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  1. Yes you are right as we all know that working in this forum we should have proper knowledge and information and meanwhile that we should work with focus as you all know that to educate yourself is very important and to educate yourself is that you have to know how to work and to learn the things while that you will know to work on this platform and to work on other things
  2. Insya

    Crypto earning

    As I am a student and I'm working on this platform as you all know that because of corona virus the schools or universities are just closed and the lock downs are going to be held in the whole country so I was just sitting at home and bored so as there is an online website crypto with the help of my brother I started this work ans I'm working on this platform to earn money and help my parents in this pandemic I wanted to thank my brother and then this crypto forum with my heart as I was free so I decided to work on this platform and earn money I came here with the intention to earn money but I can say that not only we can earn money meanwhile we can gain knowledge and information about most of the things
  3. I would say that to find any way more of achieving good from yobit or the best way to increase income from yobit you should focus on your work of crypto so thst you will do your work with courage and with devotion so that you will work more and if your comments will be good in the crypto then only your posts will be accepted in yobit as you know that there is no way to find anything for free so it is better to hard work more and more and with my point of view I have told you but as of other members comment you can go through
  4. Yes everyone has the dream to be rich and happy the rich means that they can handle everything properly in their life so I would say that being rich should not be that we have to be rich legally or illegally as we all know that some people are illegally rich so we don't have to chose this option work hard and be rich as you are working on this forum you can be rich but the point is that you have to be focused on your goal of working in this forum so that you can fulfill your dreams and with cryptocurrencies I would everyone can be rich if they have the power to achieve the goals
  5. As there are many blogs on google to learn how to use the crypto currency or why was it made and what is the meaning of crypto currency as you all know that we are working on this platform so I will say that after entering to this platform we will come to know a lot about cryptocurrency because in crypto world there is about crypto currency a lot and you should have knowledge about it as we don't want to search from google if we are working here because about cryptocurrency our confusions will be finished while doing work on this forum
  6. Satoshi Nakamoto is a person who first developed the bitcoin. Bitcoin was the first ever currency made by him and it was the worlds first cryptocurrency and we are using this currency in our life as most of the people are not using but the rich people are using after that he was the investor in the crypto currencies and he was using them lively and also developed a lot of crypto currencies after the bitcoin
  7. Yes as the beginners also ask the question that they can post a topic or not so they are free to post any topic as I have said earlier in my comments that topic should be meaningful and its description should also be meaningful so that the topic is liked by the people as the information you provided is also good and informative for beginners in this forum so try to make useful posts
  8. The reason of banning the countries because some countries government has not accepted the digital currencies in their country so the countries have banned the cryptocurrency in some countries as in some countries if they are working on this platform they can be scammers on this platform so be careful some countries members are using the VPN to work on this platform
  9. Yes this is informative for all the members in the forum they should know about the scammers they what they can do and trap the members as they can trap from email,phone number or any personal information of yours and like this the scammers are present in this platform as we all know we should be save from every single scam as it can only be done when you will be careful while doing this as you have to be careful with your personal information in this forum so no one can take your information with that you have to be careful with ads and email messages they can trap you with that too
  10. I would say that sometimes this happens in this forum there is a little bit of problem in this platform as it shows comments on the yobit but not here but if it does not show the comment try to comment on the same post again the next day then it will show your comment this is a suggestion from me as it has not happened with me till now but I would say you should focus on your comments and topics because they should be created with good and meaningful content
  11. No it will be a rumor there is nothing about the profile picture the reason of banned account will be because of any other reason and we should focus on our work more and more there is not a reason of anything of profile picture I have not put any profile picture on my account so my account is not banned the we should focus on our comments and on the topics
  12. Yes this is true learning is endless and we should learn in every stage of life and we should keep learning in life as we will learn then only we can experience in life and we should keep gaining knowledge in every field of life learning is a thing that gives us opportunity to stand on our feet and face the world as we will learn things then only we will come to know that what why is learning important for us to do so we should learn things as much as possible
  13. As if you want to increase your experience so there is a thing tondo and that is to read more topics of other people and gain knowledge from other people comments and learn the things you don't know how to perform or handle so in the way your experience will be developed and increased and you should have the ability to write the comments and beneficial comments
  14. The first thing to know as a beginner is how to work on this platform and we should know that how to start our work and we should get to know the things that to work and we should work hard as of working on this platform they should know how to comment how to create a topic content and how to chose a topic as to comment you should write properly and then to create a topic you should have knowledge to write about according to the topic and to chose a topic you should chose the content of a topic if it I beneficial then keep going and write
  15. As this is helpful for everyone that the information you have shared so we should try this and by the way thanks for sharing this information I have not tried this feature till now I will try and explore this feature this is beneficial for everyone in the forum like this the all members of the forum should create beneficial topics for everyone so they can have benefit from them
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