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  1. Of course, a person always makes mistakes., but the power lies when you admit it and try to correct it, we don't have to go down the path of gambling and deception games because they're always losers.
  2. This is true that the scammers are many in the field of this work, especially since there are no identities for them, they are determined to deceive us in simple ways, that's why you have to get as far away from them as possible.
  3. I agree with you, I haven't started here in a long time, however but I have gained a lot of knowledge of what for cryptocurrencies because he shortened a lot of fatigue for us, especially the low income earners.
  4. Cryptocurrencies are a currency that is traded online because it is decentralized, so its digital assets I made it a center To trade currencies with encryptio, you also need to investigate and document to prove this process, bitcoins are one of the most famous of these currencies.
  5. Of course we have to slow down before coming on any action, we always need experience and knowledge, so we can get to what we want to avoid the ban problems.
  6. Creating a useful topic needs more work by researching and choosing what is appropriate as well as the way we discuss it so that we can transfer everything to the reader's mind.
  7. At first I choose the topic that attracts me its title, and I see that I understand it and am able to discuss it, then I read its content and see some responses as well so the idea is formed in my mind, and I start writing my opinion on it.
  8. I agree with you, my friend, success needs hard work as well as will and patience, that a good place cannot be easily reached, we need the rules and take the time to accomplish the tasks.
  9. Greetings, its normal to be scared for the first time, but it's worth the experience, because it's adventure is the one that develops a sense of strength and desire to win, Besides friends are on our side.
  10. Because the beginning is always from scratch, we can't get into the world of encryption and trading if we don't have enough idea about the position, I think the information in the rest of the sections will become deeper and more accurate.
  11. By linking it to the Krypto Talk account, it can help us know the work you do in this forum, which is charged a commission or not, as well as a stock exchange that enables us to know the exchange rates of cryptocurrencies where we can exchange currencies and transfer between them.
  12. It is great to find someone who stands by you to help you and warn you not to make mistakes, we in this forum share knowledge among ourselves, and for my part, I'm satisfied with that.
  13. Gaining knowledge, experience and the presence of will we can be better, whoever wants to be successful in his life It takes him an extra effort to achieve it, there is a role of luck but can not always that works.
  14. Of course, my friend, we need enough time to go hard, so you have to be patient, do good and provide useful content that will improve our reputation.
  15. I agree with you, my friend, today we are faced with achievements achieved, thanks to the platforms that allowed the circulation of cryptocurrencies and allowed a large number of people to earn and learn without contracts or job interviews.
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