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  1. That is correct. This is just a method to earn some extra money in your free time but don't expect to make lime hundreds of bucks every month just by chatting and completing easy tasks
  2. When you are tired everything that you do goes worse because you are not fully concentrated and you are not working at 100% capacity. You should take some rest and the come back to what you want to do
  3. My family is not very good with the new technology because some members barely know how to use a smartphone. That's why it's better to not teach them about cryptocurrencies because they would probably do something bad by using them. It would also be very hard to teach and explain them what bitcoin is
  4. That is also an advantage because this way the system cannot be hacked and fraud is not possible when buying and selling different products online.
  5. Big companies, like well known exchanges would never do that but you must be careful with airdrops and ICOs that are asking for KYC because you never know who is behind those projects
  6. That is the key to succes în bitcoin. Just keep collecting and investing in bitcoin, and hold it for as long as possible. In a few years from now you will just realize that your bitcoin is worth a lot of money
  7. Yeah, I checked the price just a few hours ago and it was close to $8000. Not its suddenly higher with $200 which is kind of strange because it happened so fast. Couldn't find any information on why that happened but honestly I don't mind and hope it grows even more 😁
  8. The problem with most ICOs is that they overestimate the price of their tokens. Many of them list a higher estimated price to get more investors but when it's launched the price becomes much lower
  9. Investing in ICOs is a very dangerous thing to do because you never know if that ICO is going to be successful or not. Better invest in altcoins, at least if the price goes down you can recover most part of your investments
  10. I don't like this IEO projects and never joined any of them yet. Since you are saying a lot of them are not making profit this is another reason to stay away from them
  11. There are different reasons for that. One of them is because team has realized their ICO was not as good as they thought and they decided there is no point to continue with it.
  12. It is good to hold both bitcoin and also some altcoins because sometimes altcoin prices go up faster than bitcoin prices. That doesn't happen very often though
  13. That's right. We don't even know what bitcoin price is going to do in the next hours, even the next minute so it is impossible to know what is going to happen in the next 3 days.
  14. This forum gets a few hundred new users every day and that is just an unbelievable great result. If it continue like this it should become one of the most popular crypto forums online
  15. Why do you think bitcoin will go in the next 3 days? I don't see any good reason for that but maybe you noticed something good happened and the price should rise in the next coming days
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