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  1. If I'm looking for success and growth, I can't think of anything other than research, learning, and diligence, and I don't consider the opinion of others because that isn't my aim, so I don't think about income, but rather how it continues, i.e. effective and useful work
  2. I am agreed! It is true that in addition to the materials benefit from this platform and the world of Crypto, we got friends and fellows and acquaintances with experience who help us in the success and profits in cryptocurrencies and it is good that we were racing to this world. Wish all the members good luck
  3. Hi dear friend, A side from all talk tokens I am benefited by lots of useful information and knowledge that I can apply to earn in different methods of earning cryptocurrencies. As well as the airdrops in yobit exchange that we get notified in this platform. Best of luck!
  4. I am agreed! This is absolutely true dear, if we intend to earn any money from this crypto world, it is crucial for us all to learn what is this all about. Otherwise, it's pointless and a waste of time just thinking that we are going to make any type of earnings by chance. In this reward, Crypto talk is an excellent source for learning and earning, which we can capitalize upon to earn either knowledge/information or money. Wish all the people best of luck.
  5. My Dear mate, I am also new in this forum, but I can show you some rules and notes. First, don't cheat or steal other people's topics. Make all your work from your hard work and effort. Secondly, it is better for your topic to be important and purposeful. Third, avoid talking about politics and other things that are not important to the forum. Fourth, you have to search and learn about more about currencies. Encoded and how to deal with it. Thank you my friend for accepting it. I wish you best of luck
  6. My dear mate, the choice is indeed that it is the best forum for trading or investing, as it provides us with abundant earnings through a small or large amount as it fits with all levels here, beginners, members and senior members. This platform is great for every person who knows about investment or trading. Best of luck to all
  7. My friend in this 2021. I have so much expectations from this forum . I am working on this platform from a month or so. And I am just posting comments. Now in 2021 I am thinking about doing trading and I am very hopeful that in this year . I will get a lot of success. I wish all the members best of luck
  8. Hi dear mate! dear your comment will not be counted and deleted. They do not pay for that, To avoid commenting the same topic you can go to topic listing and see the message icon if you are on 2 blocks it means that you’re done commenting in that topic. wish you best of luck!
  9. Yes my dear friend, you highlighted one of the most undesirable fact of this site. This fact clearly shows that people are just commenting bogus. They only want to increase their post count and cannot raise any new idea or suggestions that helps other members. Best of luck to all
  10. Thanks for this knowledgeable content. We must have the courage and self-confidence when making investment and trading and be able to bear the loss and risks because if we don't do this we will not achieve any profits and we will always remain afraid of losing investment and money and we will not dare to invest and trade as well Good luck!
  11. My Dear friend, of course every post is very important here. So make a useful post by keeping the spellings seriously. Poor and useless posts in the forum are removed by admins and moderators. So be sure to try to make each post relevant and meaningful, knowledgeable and constructive. Which is acceptable and useful to all. Regards.
  12. Hi there dear mate, Crypto talk history start s about 6months ago it is a campaign to earned BTC or Bitcoins in yobit platform, and gave prize to all comments and post you make in cryptocurrencies and yobit. And to promote this Crypto talk website to all. Thanks
  13. Yes dear I am totally agreed with your nice discussion there is many exchanger who is sell fake coins and some peoples purchase them and lose their money so please be awair from them use good exchangers websites like yobit and others we should learn before buy the coins. Best of luck
  14. I totally agree with you on all your points, except for the last point my dear friend, because if we are aware of the risks that we may be exposed to in our work, then we can avoid them and take precautions about them. If I am right please kindly tell me.
  15. So dear, you are saying that 15K will be obtained during this summer. I guess it might have that chance, still we have to see how the havening will play out and how much hash power can be lost, if any will, and if this hash power begins into recovering. We all know that Bitcoin has delayed deliveries of the new ASICS's to miners and I've read that some miners will receive them today. Waiting I guess to see what will happen. I wish all the users best of luck
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