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  1. Dear friend @Hala97 @joseph89 @Shakil888 I lost many of my posts, even though I worked hard to provide good and useful information, and this thing didn't happen to me before because I read my subject before I wrote it and I always work here to show something new, my friend. They lost many will work harder to fill our posts not frustration. Thank you
  2. Dear friend @Mary Paradise @Hallosh @Jack Olivercurrency maintenance is practical but in reality coin market cap also lists scam coins and fake coins. They don't take a look at the basics and do not do proper work before listing a coin in their index. What Coinmarketcap asks to list projects is to trade the currency on at least two different exchanges and produce a certain small daily volume (usually $1000). Thank you
  3. Ratings are very important in Dear friend @Speaker555 @Alon11 @Shahed122cryptocurrency. We should not stop rating. We will also get positive ratings when we give other members ratings or fame for their informative and supportive daughters. But if we don't give ratings to other members, we loosen our own reputation. And automatically lowers our ratings. So, continue ratings to get more fame and ratings. Thank you
  4. Dear friend @FatenAlzeer @Mary Paradise @Kholer de cad moreyou go to the Crypto Talk Forum that pays for writing comments and posts topics, but now many new members add to this forum, and they just write comments and leave this forum, and when I'm new to myself I write some posts, but unfortunately this post is deleted so I'm afraid to create posts but now I try to write things again. Thank you
  5. Dear friend @Mary Paradise @Areesha Khan @Alon11I think crypto has benefited a lot from the forum whether it's money or not. I am one of the facts but if we talk about this forum, some members of the campaign did it to improve it but did nothing. Most of them have chosen to make money only, but there are members whom I have tried to improve and I pay tribute to these members for what they have done. Thank you
  6. Dear friend @Razan22 @Shakil888 @Creprman the amount of cryptocurrency is still met every day, it can be stipulated that in 2021 we are twice as much as today so we see that this market, besides being very volatile, is the future of money, so I would recommend buying and saving private I cryptocurrencies in my opinion, but if you are more courageous, I can tell you when prices are low to buy and sell when prices are low So you will make money by investing in this market. Thank you
  7. Dear friend @lolo9992 @Mary Paradise @JooclarkBitcoin is a digitally popular currency and Trustwallet wallet. So bitcoin theft is never easy, but it will be easier if you share your wallet key or share your email information with other people who can steal you. Therefore, everyone should keep your account and wallet information so that you save your Bitcoin. Thank you
  8. Dear friend @Uytdfg @Habeebi @Kirstishav cryptocurrency is a very popular and credible platform. Many crypto users on this platform go through it with themselves I went right through what I mentioned about you before i saw this forum and now I consider this platform in Cryptotok as a blessing for me because I am getting the opportunity to make and return all the losses made there. Thank you
  9. Dear friend @Sofiya john @CARLOS11223121 @john elbertcryptocurrency can be a full-time job so I think it's GOPD as a part-time job and it will benefit us as a part-time job we will do our regular work and do this in part-time jobs Do you agree with me or please don't share your thoughts. Thank you
  10. Dear friend @Georgeilas @Zarqakhan @Mohammed-Ahmed93Crypto Forum has 3 warning messages. Publishing is prohibited when 3 point warning does not correct what you are doing wrong or you do not comply with the removal of you from the Rules Administrators Forum, I do not know anyone who has been removed or banned from returning to your old account, I hope that it will be published in the future as we are human and we can make mistakes. Thank you
  11. Dear friend @Mary Paradise @Adam Smith @Shahed122 reach a minimum of 100 valid posts to work on crypto forums but you can continue posting 20 a day but this time you will earn 20 posts a day that you can convert to Bitcoin and make extra money on it but make sure you have to be more ideal and constructive for words before posting. Happy posting mate. Thank you
  12. Dear friend @Hamza janii @zaidi @Mary Paradise crypto forum is one of the most trusted sites that pays its members to write posts. Therefore, I benefit from it to secure a very good additional income. In addition, through this forum, I was able to collect a very large number of information and experiences I needed while working in the field of employment, and my most experience was working in terms of trading for this reso. Thank you
  13. Dear friend @Mary Paradise @Creprman @Sunakshi have too many rules and controls to create a post and if we make a mistake we can get bail by creating a post so we can get fame while creating posts and commenting and commenting because according to rules and controlwe have to read all comments but only we have to give such rating if a person is riya. Thank you
  14. Dear friend @Alina42 @Potter A256 @Aleenaraza I think it would be very difficult to explain that cryptocurrency doesn't understand! After all, for example, if you are told about some techniques, you don't practically understand it, but you will immediately understand a little more. But I think the easiest analogy would be if we talk about how cryptocurrencies work and how it looks. Thank you
  15. Dear friend @Afroja14 @Lucifer fly @AmmarD is a safe site for exchanging yobit coins but one should not take it easy and even start putting its coins there as it is not just an exchanger wallet and it may have some maintenance problems from time to time which is why I suggest that one should always withdraw his earnings.
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