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  1. You are right my friend, challenging yourself every day is the best way to get succeeded in your life. Coming out of comfort zone make many of us to achieve better things in daily life. Creating a good content on cryptotalk is itself challenging for being a newbie but if u keep doing, it will pay in a better way.
  2. Bringing cryptotalk on Facebook would increase its value by introducing to a larger community out there. These days of modern era social sites are the best advertisement forum for any feild of public interest. So let same happens for the cryptotalk too.
  3. Yes cryptotalk is the best platform to earn and learn at the same time. This platform providing an inclusive opportunity for lot of members to earn through easy way and also enhance your learning by engaging with experienced members here.
  4. To grow with cryptotalk it is mandatory to create good posts and avoid spelling mistakes as well on a initial stage. This is what I can say being myself a newbie.
  5. Yes if you make lot of spelling mistakes your post might not get counted and didn't get payed. Therefore, be careful while creating your content wether its through posts or replying to others.
  6. Exactly creating a new topics is also the necessity of this forum. Being a beginner lot of queries can be answered through creating a posts and getting informed by the experience members here on cryptotalk forum.
  7. I totally agree with you, being the newbie I'm stumbling to get better equipped with the necessities of this forum. I'm really in the same opinion that stumbling is the first step towards success.
  8. Though its little difficulty to make old people understand about bitcoin but with clear understanding of rules and regulations of bitcoins its possible. Along with the sufficient knowledge of technology, old people can get along with bitcoin.
  9. Under scams threat lot of us think that earning free coins is better than investing. But with little experience and knowledge we can evaluate which site is legit for investors.
  10. Exactly after being failed in certain goal change your fault by learning through your mistakes and mending your ways for the better things. For a instance, if u bear loss on trading due to certain faults, let not yourself repeat them next time.
  11. I totally agree with you, every long journey requires a short steps to make the path of success steady and meaningful. Success is always coupled with little efforts along evolving knowledge. Much like joining a cryptotalk as a beginner and link with it for a long term by learning through short steps.
  12. your are right keep posting useless content is exactly equivalent to buying yourself a ticket to warning points. It is because this cryptotalk forum providing an opportunity to be productive with good content father than posting useless information.
  13. I think knowledge and reading become only useful when they combined with practicality and experience. Alone knowledge and reading won't pay best until they link with daily experience based on your knowledge and reading. Most likely just knowing about cryptotalk and having experience to work here both vary at large extent.
  14. This is a good advice just don't be greedy at ratings. Patience and work ethics are the key factors to follow here and don't rush for good ratings. Greed is always pays the worst wether its ratings and other working conditions.
  15. No matter topic is a year old and new just be careful you don't reply to it twice. You will get paid of you fellow this rule. cryptotalk provides a great scope to talk on old and new topics.
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