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  1. A good trading strategy will always make way for a perfect risk to reward ratio although there is no holy grail in trading however a consistent profit taking with that strategy will enable the trader to have an edge in the market despite losing some trades.
  2. There is no need for any referral now in this forum because many members will abuse the opportunity the numbers of members in this forum might small for now this is a new forum Rome was not built in a day let the forum continue and review it later to know if there is any improvement or any adjustment to bring in more members
  3. We have so many airdrops such that It take so much efforts and time to know the ones with good project in the era bullish market of bitcoin there are few airdrops however those few ones have potentials whenever they are listed an exchange but these days every dick and harry are launching airdrops in a way to promote scams
  4. Certainly its never a good option to sell bitcoin now however there some reasons which might warrant the hodler to sell or maybe to pay for services or buy some stuffs. don't let us forget that bitcoin is a peer to peer currency for transaction not to be use as store of value.
  5. I am crypto enthusiast I love cryptos and I want to learn more about it that is why I am always in forum like cryptotalk and bitcointalk just to learn many interesting things about crypto imagine doing some stuffs online with payment using cryptocurencies that is quite interesting.
  6. This year was a disastrous year for bounty hunters this could be attributed to the dwindling or bearish market of cryptocurrencies and the many scamming ICOs that had filled the market with fake projects thus affected the earnings of bounty hunters I hope for a quick recovery of the market so as to go back to 2017 era.
  7. The forum is still new the call for rewards based on ranking should be shelved for now until the forum had grown with a reasonable numbers of users thus not to discourage new members from joining, when the site registered up to 1 million users then the admins can reorganize the payment method for sig campaign
  8. You are lucky to have that sum of bitcoin in your wallet lot of btc was lost carelessly by some hodlers through formatting their PCs and Laptops which are unfortunately hardly recoverable those days when bitcoin has a low value and price however now that the price had pumped a lot old time hodlers are finding every means of recovering their coins
  9. Study and learn is the easiest route to becoming a good trader in this era of internet there are several videos, ebooks and other materials related to trading online search a choose your favorite one practice with a trading stimulator although it may take time to becoming a good trader which is better than paying for a signal from paid services
  10. I started earning satoshis for the first time when I enter crypto world I was involved in filling of Mrai anchored by guy in BTT who paid us for our efforts however despite all the time and efforts the returns is too much although I had no regret for doing that because that was my foundation in cryptoshphere where I started learning how to transact cryptos learn many things about blockchain technology. etc
  11. When I got involved in cryptocurrencies a lot of people thought I was an online scammer however I didn't relent with what I was learning about blockchain I kept on progressing gradually I started earning some little money thereafter some colleagues got interested in what I was doing because i practicalized everything to them to prove that crypto is scam-free not MMM
  12. Tom lee and McAfee are the major predictors of the price of bitcoin to reach $1 miliion of course this is an outrageous value which is very unrealistic unless there is genuine back up to prove the authenticity of the claim else I wouldn't it although with bitcoin any thing can happen however that does not mean anybody will just predict the price outrageously.
  13. With the total volume of bitcoin traded daily and the total market capitalization these two factors will not make bitcoin to crash to zero this is quite impossible even with all sorts of regulations imposed on it, bitcoin remain unshakable thus wax stronger in the market.
  14. I was also paid all my stuck payment when I checked my account It was updated I am very happy with the Admin of Yobit who are are doing excellent job with regards to payment and quick update on every post automatically, this exchange had been doing well and showing other exchanges how to it.
  15. You just have to study chart as the first creteria for trading study all the terminologies related to trading psychological, emotional aspect is also very important of course there are alot of resources and stuffs on youtube, google just pick one and two study it register with a crypto stimulator and practice trading until you can make profits consistently.
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