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  1. My dear friend it is totally up to your hard work and effort.when we complete our 100 posts and start our job of daily basis of making 20 posts.if our work,replies and comments to topics is of useful quality than there should be good income we can earn.thanks
  2. The unanswered topics are very practical, they usually appear in recent in the activities box, this is a good option to know the most recent topics and anticipate everyone's answers, although they also usually appear in each section on the oldest pages as on page 7 or 8 onwards, this is also a good option to get unanswered posts, good luck...
  3. Well, definitely what you did is the fact, we all know that members will now invent ways of earning higher because some other payment has been abolished, but sincerity in everything is good, as for me, I will rather stick to the right and normal way of doing things instead of doing it backway....
  4. I think that all the people who know about this world of cryptocurrencies are lucky, because we can still invest and earn a lot with these currencies, we are also learnind how the world is transforming into a new age of finance and digital commerce and when that moment comes to us, it will not surprise us...
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