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  1. there is no trusted HYIP sites and dont try to search. now a days very big scam came out from everywhere. so plz hold your valuable BTC in offline wallet and wait for rise there price.
  2. hey i start from 0.15000000 BTC and after one month later i made 1BTC. thats true from yobit dice
  3. bitcoin casino has no future. i think dice is rite game for gamble. there is no other future in gamble.(in my views)
  4. yes your rite but that is not a luck game, this is totally mind based game. and put your greedyness aside and play for fun.
  5. thanks it was very helpful, but i dont understand well can you send me some video links how to gain followers thanks
  6. i appreciate with you that yobit has fair dice game, if you have skill and little patience that you definately win from yobit dice, but freebitco has no fair dice bet, it eat your money very quick and yobit eats you slowly..
  7. I think there is no word like hard fork. the bitcoin cash and bitcoin gold these are only token and made peoples fools by the name of hardfork, first they give free tokens and after they split the coin into two and eat all money from peoples those who trsut hardfork, only bitcoin is a real coin the world, rest coins just made there profit and all ares like virtual tokens
  8. holding of coins is also riskable, sometimes many coins dump very lowest price.... if you want made profit, than everything is risky, dice made fast profit and get rich soon,
  9. no i dont think so that ETH go on moon. when BTC hit $20000 that there is a chance. otherwise there is no chance.
  10. in yobit my suggestion is you need atleast 240000 DOGE to start there are 80% chance to get double your profit
  11. yes this is totally trick based game. lust is harmful in eveywhere.... ...
  12. im also not adviced to peoples but those who are perfect gamblers... They have skill and those who are perfect in dicing so plz try to start from high balance if you want twice your profit. begniers dont try this game its very risky
  13. use little mind and skill you definatly win. dont play more than 400 doge. go very slow from ground level and you reached to the moon very soon.. gud luck!☺️
  14. sorry. my personal exp. i used always in yobit dice that is i used 240000 Doge than i play slowly like 10 or 100 doge for each bet. i uesd double after i loss my bet.
  15. now a days its like a stable coin. but i think in the end of year it may goes to moon. if you have hold some doge than there is no loss you always get in profit
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