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  1. am always been important. If you make your willpower strong then it can help you to wait and to keep patience in yourself.Then come back to your project and think about that concisely. ..
  2. Best time for trading is when the price of coins are increases you should check it every day when the prices goes high you can trade it and when the price goes down you should buy so that you can get benefit from your trading and exchange so best of luck for all of you.
  3. I would not call that benefit a special place, I would rather treat it as advantages of being aware of new developments and having required skills to use them since learning requires time...
  4. If u want that yours follow increase then you share good knowledge according to rules and about this forum you write comments and post best to best and informative then people impress from you then yours followers will be increase .
  5. Topics like this one is very helpful for new members. Your point is important and I hope every newcomer will reach this. newbies do not publish topics because they do not have enough information and good experience in the field of cryptocurrencies...
  6. cryptotalk is the platforum that gives us oppurtunity to express your opinion and ideas and share with other peoples and earn money so it really help us in this pandamic during the quarantine and lock down and we can learn and earn here at the same time by doing work on this forum.
  7. Cryptotalk has seen a lot of things and the right updates, in addition to the speed of learning new members about the world of encryption and great discussions in the information exchanged, I guarantee this forum a bright future in the next few years.
  8. Indeed you're right, for the essence of better life in this technological era every member seek to get rich but what differs is the approach strategic plan adopted. But most suitable means is earning passively in Crypto community
  9. Stop posting generic questions or suggestions claiming newbies level, for your own sake before it's too late for you. Your account shall soon be uncovered by moderators and send you out of the forum as spammer. Just take your time and learn from already posted information simple..
  10. As you working in this forum it is a good challenge for you self to aim everyday of having useful and informative post to help people here and to share knowledge. Challenge yourself and create new ones so that everyone would get information from that. ..
  11. To my personal taste, yobit is one of the best cryptocurrency trading pages, many people have been able to earn money with their cryptocurrency exchange and also with several of their airdrops !!
  12. when you doing mistakes or disagree with rules or break the rules of the forum so you will get a warning points the first warning point is just for warning when you receive a second warning point then your account will be close for one week how ever when you receive the 3rd warning point then your account will be banned permanently so follow the rules and be safe thank you
  13. To lose fear, you do not have to be influenced by emotions and know how to invest, you have to relax and be sure that you want to invest in the money you are going to buy, because if you are not sure of yourself, you can lose money.
  14. From my point of view, I advise you to continue publishing, as some of them may be deleted if they are not useful, and then you must reach at least 20 posts every day in order to progress and get the money and knowledge together...
  15. The forum explains itself, my friend, all you have to do is participate in it, and the forum has a good plan for growth, as it will reach a very large degree. Try to be the best member when the forum arrives at this...
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