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  1. Greetings to all members of this forum. I do like to encourage all members to please and please continue to give good reputation to useful post even though you will not be paid for it at least it encourages the person posting
  2. All thanks and gratitude goes to the moderator of this platform who created the beginner section which tend to be useful for all member. The beginner section is the section that encourages member to do more and help in making member creative and constructive
  3. it should be noted that in order to gain rank and reputation you need to have more posts and more useful posts. You would generally get more reputation through creating a topic, however comments can also give you substantial reputation points if you are very helpful. Slowly but surely you will get there
  4. Hello I extend my greetings and gratitude to all member of this eligible platform all I could just say to the new member of this platform is that they should all go through the platform rules and regulations guiding the forum before any other thing
  5. Hello mate either you put up a profile picture or not is up to you because it doesn't matter to any person
  6. Cryto currency is very much important in such that I can imagine the word I can use to qualify because it the platform we can earn and also gain knowledge at the same time. All I can say is that cryto should keep up the good job
  7. This is the most important part and interesting part of this eligible platform. We can earn and gain information at the same time
  8. Hello mate I wish to give out this useful information. before you invest in any forum you need to know about the platform before investing
  9. There are laws in which new member must adhere to but few to mention 1. New member shouldn't give ratings to useful post 2. New member shouldn't be involve in copy and paste post 3. New member should try as much as possible to complete their first hundred post
  10. Yes of course am still given good ratings to any post which I found useful even though I wouldn't get paid for the ratings
  11. I think this question is not ask rightly education simple implies knowledge when you are educated definitely you have the knowledge
  12. I gained a lot of information about the digital currency and marketing that in my opinion basic knowledge of trading and this prove very beneficial to you to work on this platform. So learn from them and get benefits and I do the same
  13. Yes of course you can get payment of two different account on one yobit account
  14. Hello mate we should try as much as possible in given good reputation ratings to important post I.e post which is educative and knowledgeable
  15. Yes of course it very much important to read the topic carefully and have complete understanding before you make a relevant and constructive post without doing much spelling mistakes because too much spelling errors can lead to post deleted
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