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  1. I haven't invested enough to count the percentage. I generally spend only few and try to earn for free and use it for trading which help to multiply it so I don't need to invest much from my property.
  2. Yes I completely agree with you because my writing skill before and after joining the Cryptotalk is completely different. Now I have improved my writing skill as well as I have gained a lot of Crypto related knowledge and also the money.
  3. Cryptotalk is the platform for all the Crypto seekers. Here you get chance to learn and share your Crypto knowledge and for which you will get money as well. As I am here for more than 5-6 months I have learned alot and sharing the knowledge has helped to improve my writing skill as well.
  4. Iambee

    Withdraw fees

    I convert to dash before withdrawing and it been nearly 4-5 months but the transaction fee of the dash has remained same that is 0.01 . So from this we can say that the transaction fee remain same.
  5. Yes I also had same problem and I search for it then I find that if you are creator then only you can withdraw the bat token else you can contribute it to your favorite creator. So if you want that coin then first become creature and then donate this to that creator account.
  6. Beginners don't generally have patience and I was also same but as time passes you get to learn more and more. Now I always remain calm and cool headed because in Crypto world if you want everything quick then you will end of loosing more than gaining. That's why I always say patience is key for traders.
  7. Being the student Cryptotalk have helped me alot. As we generally don't get enough time for working outdoors so we cannot have chance to earn but this site always help me to utilize some of my free time to earn money just from inside the house. The money I earned from Cryptotalk is enough for me as pocket money.
  8. Yes we have to search alot carefully to get real site. As nowadays there are many website which does scam but there are only few which pay in real like Cryptotalk. I have also spend lots of time and have face difficulties before ending up in this site. Hardwork always help you at end.
  9. You can only post upto 30 comments daily and whenever you reached the certain limit of posts or comments made by the developer of this forum you will given rank. There are ranks like newbie, full member and etc.For example you will be called full member after you have reached to 1000 posts or comments.
  10. Although Crypto is banned in Bangladesh you can earn it from site like Cryptotalk. They will punish you only if they find your involved in mining but earning from site is not illegal and they didn't even find it so I don't think they can banned the Cryptotalk as well.
  11. Yes it will replace money for sure in coming future because people always get attracted towards new technology and the bitcoin is more advanced than paper money. Bitcoin have potential to avoid the dependency on bank and it's system. Bitcoin can be send easily to anywhere being anonymous and this is the feature people are attracted towards the btc.
  12. Although it is good but I don't think it is useful and best like Cryptotalk because here you can spend only few times and get more money than that type of site plus in other site there is high chance of getting scammed.
  13. Yes sometime it doesn't work although you get paid for every comment. Whenever the admin are upgrading system or trying to clear the forum they just sometime stop the feature of moving btc to wallet but it doesn't last for more than week so don't worry.
  14. Yes I also thought of that and I came to conclusion that the users are more oriented towards completing their daily 30 comments quota so instead of interaction and supporting the good content they just comment and leave.
  15. It has not ended all but the phase of corona virus is getting over so the Crypto market is returning back to the normal. It may takes time but it will. You can see that prices also started to grow of Crypto currency.
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