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  1. YOU CAN can earn money from crypto . Digital currencies have a grat future. The proof is that bitcoin has dominated the world and has proven itself, especially bitcoin and ethereum.
  2. My friend ten thousand dollars it is nothing. We aspire to reach twenty thousand dollars. Because digital currencies do not know the impossible. Who knows, there are people who will buy bitcoins for a hundred thousand dollars .
  3. Yes. Of course you can. But you must work day and night. I also want to be a millionaire, but this is not easy. You must work and work. Two years three years. Then you will discover that you are close to achieving the dream .
  4. Yeah man what's up . you can hold bitcoin because it will give you best earnings in 2020 . As we are hope that 2020 will bring lot os profits and rewards in crypto currencies. #BITCOIN_IS_THE_KING .
  5. Yes blockchain course is very important . If you do not have much knowledge about Blockchain and you want to know more about it . You can search on the udemy website or search on YouTube and you will find many and many more .
  6. I was using a blockchain wallet And the most important disadvantages is Currency addresse change every time and fees are not fixed . also i was using coinbase wallet And the most important disadvantages is The fees are high in bitcoin . important avantages is Currency addrsse is stell related with account .
  7. You can trade in trading platforms. But you must protect your account with a phone number or google authenticator . And do not share your email address with people . If you don't do these things, your account will be hacked and your money will be lost .
  8. Great news. But I think this news is old. Like this news we want to hear. Because it contributes to the development of blockchain technology and also to the popularity of digital currencies. it is good for us and the world .
  9. you can join on legit airdrops and bounties , free sites earning , success investissement . you can also use invest it in the yobit and withthdraw your commesion every day without worrying .
  10. This site is so much old and The site is good and honest but its profits are few Clicking the button and solving captchas alone isn't enough . You will need a lot of referrals to collect big nember .
  11. good news .This will contribute to the popularity of digital currencies . There are people who will buy bitcoin for $ 100,000 . I hope you like this news in my country (Morocco) .
  12. In my opinion . I see that whales are trying to manipulate the price of bitcoin. And play with the feelings of traders For example, yesterday you may have seen what happened on the Binance platform after it came back to work. I see the price of bitcoin will go to the eleven thousand dollars soon .
  13. Frankly, I am not sure because I did not try this method. I can suggest you my way, I can suggest you my way and if you like then do it. I am converting bitcoin to dollars and I withdraw it on Payeer wallet and send it to people and send it to my bank account .
  14. I think , But not now , Bitcoin can reach fifteen thousand dollars after the halving Because after that A lot of people will want to buy bitcoin . so its price will increase .This is just my opinion .
  15. Anyone new I advise him to watch the pinned posters In order to understand the laws of the forum . Because if you break the laws, you will be banned. For this it is necessary to see these posts. .
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