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  1. I have noticed with concern that some thread got deleted few minutes after posting or created. This will be a waste of time to the person that posted on such thread. Check each thread carefully before you make a post, check things like, is the thread a one liner, probably the first thread from new account etc
  2. This is no longer business as usual when it comes to cryptocoin holding for a long period of time. You should do your proper research about the coin before you buy into it, bear in mind that some coin reduce to $0.00000000000000000001 when you buy them at $1 and hold them for too long.
  3. We all hope for the best when trading of the coins we are holding is been discussed however your predictions could only happen in the next 5 years, i do not intend to scold you but to tell you the reality.
  4. LOL good click bait. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ My reasons is that it shall be a legit one because this forum moderators are honest and active, they will not allow their members to be rip off, either by time or funds.
  5. Hey, dont be angry, i am not offering one at the moment πŸ˜ƒ I am trying to say which bounty program will be the first to be hosted on this forum. Most especially, signature campaign program.
  6. As mentioned by the people that posted before me, wave platform is not an electronic wallet but it can accept deposits and process withdrawal of funds just like yobit exchange does. Wallets does not have trading functions though some might have coin to coin swap features.
  7. At the moment, i am holding and buying more Doge and Tron coin, i believe they are pretty cheap coin with gret potential to rise up to 10,000%
  8. The yobit investors box would have been a great investment idea but for the gambling attached to be met on daily basis before funds are added to the investors balance. I think investors box will do very well without the gambling attached.
  9. This is a very good thread and it further assures users that this forum have come to stay and understand that development is a continuous process. I will like the forum to add escrow members to https://cryptotalk.org/forum/32-marketplace this will give users more confidence to trade. Suggestion Yobit account funds balance should be consider for interested participants.
  10. You are correct with your valid points though signature codes can be used for spamming and scamming but that is not the admin fault and all users should take precaution before clicking on unofficial signature links. It will not be wise for anybody registered here to leave when this signature stops without getting to SR.Member minimum rank because yobit might prefer here for their signature campaign and pay based on ranks just like btctalk forum signature campaign (My personal opinion).
  11. fundeal

    Risk and Reward

    Risk/Reward is a phenomenon of gambling though to a large extent but it can be applicable to other investment platforms whereby you expect an increase or decrease of the amount you invested with certain +/- percentage. The general rules is that, you should not invest more than what you can afford to loose, also dont invest any funds that you need for your upkeep, family support etc.
  12. https://cryptotalk.org have come to stay from my little observations. Bots posting got removed in less that 5 minutes and i hope bots accounts can be banned. Payment for posting paid as at when due. Forums now have posting timers. Simple interface with instant notifications on your posting quotes. Good job.
  13. This delay timer is necessary in order to reduce the posts from bots and various forums software. It appears that this now have about 3 minutes posting delay.
  14. My defending this post does not mean that i am interested in creating another forum account but to stand up for the reality and truth. Big forums encourages more than one account provided you can maintain it and keep it active. There are some websites that specialize in recruiting people to post on various forums and get paid thus there is no limit to the number of forums to create or join. I stand to maintain that having more than one forum account anywhere is not a crime in as much you can keep it active with good quality posts. Multiple account leads to multiple scams, thanks for your feedback hope the forum got new rules in banning and I am happy for that. A single account can also scam, this render the point baseless. It is good to mention here that all the revenue earning forums often have multiple account registrations. I am okay with the forum rules and regulations if they do not accept multiple accounts.
  15. I dont think this is a good idea, you need to mention the minimum to invest and timeframe for returns. Just note that house always win.
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