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  1. Yes, sure, my friend, you can earn a lot of money and currencies of great value, so I advise you to work in this forum with confidence, because it has great credibility in profit with everyone.
  2. i,m new here i haven't know too much about this forum.but short comments without following rules and regulations makes comment useless.
  3. I wish you success in your career within the cryptotalk platform, my advice is to publish new content every day and you will see the best results. Many users appreciate the new content. and knowledge.
  4. I think that there is no problem in commenting more than once on the same topic, but the profit will not be given to one comment .. If one of the members has certain information, I hope that he will tell us about.
  5. , Congratulation on completing first 100 posts in this forum. What do you mean "Don't time a time in a time to time another time. " . Always make sure you give a proper title. This topics may be deleted by admin or moderator in this forum . Make sure to give understandable title name
  6. Spelling mistake create problem for you create useful and spelling error mistakes does not allow in the cryptotalk if you want to become famous on cryptotalk then your first responsibility to create those post that is reader friendly then you get reputation.
  7. In crypto currency always useful posts are need.If you make useless posts then your post can be deleted. For that you don’t get any payment. So,always try to make useful and new informative posts for get payment
  8. This is part of my careful designed plan that I joined the world of crypto currencies to achieve, trading and making investment, no doubts there are reliable, transparent and genuine exchange sites to put your money good example is yobit exchanger, binnace and kucoin and several others.
  9. Actually for the new members it is very important for them to remains in the for beginners section. In this section they get solution of every problem that a new member can face and he can get knowledge about that. That's why for the new member the bigginer section is necessary.
  10. It consists of a number of sections. You must first start with the apprenticeship section in order to gain experience and then move to other departments because this section will benefit you with work.
  11. many days i told him not to do so lets start it again keep patience you will get many post paid one day if you work hard he then started again and at the very next day he goat 8 posts paid so patience and hard work is neccessory otherwise you can not succeed in life.
  12. In the beginning, all beginners must familiarize themselves with the basic rules related to the forum. These rules are found in the section "About the Forum" and adhering to them is the path to success and getting the work done in a correct way.
  13. yes mate why not every one want to earn money or fullfill their needs but mate for win or earn you should do a lot of work hard.
  14. Yes it is true Bitcoin currency increase day by day but we want to see on peak level . In my knowledge it will be increase at the end of the year . Bitcoin can cross $5000 dollar.
  15. Trading is an important matter and one of the most important works of digital currencies, so we have to think carefully before doing any trading. We must have good capital in order to risk all we have. The basis of trading is diversification in currencies and not putting all capital.
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