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  1. Cryptography in developing countries, there are many people who do not know anything about cryptotalk. And start with that from our family members and friend. So that treading the cryptocurrency platform.
  2. This useful information we have daily increase your knowledge about this site. You know how to choose a good and safe wallet for them and order for us to transfer currencies form another site for example.
  3. Dear Friend, beginniner section is like a trading section. It is best foundation no doubt it and when new joined cryptocurrency to ta newbie. That the beginniner section has so many topics for new comers.
  4. We can should happen with beginniners because they are of buying high - value currencies. So that they do not make mistakes and lose their money and avoid coins with zera trending volume.
  5. Dear friend, crypto increase the communication skills . English language is good , and I can discuss many people in social life. Because We spend a lot of time on this forum.
  6. Yes my friend, This section is great and help members to create a strong foundation . You to go to rest of the category until you get eligible. But knowledge, experience and silks, and them move to other sections.
  7. Dear friend, I just though that you can withdrew and despoits without verification. The forum is now paying us only for posting our topics. Viral post yes but you reputation must increase.
  8. Bitcoin started at ৮ 26,900 this year. At the beginning of January, the price exceeded 40,000 dollars. Later it was reduced to 30 thousand. Later, after the investment of electric car maker Tesla, the price started rising again. Bitcoin touched the 50,000 milestone on February 18.
  9. Is it adaptation with technology scaming innocent people because they have different tactics and they know how to penetrate into people's account .
  10. Tether (USDT) is the world's first stabilization (a cryptocurrency that mimics the value of the Fiat currency). It was originally published in 2014 under the name Realcoin by Bitcoin investor Brock Pierce.
  11. Yes, my friend you are right to your opinion. We can to improve this forum and benefit it has fun, and there are more examples. The work is best and good. How to post useful posts that have great information we help to improve this cryptocurrency.
  12. The question is really interested. Because the most important thing is the valuable information and knowledge. The platform forum is describe one good thing about cryptotalk.
  13. Welcome dear friend, lf you do not share your information with anyone. Bitcoin is digital coin and in fact, i did not know it. Because this time is preaches is coins.
  14. It is would be nice to see that ideas. As are suddenly introduced in the crypto and many have enough kondrashka. You can publishe in the rest of the section there of different.
  15. Yes, we should always publishe valuable information and help beginners to positive evaluation and properly understand them. They can share their ideas with all forum.
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