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  1. I agree with you. We should help the new members if they face any problems and confusion related to this forum and by providing them a good informational content so that there knowledge about crypto also increase.
  2. Dear friend! You should work daily on this forum by managing your time. Pick a specific time for this forum. And in that specific time you should not do any of other work.
  3. Yes my friend! its true, that if you wana be rich from this market you have to be expert in trading and digital currencies. This only needs hard work and patience. Depends upon you how much knowledge you have to share it with other or is it usefull or not.
  4. Dear friend! I think this crypto forum is good method to learn and earn, and its too easy. You have to get the knowledge about crypto and digital currencies then you just have to share your thoughts and ideas with the other members through posting topics and comments. In this way you can make good friends also.
  5. No its not the waste of time. Here we learn new things about crypto everyday and get useful information which help us a lot. yes some of the members of this forum are disappointed, But we have to work with patience and everything will be ok.
  6. Alot of congratulations to you. its not an easy task to complete. I'm also new on this forum and completing my 100 post task. And i want to become a experienced member of this forum.
  7. First thing that is must is to follow the rules and regulations of the forum and remember do not violate them, other thing is to avoid the mistakes like spelling mistakes and gramatic mistakes, maintain your reputation by providing good content of information, Work hard and be patient.
  8. i'm new here but i don't think it's boring to keep working here. Rather, working here keeps me busy. Depends on your intrest. We learn new things give new ideas to the members it helps both of us.
  9. Avoid the copy pasting of other members content, avoid such spelling mistakes and mistakes. Give your best ideas and informational content to all the members. Help each other. Be active , work hard be patient.
  10. I'm new here on this forum. And i'm here to get the useful knowledge about the digital world ( digital currencies). Everyday i learn new things about crypto. The posts of seniors and experienced members helps alot.i'm completing my 100 post task and after that i will work hard on this forum giving my thoughts and my knowledge about this to everyone by new topics.
  11. its good for new members that we all share our best to them so that they should aware and get more information from us. Because sharing is caring. we should help them by giving them a good content so that they can work hard with this forum.
  12. Don't see which topic has more or less comments. Do comments on that post which give you a good knowledge and information about this forum and crypto world it will help you and it increases your experience.
  13. Yes my friend its true if you have a good knowledge about this forum and currencies and providing a good informational content to the members then your reputation will be good too. And on this platform we learn new thing everyday with help of the members.
  14. No i don't think so follower are neccessary to safe your account from getting ban. The thing that matter is that the quality of content you provide to others. if you're good in your work then people likes you and obiviously follows you. so dependng upon you and your hard work.
  15. It seems to be a good platfom to learn about the digital world and to earn. Moreover I'm also a newbie, and i'm here to get the knowledge about the crypto currency and to earn some money to fulfill my needs. Everyday you learn new things about digital currencies here which is very useful for us.
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