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  1. I like your Question my friend.. It's also a question of mine, Because I am a newbie i can understand the perfect time to withdraw. It will help me in future. I also think that when the amount will big,then we should withdraw it
  2. @Cammer you are right, But I have Question as I am a newbie My Question is if I get 1st warning, how could I find the reason of getting warned?? Will The admin mention it on my homepage ??
  3. My friend, if you are getting banned, it means you couldn’t work in this forum, so if you couldn’t work, how can you get talk token? It's not possible dear😔 so try hard not to be wishes for you
  4. It's 100% true that -No pain, No gain.. I am agree with your opinion. There's no easy way to attain your goals. Only hard work & proper knowledge will help you to reach your goals. If you are lazy you Won't achieve your destination. So we have to work harder
  5. Hello my newbie friend! I'm also a newbie , actually at the very beginning i Don't know anything about this forum. But yes Now everyday i learn something new, something excited. By reading different comment i can enrich my knowledge..
  6. I am agree with all of you, my friend there are 6 warnings, you have to check it regular if you get any warning or not..if you maintain all the Rules properly I think there’s no chance of getting keep trying my of luck
  7. Hello my friends, hope all of you are fine.. Yes I Think crypto is the best from stock...though all of us know there is a little bit risk, but friends take it like a adventure & create something different, something new..crypto gives you a huge space to share your ideas, So work on it.that's why i think crypto is the best
  8. I agree with you my friend, as a newbie I also have fear in my mind, what if I get banned😣 It's hard to make 100 post, but No, I Don't give up.I am trying my best to reach my goal.I think everyone should overcome tbeir fear & my motivation is - Yes there is a tomorrow
  9. there are some criteria like -- ♦️use suitable words ♦️use easy words ♦️post should be informative ♦️Shouldn’t copy others post ♦️minimum 100 character present ♦️should avoid grammatical mistake ♦️post should be genuine, unique & attractive
  10. @BrianPHX your Question is - ""How do know that you have actaully reached your 100 post, while you go to check in the yobit column you see less post but in your profile in the crypto talk, you see more post.. "" My friend sometimes it happens. It happened to me also.they only count your useful post which is really necessary for others. So sometimes they delete some of your unnecessary post may be, So It's better to check the Yobit column. That columns shows the actual result. And the number of post which is deleted, may be It's just 1 / 2 post, so keep trying my friend.
  11. Don't be panic my friend. Just keep posting. But always careful about your content.It's their rules that you have to post genuine content. Otherwise it Won't be accepted. So keep researching. All the best
  12. My seniors & my newbies friends, Please take my greetings 🤩 I'm very happy to work here, i have a lot of questions as i am a newbie. But your sharing help me a lot.Now everything is going to be crystal clear for me..please keep sharing these type ideas🤩
  13. I think learning new thing is important. But if we fear, we can't learn it properly. So we shouldn’t have fear in our mind.yes this is a huge platform & if you do mistake then there is a chance of falling down.but still we have to be brave & take the risk of learning & earning. It seems like a adventure to me
  14. I had also this type confusion. Thanks for sharing this amazing will surely help us newbies like me...we can now understand it very well & work more & more
  15. I think we should post & share our genuine thoughts.Because It's the only platform where you can share any of your valuable thoughts without further thinking. So my friend Don't worry.share your thoughts & Support others. The problem will solve early.
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