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  1. Yes thankyou very much for alerting us about rules we all should follow the rules and regulations of the forum we should do our work with honesty to avoid banned our account I am very thankful to you for this awarness for all the newbies.
  2. Thanks for all this words of encouragement mate. Indeed you have done well with this appreciating the presence of all members in this great forum which include both the beginners and the old members. I am also grateful to all members most especially the seniors that creates tooics that has been of support to make my learning easier in this forum.
  3. Cash is something every person in this world would like to have and when they come to realise that usingcryptocurrencies we can hold and increase their fund definitely they would show interest in this field. And yes every cryptocurrencies can be converted into cash using platforms.
  4. I think crypto currency improve our many sites.By working here we can avoid spell mistakes and grammar problem. We can learn and know much different types of things. We can earn coins by working crypto currency. So,I feel very happy to working crypto currency.
  5. Welcome dear i would like to advice you to create a usefull posts or topic whatever you like and think you can do. so make the posts keeping in mind the rules if forum. Don't copy paste someone else's material ,never use abusive language in your comments ,try get help from your seniors and ask them to guide you in doing good post.
  6. These currencies, my friend, are the currencies of the future because they are the result of technical advancements that advance us. It is normal that interest in everything developed and modern will grow, which will benefit people and countries by allowing them to automate information in a safer and faster manner than ever.
  7. I have also noticed the same thing. In the hurry to complete daily posts everyone just comment on other's posts rather then posting new topics. We should contribute our part to this platform and post latest information about cryptocurrency to increase the number of useful topics on this forum.
  8. Completely agree with you, that one of the most important goals of this wonderful forum is to help beginners whether in the forum or in the field of crypto, and we, as members of the forum CryptoTalk, we should be as one family helping these beginners by sharing the experiences of experienced members in this forum.
  9. Thanks for the valuable post. This is so much informative post. I don’t have that much knowledge about your topic before seeing your post. I think this will help for everyone. Try to more post like this. And help us to learn about many more things.
  10. Crypto is better than stock and for me i like crypto and it's method of earning and learning is so nice and it better than stock because it processes of buying and selling is so much easy.some time we faced Risk when rise and fall of cryptocurrency.
  11. Hello everyone, according to my experience on the platform, we can still comment on the old posts if there are no problems, I consider that there are still many posts that have a good contribution and that it would be interesting for us to continue commenting and reading them, especially beginners.
  12. Requires mining. Electricity, Internet and high-quality computers with extraordinary specifications. It works throughout the day without stopping. Laptop work is bad and I wouldn't recommend it. The most important thing in mining is electricity and the internet. Good luck and success to all my dear friends.
  13. Thanks my friend for your participationI think it depends on the strategy you pursueBetter and learn from mistakes and develop a profitable strategy that can be developed because the field is developing and we have to develop our techniques for successI advise beginners that they should start with fake funds, and there are platforms that support thisThank you.
  14. I totally agree with you my friend,it's obvious that the forum has now made some changes compared to how it was before because the members are now much more interested and ready to sacrifice their time and resources to make sure the forum improves, well! that's a good thing to do, let's remain hardworking and add up forces to make the forum grow bigger and wider.
  15. We can do each of the following by either investing on the yobit investbox site or by removing them to another genuine and trusted source site which is profitable and within two days we can get much profit from it, also binance has better profits and alots better site are there and are trustworthy to invest, trade with, just ask questions first before engaging into any sites first.
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