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  1. I am also a student like you and I think that this platform is the best place to spend our free time on it and even devote part of our time every day to benefit from valuable information and make some money
  2. It is very important that our answers are useful and that is why we have to answer the topics on which we have information. And search for information on new topics that we find. 👍
  3. I can add many more features to what you mentioned. This platform has a beautiful and easy interface and is very reliable with thousands of subscribers around the world Thanks 💥💫
  4. We seem to have the same interests in this forum, so we often ask the same questions. But I agree with you that we should always research and read before asking any question Thank you💥💫
  5. Some of the principles in this forum have a lot of experience in the world of digital currencies, and this makes their posts valuable and important, so you get an evaluation, Thank you 💛💥
  6. Thank you for this useful information, I am new here and I always enjoy seeing these useful articles and I am happy to add to your words that we have to check the Yobit data settings well befor starting to publis. Thanks for reading ☺💛💚
  7. Написание целей, как правило, составляет половину их достижения, а письмо на бумаге дает больше возможностей, чем письмо на клавиатуре, для объединения идей и облегчения их запоминания, но программы напоминания, разработанные для телефонов, очень полезны при организации задач в целом.
  8. Each benefit from what you mentioned has several implications for our lives, as we are on the verge of an economy in which digital currencies affect a very large extent and this is what makes this knowledge extremely important, and the economic and health crises have made working on the Internet a good option to achieve a fairly secure income. Thanks for reading 😃💛
  9. I think the real problem in the cryptocurrency world is fraud and spreading false news and articles to get money in an unethical way. Therefore, the sites of defamation have become very many, which prompts us to take caution and rely on this forum before any other site.. Thanks for reading🙃💛
  10. The exchange of comments and expertise is important in learning any field, which distinguishes this forum. This experience we get from the encrypted currency is very important for the future because these currencies will become a cornerstone of the world economy💥💫
  11. Every day I have this forum teaches me a lot about the digital currencies that one day seem to rule the world economy. It seems to me that the experience we gain is the real profit that we should strive to achieve
  12. Yes, there are specific rules for this forum. I haven't heard of this before but I don't think I can write more than one post in three minutes unless I have prepared it in advance. Thank you very much for sharing this important information with us Thank you ..💚
  13. If it is about ip, is it useful to always run vpn on her phone before opening the forum? Also, if I connect to a public network with a friend who is in the same forum, does that mean that we will be banned ? @Jeevay hello again !💚 I asked someone before you but I want to repeat my question in order to increase my chances of getting an answer. If it is about ip, is it useful to always run vpn on her phone before opening the forum? Also, if I connect to a public network with a friend who is in the same forum, does that mean that we will be banned? Thank you 💚
  14. Thank you, I think these tips are very important, I am new to this forum and I hope to know more about it through the posts of experienced people like you.
  15. I tried these sites to work but it was not helpful. This work is not stressful, but it requires a lot of time for a very small financial return. Thank you..❤
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