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  1. I am new here and is my first experience with Cryptotalk. I headed from my best friend. If your working here regularly and work hard then this Crypto will beneficial for you. Your independency depends upon your hard work. It gives me hope that one day. I'll be the one testifying. Best of luck.
  2. In my point of view now the future of cryptocurrency is very bright with also other digital currency. So don't be afraid about the future of Cryptotalk. This forum will become greater in the future, If we keep posting a vital information in this forum and any other forum will be jealous of making a good post too.
  3. I was searching online earning since one year. But i didn't found any site and after that i found Cryptotalk. Which offer to earn daily profit from it. If possible please don't waste time on such sites. Cryptotalk site is the best site.
  4. My brother invited me to it after working on it, and after i become in direct contact with the benefits that the platform offer us. I also asked my friends to join this platform and some also join this platform and earn a money.
  5. Welcome to Cryptotalk my friend. To grow your account you have to create unique and interesting topics regularly. It will increase your reputation and followers easily. It is easy to use and you can earn alot by this without any investment.
  6. The basis for success in the forum is to read the rules and abide by them in addition to learning and benefiting from our mistakes so that we can write useful topics so you have to be patient and not rush until you accomplish your mission safely and Successfully. Must follow the rules and regulations of this supporting platform. Best of luck and keep posting.
  7. Cheating is not a good act. It is illegal act. It is not allowed in every field of life. Here in Cryptotalk it is also not allowed. By cheating you will be got warning message and your account may be blocked. Be honest and positive with each other. Best of luck.
  8. If you work efficiently here then you will earn more and more because if you spend your mostly time on this then you will get grip on this site and put good and authentic comments then you will be earn more and more. So that you can learn as well as teach others about cryptocurrencies in this platform. This working efficiently.
  9. You have to be patient and not despair and continue with your work and provide your useful posts and within a period of time the forum will return as it was before and better. take patient and continue your work and provide your useful post.
  10. This forum is full of knowledge about crypto world. So we learn about crypto world. So we learn about many topics here and also earn. And we learn and gain experience on this forum a lot about cryptocurrencies.
  11. It is not good idea to upload your personal picture here because there are many people here who can use it in bad way. They can create a telegram account using your personal picture to start spamming the newbies. So you not post anything negative in this forum. BeSt of luck.
  12. Yes I know the rules first of all we have to submit 100 comments in this organization and than we write 20 comments daily and get 300 rupees. Follow rules and regulations of this platform. Do you work with full honesty. Don't copy other members post.
  13. If you are new in Cryptotalk then the beginner section is best platform, you can work on it easily and earn money. If you want to work on this platform for the first time, then you can join this platform. You can post in any second but make sure that posting is related to the authentic idea.
  14. There is no problem in working with the forum with members of your family. But you should not work on the forum from the same internet. so we will ban you all. We can also earn here and learn many things about crypto currency.
  15. I am here to get some extra knowledge from different people of different mind's and also get some knowledge about Cryptotalk to use it in future. Crypto is also a good source of income for the young gernation. I prefer to all students join crypto platform.
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