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  1. Hi dear, I hope you are doing well. Dear there are alot of encrypted sites that captivate people by promising them to give higher profits but in return they hack into your details and steal all the information regarding your crypto wallet. So beware of such spammers and don't trust on any site that is offering more profit than any other secured site. As they do this just to trap you. So stay away from such offers. Regards.
  2. Indeed dear, this platform helps you grow in terms of knowledge, experience and rewards you with earnings at the same time. It is not like other forums that waste your time as well as energy and gives no benefit, but rather this forum gives you more than your expectations. This forum helps you grow by sharing information with other generous members and when experiences exchange you learn a lot, and become more competent and competitive. So, anyone who is in seek of a genuine platform for knowledge about crypto currencies then cryptotalk it is. And I will definitely advise my friends who are interested in crypto to come join this forum as this forum will polish them and enhance their skills and knowledge. Regards.
  3. Exactly dear I agree. Everyone should be patient and keep on posting quality content. The payment has been stopped for a short while so don't panic. Once the moderators are done with getting rid of spammers the payment will be reopened. And let me tell you one more thing the useful posts you will do within this time will be counted and once the payment is reopened you will be paid for them. So, keep on working with dedication and enthusiasm and keep posting useful content. Regards.
  4. Hi dear friend, I hope you are doing well. Dear, in order to save time for this forum you have to take a simple step, you have to make a plan. As already mentioned by you in your post. What you can do is that work on this platform for an hour after waking up from bed in the morning. And if your routine is set to wake up and get ready for office then wake up an hour early and start working on the forum. And for rest of the day give time to your office work and to daily activities. And once you are back home, rest for a while and get fresh and before going to bed give half an hour or more to this forum. This is how you will be able to take both the office work and this forum together. I hope I was able to help you out. Regards.
  5. You are right my friend, people like to explore new topics in order to seek knowledge and experience. So, everyone should be creative and should post quality content that is attractive and worth noticing. Because this practice will benefit you as well as the members of the forum as the questions in their minds will be answered, and you will receive the benefit in a way of positive reputations by respected members in order to appreciate you for your positive and useful post. Regards.
  6. Dear mate, if you respond to a post first it can help you achieve reputations but I personally believe that the quality of your content matters the most. If your content has negativity or is not worthy then obviously despite of being first you will not receive the amount of success you are aiming for, but if you content is full of information and positivity and helping the members with their queries then despite of being at the last page it will give you positive reputations. So my dear friend we should focus on our content rather than focussing on being first. I hope I was able to convey my point. I wish you best of luck. Keep posting keep growing. Regards.
  7. Hi dear mate, my friend actually the payment of english section is disabled for a short while due to a large number of spammers. And respected moderators are trying their level best to get rid of these spammers for the betterment of this forum and the members. And once they are done with their task they will reopen the payments for this section, so till then don't worry and keep on posting quality content. Because the useful posts you will do within this period of time will be counted and once the payment is back you will be payed for those posts. So be patient and stay positive and keep on posting useful content. I hope I was able to help you. I wish you best of luck. Regards.
  8. Hi dear, I hope you are well. Dear it's not sure that for how long the payment is disabled. But hopefully it will be back soon, once the moderators are done with getting rid of spammers. And till then we have cooperate with the forum as they are doing this for our safety and peace of mind so we don't get scam by these spammers in future. And yes the useful posts you do within this period of time will be counted and once the payment is reopened you will be paid for those posts. So keep on posting quality content. Stay positive and keep growing. I hope I was able to help. Regards.
  9. Hi dear mate, I hope you will be doing well. No dear there is no issue. However, I personally believe that beginners section is the best option to begin with. As it increases your knowledge and experience on the same hand. It clears your queries that arise by the passage of time and also gives us awareness of what rules to follow while writing or commenting on posts. So, I will suggest you and every beginner to work in the beginners section as it will polish you and will enhance your skills.
  10. Hi dear, I hope you are well. Dear mate in order to grow in this forum you have to abide by the rules and make quality content, as success is directly proportional to your hard work. And here if you want to be successful here, then post positive and useful content that benefits the members of this forum and in reward you will receive reputations by them in appreciation of your content. And those reputations will build up your profile. And always remember you will only be paid for the useful posts done by you. So, your success depends upon the quality of your content and your hard work. Regards.
  11. Dear friend, as the payment in the english section is temporarily disabled so many members are not active and due to this it is getting hard to find new topics. And dear there is a simple way to avoid entering the same topic you have commented on. If you open the topic list you will see several topics and with every topic there would be a "message icon" beside it in the very start. If that icon is black then it means you have already commented on it and if it's white then it means you haven't. So, guide yourself with this icon color and trust me you will not face this problem again. Regards.
  12. Dear mate, everyone is facing this problem as the payment is disabled due to a large number of spammers as per the notification by the forum. But soon the payment will reopen once the moderators are done with blocking the spammers. So let's be patient and wait for while. Because we have to cooperate with the forum as this forum has benefitted us in many ways. Regards.
  13. Hi dear, I hope you are well. Dear don't worry the payment will be back soon. I am not sure that this happened before or not as I am new here too, but the senior members can answer this question with expertise and I hope they will. Dear the only reason the payment has been temporarily disabled is because of spammers. And once the moderators are done with cleaning the forum, the payment will be back but till then be patient, stay positive and keep on posting quality content. Because we are not only here to earn money but are here to gain experience as well. Regards.
  14. Yes dear why not. This forum is suitable for everyone of any age who wants to learn about crypto currencies and it's investments strategies. And for students, I think this beautiful platform is a gift that they can learn and earn at the same time. And their earnings can benefit them in their studies and day to day expenses. Because for students it becomes hard to manage their studies and job at the same time but by this platform they can manage both, as this forum requires very minimal time to complete daily tasks so they can save time for their studies and meet up their expenses as well.
  15. Hi dear mate, my friend it's up to you whether you want a profile picture or not, and it does not affect your account in terms of getting banned. Because your posts are the main reason for getting banned. If you are posting useless or negative content then eventually your posts will get you banned even if you do or not have a profile picture, as it is against the rules of the forum. But if your content is welcoming and useful to others and obeys all the rules of the forum then despite of having no profile picture you won't get banned. So, be relaxed and post quality content with less mistakes. Regards.
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