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  1. Hello everyone, any cryptocurrency is good for investment, everything depends on how much you have to invest. in my particular I invest in bitcoins
  2. The boom that these currencies are having is impressive, so much so that the main banks in the world are already offering purchase and sale services and placing ATMs to make cash withdrawals
  3. There are many advantages that cryptocurrencies have, one of them and -which makes the great difference- is that they are accepted all over the world without any type of commission and without any delay you can have these resources
  4. You can do it but you run a high risk of having your posts and topics removed. and if you use a wifi of another person who is in the forum you can affect it too
  5. Well, like all businesses, it is high risk this business is not the exception so we must be cautious and zero greedy everything step by step
  6. Hello friends, one way not to get bored is to take a time interval to clear the mind accompanied by a good coffee
  7. Well, bitcoins is the currency that is in first place, second is ethereum, but if you want to choose, all these currencies are good to invest
  8. excellent, if we do, we will all be informed of what happens with this type of currencies and we will be able to learn our strategies
  9. @Calvinpriva thank you friend for your advice, I am new to this forum but my goal is to grow, I will take them into account I still do not know many things. Thanks for supporting the newbies
  10. If so, and since every beginning is difficult but not impossible, do not be discouraged, if you made mistakes, the important thing is to recognize and repair them and so you continue to overcome obstacles.
  11. Greetings, well cryptotalk is a good option I recommend it 100%, here a lot of information about cryptocurrencies is provided, if you study them you will have many options to generate bitcoins
  12. cryptotalk seems wonderful to me; you earn money learning @tienda I liked that image you posted tells us the different intentions that each member has on this platform
  13. I am here on this platform because it is quite good, not only do I learn about various topics, but by doing so I get gains in cryptocurrencies
  14. Yes of course, that's right, the success depends on our work, but it must be of quality and in this case we must express useful content for our readers, not simply write
  15. If unfortunately we fall into despair when this happens, although you know why, and it is good to know, which is the cleaning that the moderators do, there is a need to keep calm for a few days.
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