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  1. All newbies should use this tips for withdraw from yobit exchange to another account or in your wallet that is good for the less fees for withdraw you said right that in bitcoin fees is high to withdraw
  2. Cryptocurrencies have become an indispensible part of my daily routine. I spend about three hours here reading and writing, learning about cryptography, interacting with others, assisting one another, and earning money.
  3. Yes i agree with you. Those who have the doubts everytime they are learners every time. If u have any doubts learn to ask openly it infront of all. The n only you can learn new things to do
  4. Yes you are right buddy. Those members are afraid to commit mistakes because they have a lot of knowledge and they tend to think more about certain things. So i think we can learn about more to them because they have different ideas about things.
  5. I agree that success is directly proportional to hard work because I personally believe that harder you work the better chances you have at success and also the luckier you get.
  6. You can reply to the banned members there is no thing of think in it. I also commented on banned members topics.there is no issue for you and my post termed out a useful too.
  7. This is very true, I'm sure it will be very relevant for each of us! Because, there are a lot of scammers in our world, and we should protect ourselves in every possible way.
  8. You have to know about this marketplace. What will be best and worst for you that will be necessary to decide for you. You have to know all kind of information about this then you can enter this world for shine. Otherwise you will be lose.
  9. If you do not have a follower, then there will be no problem in your account because following does not increase our income.Our followers grow when we make unique posts that others like.
  10. We always try to answer those topics by which we have some information and we have understood them properly. Otherwise we should skip them and move ahead and find other topic. Without understanding the topic, we must reply a useless answer, so try to avoid doing this.
  11. I read many online web for learning and earning money but when I read crypto currency then I am much glad that this forum is best of all is easy forum and also help full for every one.
  12. Yes, I am strongly agree with you on this. Nothing last forever. We have to keep continue learning. new Strategies, Plans and many more. I will be also in favor of following those have a lot of experience in the field.
  13. Don't even speak about it, we can't 'fix' them. It always will be someone, who asks stupid questions in wrong topics, and when they will be delited - they'll write in support of yobit cuz usually they only wish to make money on this forum.
  14. Yes the cryptotalk is the best fourm of the world because this is the way of business in this app the everyone earn the profit without profit this is a good plate fourm of the poor people and those people who have not a work thanks to cryptotalk this app made my life.
  15. I have been here in that forum for a long period of time, and I am very pleased to be in that forum and I want to follow up with all effort and activity, far and away from mistakes.
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