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  1. Your words are correct and your analysis is in order, dear Who would have imagined in the past that we would trade currencies via the Internet and have electronic banks? Who would have thought that we would collect money while we were working in our homes all of this was just a fiction and today it has become a reality of imagination with the passage of time becomes reality
  2. Yes, of course, I think that all people who work in collecting bitcoin get money. Bitcoin has changed the lives of many people, so with the passage of time Bitcoin will become one of the most reputable currencies and will be the first in the crypto world.
  3. Welcome, my friend. First, you must read the forum’s terms and adhere to them to avoid the ban. All your posts must be of interest and pertain to the world of coding, and you must stay away from repetition and copying and benefit from the comments of old members I wish you success
  4. Yes, the encrypted currency, especially Bitcoin, is an important source of income for all members, and I find great pleasure in working in this field. It has changed my life style for the better and I hope to continue in this field.
  5. Of course, my dear friend, I think that if the posts you publish are not evaluated by the followers and members, you will not be able to obtain the money. Your posts should gain the attention of the followers in order not to be banned. I wish you success
  6. Working in this forum is very fun, as it makes you learn about economic behavior all over the world and how some ideas can change an individual's economic life. The world of coding is full of knowledge.
  7. Thank you, dear friend, for these suggestions, and I hope that your proposal will receive great attention in order to raise the level of professionalism and safety in this forum, and that members will not be exposed to any kind of these problems. I wish you success
  8. Of course, my dear friend, Bitcoin is a leading currency in the world of cryptocurrencies, and I think with the passage of time it will be one of the most popular currencies in the world because it is making continuous progress and has a good reputation among investors.
  9. Welcome my friend I agree with you. Work is the basis of a successful person, but in addition to that, the individual must have patience. You cannot continue to work if you are not patient. You must constantly try to find solutions to get rid of the boredom that may afflict you during work.
  10. Dear friend, working in cryptocurrencies has great fun. It makes you know a lot about the trading market. It makes you know how the wheel of the economy is moving all over the world and what are the concerns of people on the financial level
  11. Yes, my friend, the forum has strict and useful rules at the same time it prevents members from making mistakes in order to maintain this level of high professionalism at work. We are here to work and learn, not for fun.
  12. Welcome my friend In the forum you learn a lot about cryptocurrencies and their trading methods, you learn how to contribute to raising the value of Bitcoin. You learn how some ideas affect peoples' lives. You have the right of the forum not only to collect money, it is a new way of life.
  13. Dear friend, the equation is very simple. You work to make money, but you cannot work if you do not have experience or knowledge of the thing that you work with. Likewise, it is the case for investors who have a lot of experience in the cryptocurrency market, so they will make profits and be safe.
  14. Welcome my friend When you are constantly searching for sites that deal in cryptocurrencies, you will find a lot of news and new topics that you can raise. I think that everyone should increase reading and research so that we can offer new ideas and topics
  15. Dear Friend The method of payment is by transfer to Satoshi, and then the transfer is made to the electronic wallet connected to your account, and then you can convert to the currency you want I wish you success
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