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  1. I also think that knowledge is important than education, without knowledge about some subject we cannot educate ourselves well on that subject that is why we have to obtain knowledge, if we want to educate ourselves well in this world of cryptocurrency.
  2. yes, friend, if we want to stand out in this forum, we have to have the exact and adequate knowledge to make good useful and easy-to-understand topics that help the members of this forum learn more and more about cryptocurrency.
  3. Yes, friend, you are right, even though it seems better, only commenting does not do this forum well, if we do not make comments or new publications we will not learn new things about cryptocurrency.
  4. This publication is a great contribution, friend, because all of us on this platform are here to help ourselves with our comments, our evaluations of our publications, we help each other by publishing our problems and that the users of this community can answer these questions that we have about this platform .
  5. Bueno amigo, me veo en el futuro como alguien mayor en este foro. He aprendido mucho y aprenderé con el tiempo sobre las criptomonedas. Espero en el futuro hacer buenos temas útiles para esta comunidad para que todos puedan aprender un poco de mis conocimientos.
  6. Hello friend, I hope you are well, thank you for being useful coins that we can invest where we know that we can earn money in a while, bitcoin is also one of the best currencies in which we can invest our time and money.
  7. Good friend, to know if your publication has been eliminated, you go to your profile, my activity, then you go to where it says my publications and in the topics section all the topics you have made will appear there, you can tell which topics have been eliminated and which ones are not.
  8. entering yobit with the same network of different positive should not be a reason for bam something totally Legitimate
  9. Well friend, when you get a warning point, they only send you the notification that you have made a mistake, but it does not point you to that mistake that you have made, so it is very careful in everything we do on this platform.
  10. yes friend, if we are blocked we can wait a while so that they give us another chance and this time do it well, do not get discouraged, if we make a mistake, because we all make mistakes but we work hard and with patience to make this forum work well.
  11. You are very right friend, I think that the publications that are to answer questions about any question we have about the forum should not be eliminated because if they are eliminated we will not know the answer to that question and we can do something wrong.
  12. Yes it is true friend, strive to make good topics on this platform so that we can be valued positively and it does not have those I like that we want, it discourages us that many people only comment and do not value.
  13. If you are a friend, this is a forum to learn about cryptocurrencies about how to invest in good currencies that you know that a future can give you a lot of money, if you want to grow in this forum, you should read the guidelines of this forum and make useful posts that will help you to get money.
  14. What good data friends has given us with this publication is a good idea to know which publication is copied and which are not, to report them and have them removed from the forum.
  15. Well friends and a publication that does not comply with the rules of the forum and again it is useful for this community, then the moderators remove it from the forum as well as the comments on that publication.
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