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  1. first i lost 0.5 BTC than i recover and made profit 1BTC after long time late i losse all BTC. LOL
  2. thanks it was very helpful, but i dont understand well can you send me some video links how to gain followers thanks
  3. i appreciate with you that yobit has fair dice game, if you have skill and little patience that you definately win from yobit dice, but freebitco has no fair dice bet, it eat your money very quick and yobit eats you slowly..
  4. I think there is no word like hard fork. the bitcoin cash and bitcoin gold these are only token and made peoples fools by the name of hardfork, first they give free tokens and after they split the coin into two and eat all money from peoples those who trsut hardfork, only bitcoin is a real coin the world, rest coins just made there profit and all ares like virtual tokens
  5. no i dont think so that ETH go on moon. when BTC hit $20000 that there is a chance. otherwise there is no chance.
  6. for DICE i would like to Suggest you Guys yobit has a very great and fair dice game. if you have a lots of patient than you should try yobit dice once and made small bets for wining dont be gredy.. go slowy and made profit
  7. i love this Coin. i got profit from this Coin many times. Sure LTC have a great future and it also have top 10 CoinList
  8. droidone

    Crypto future

    Some economic analysts predict a big change in crypto is forthcoming as institutional money enters the market. Moreover, there is the possibility that crypto will be floated on the Nasdaq, which would further add credibility to blockchain and its uses as an alternative to conventional currencies. Some predict that all that crypto needs is a verified exchange traded fund (ETF). An ETF would definitely make it easier for people to invest in Bitcoin, but there still needs to be the demand to want to invest in crypto, which some say may not automatically be generated with a fund. And its a great future digtal currency.
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