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  1. Yes I considered that cryptocurrencies are the parts of our lives. Most of the persons are using and working at cryptocurrencies. We can change this currency to real currency. But a time will come when everyone will use these digital currencies.
  2. You should buy some portion of bitcoin and invest in. The most popular cryptocurrency is bitcoin. It's price is very high. Everyone can not buy it. But by investing and trading we can earn more money by this currency.
  3. I heard about cryptocurrencies from my friend. Before 4 years my friend have some bitcoin and he sell them. He told me about bitcoin. After that I searched about it and join this forum. Now I realized that how much precious it was.
  4. Thank you for sharing this great information with us. I don't know about all these cryptocurrencies but I know about a few currencies which you discussed. Bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency all over the world.
  5. Crytotalk expert are those who have great knowledge about crypto currency. They know almost each and everything about this field. They can handle every problem because they know very well how to handle it
  6. Yes the information which you shared is absolutely correct. If you want to earn more than you should have reputation. This reputation depends upon your useful posts. If you have good knowledge than you will get good experience.
  7. You learning never stops. Try to learn and try to teach others. If you have knowledge or some specific information about this field than should explore this information with others. This is a good way to attract others.
  8. Yes this is right Yobit is a digital currency wallet where we can store our money and we can exchange this currency to another currency which we want. Yobit gives us this great advantage that we can exchange money and can withdraw this money at low charges.
  9. If you want to become a successful person in this platform. Than you should must follow the rules and regulations of this forum. Work with patience and try to learn knowledge and get experience from your mistakes. Don't try to get reputation in a negative way. Work positive and gain positive response.
  10. Digital currency are playing a role model in the world. In this era technology improved a lot of to things. There will be a time when physical currency will obsolete and digital currency will be used in the whole world.
  11. Yes there is fear when we want to invest or we invested in. First of all you should have sufficient knowledge about investing. You should also have knowledge and some experience about crytotalk.
  12. In this platform everyone is learning something new everyday. No one is perfect. Learning never stops. Everyone face some problems. So don't worry at all if you have any issue that share it with others they will help you if they have solution.
  13. Yes it's absolutely right. You should use correct English when you talk here. Your grammar should be correct. You should have enough knowledge about this forum. Post useful content if you want to get reputation and profit.
  14. This is very good thing if you helped others. If you have sufficient knowledge about any task than you should definitely share this knowledge with others. Guide others if you have experience and information. Try to cooperate with beginners specially.
  15. This is right if you try to use two accounts than you will be banned. It's against the rules and regulations of this forum. So never try this. If you try to run two accounts in single wifi connection than both accounts will be banned.
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