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  1. Yobit account will give you the payment of one post will give you 400 stoshi. You will be paid at that time if your post likes .Really yobit account is a good.
  2. I see comments from people on this platform where many people buy bitcoin when its price is low and sell it when its price high if the value of the bitcoin remains fix , then it give loss
  3. If you do not follow the rules of the platform, then your account will baned . People who follow rules of the platform and work on the platform according to that rules , their account will not bane .To work on this platform, you need to follow the rules.
  4. If you want to invest money on a platform, then you should have a lot of information on that platform. If you do not have information, then I think you can take a loss. So it is important that you have information about the platform where you have to invest
  5. I have started working online so that I can earn money online. This is my first platform where I am making money online by working online. Before that, my friends told me about this platform. Really it is a good platform where you get good money by working a little time .
  6. Finally, because of reading people's comments, I came to know why our posts are getting deleted, because our posts are not deleted due to the topic related, if our posts are related to you, then our posts will not be deleted.
  7. No, this is my first platform where I am earning money by working online.It is good platform, I came to know from my friends from this platform where we can earn good money by working two-three hours.
  8. Yes, it is very easy to send bitcoins inside any exchanger, but the issue is that the transaction fees are very high, because of which you want to send money to you xrp its fees is low as compare to other
  9. Yes, you are right we can not get much profit from trading as much as invest we can get money from investment, if you invest in more different place, then you will get profit on the daily or weekly basis.
  10. Yobit is a good platform where you can do business by investing and to work on it . If you have information about this platform then it is okay if you have no information about this platform .So you should not work on this platform.
  11. Cryptotalk platform is a platform where after 7 days after you have posted, you will get automatic payment of that post if your post is liked and it is a platform good platform.Cryptalk is a really useful platform .
  12. A few days ago I was able to know about crypto currency because I did not know about it before, because of working on the cryptotalk platform, I was able to know about high value currency like cryptocurrency and due to working on this platform.
  13. I came to know about cryptocurrency a few days ago when I started working on it, I also came to know about bitcoin, what is bitcoin and before that I used to look at all these things, now I know cryptocurrency and bitcoin.
  14. When we work on cryptotalk So our payment comes in the yobit account. We create a yobit account and then we see the payment of our post there, how many post payments have been receive.
  15. I know about cryptotalk platform but I don't know about bitcoinTalk platform so cryptotalk platform is a good platform where many people join, you get money instead of working for two to three hours .
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