy to see indonesia project is know in the world, with the profesional team on TOKO this is will be big project in future
  10. yes that why im just work on airdrop or bounty, but someday maybe i will try to invest that is true project
  11. in first time i know crypto, i never think to invest in ico, i can make money from airdrop or bounty that was so simple and no risk then we invest on ico
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