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  1. Yes, I am still motivated because good and bad time is the part of life. It is just a temporary period. With the passage of time, the value of Bitcoin will raise more. We don't lose hope and be positive.
  2. Not at all. It is not a wastage of time because you are earning and learning at the same time. It is very useful site. It is a basic source of income. It provide information to all of us. It makes you socialized. You can achieve your goals through this amazaing platform.
  3. Yes, you can do it. It increased your knowledge and experience. Your posts should be easy and useful and provide knowledge to newcomers. But remembered that, it is not discussed before otherwise your posts will deleted.
  4. Because beginners section provide basic information to newcomers. You learn a lot of things from here. It is the easiest section and can easily understand. It provide many hot topics for discussion. We come to know about trading and business. That's why, many people choose this section.
  5. Yes, of course. Spelling mistakes can cause the deletion of your posts. To avoid spell mistake, your posts quality should be better. Your English reading, writing, vocabulary, and grammar should be good. After writing, read your posts. It also help you to avoid from spelling mistake.
  6. Dear, you don't need any extra skills. Firstly, Your English should be good because it is an international language and used in all over the world. Your writing and reading skills, communication skills, vocabulary should be improved. Work with patience and be positive!
  7. Hello friends! You can gain knowledge and experience from here. First of all, you should know about crypto talk. You should know that what you have to do on this platform. just work hard and focus on your target. Best of Luck!
  8. This is great information that you shared with us! My main goal is to earn money to become financially stable. And also try to learn new things from this mazing platform. So, Just be positive and work hard!
  9. Thanks for sharing this great information. It is the best information for newcomers. They should try to learn this knowledge. Everyone should be aware of it. Good luck to everyone!
  10. Welcome on this amazing and unique platform. This is the best site for you. Here, you earn money and lean a lot of things. You can enhanced your communication skills. You should read and follow the rules. Don't try to copied other posts. Do work hard with great patience. Best of luck!
  11. Many people think that it is a fake site. But reality is opposite of it. To do work on this site in not a wastage of time. This is the greatest platform where you not only earn money, but also learn many thing. A lot of people work here. You can also improve your communication skills. So be strong!
  12. I totally agree with you. We should always think smart. Think smart is the secret behind success Always believe on yourself. Self confidence is the most important thing. To get success in life, love and respect yourself is necessary. Stay positive.
  13. Welcome on this amazing platform. Here, you learn and earn at same time. Mistakes are the part of life. The important thing is that always try to learn from your mistake. And try to avoid them in future. Do hard work and make it better. Wish you good luck dear!
  14. I agree with you! Through this amazing platform, we knew about trading and crypto currency. It also improved our communication skills. It increased our income, knowledge and skills.
  15. It is the best platform that provide us a lot of knowledge. We not only learn about trading and earn money but also enhanced our communication skills. Through this platform, we communicate with each other very well in all over the world.
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