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  1. It is necessary to follow the rules and foundations that must be followed, avoid mistakes, be patient, work hard, gain experiences and information, and gain good reputation and admiration for others in order to continue and be effective members of the forum.
  2. Thanks for sharing such a useful information with all of us.It is a great forum where we learn a lot of things about cryptocurrencies and earn a hendsome amount of money for living at the same time.
  3. So guys you But remember that you will be paid only for 20 posts per day. For activating your account you can post max 50 per day. Your all post will be counted if you post useful and interesting things. But first 100 posts don't pay you.
  4. Dear friend i think its not necessary to open all these messages you can look at on these messages and see if something is important then reply them otherwise you do not need to open all these and focus your proper attention on this forum and get a new things from here.
  5. You are right that students can get a lot of profit from here in the form of money and they can also get rare knowledge, I think this forum is very good for students, this is a learning stage for new begginer student.
  6. We must act professionally in this forum, so we must respect each other and refrain from trolling. Most importantly, if a member has done nothing wrong to you, you must refrain from doing .
  7. It true that there are companies and websites that do not comply with what they offer. The best thing for the user to search for information about the tokens, coins and the companies or website where it is being promoted.
  8. I can say that you can earn good profits from trading, but you should beware of deception or declining currencies that you are trading. they have failed trading because its a process that needs knowledge to make profit and profit depends on how much capital you put in the business along with the knowledge you have in trading.
  9. you should give him the appropriate evaluation and respond to him with an inquiry or information that you know and want to add to his topic, And if you do not understand the published topic, answer it with a question to make it clear to you by experts that you want to understand it.
  10. I am now doing the 100 unpaid posts, and in spite of that, I am very happy because the forum gives me a lot of useful information about the development of cryptocurrencies in the world and gives me a sense of desire for diligence and more work.
  11. It is a very useful information. Knowing the market prices has become very easy for me. It will shorten a lot of my time anymore. I think it is very easy.
  12. When ever spammers try to work in any way, come and ban the account. Because they are always busy hurting each other. They want to harm others. So be careful of them at all times and spammers should be banned.
  13. So guy's I think the reason is that people there do not know much about cryptocurrency, so as members of this forum we have to spread the culture of cryptocurrency so that more people around the world benefit from it.
  14. cryptotalk will always be there in the future to provide knowledge to people who want to join the crypto world. I also hope cryptotalk will release new tokens to share with members to attract more people to join here.
  15. I advise you to focus on the field that you intend to enter and expand in so that your thoughts are not distracted and your goals are lost. you must be patient and attempt to think of groundbreaking thoughts and distribute them here and in particular, avoid robbery or replicating posts from different individuals.
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