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  1. I withdraw my profits from crypto currency and holding my bank account.When market dumping huge i again buy eth and other crypto currency.
  2. When buy a new coin before i see this coin social media page.I joined their telegram group and active group talking this project.I buy this coin see this coin ico price.
  3. I joined crypto trading market in 2017 from bitcointalk.Now I am a full member of bitcointalk forum.Till now running 3 years crypto trading, I earned some money in 2017 and lossed money in 2019.Now crypto trading is so risky.
  4. Now i mostly used binance exchange for trading.I also trading short trade bittrex,yobit,kucoin,yobit.Yobit withdrawal free so low.I always transferred waves to other exchanges and doing trade.
  5. I holding many coin i believe that once coin will be changed my life.I holding some dent,climatecoin in future i believe that crypto can be changed my life.
  6. My most memorable coin is kwatt coin I almost earned some amount of money few month ago ,I almost earned 450 usd in one year.
  7. Alltime xrp price upto 0.5$ but duming marketcap xrp price are now in 0.23$.Bitcoin dominance so high so now xrp price so low when btc dominance will be low increase xrp price.
  8. I support only trx coin but steller coin supply so high.Steller coin airdropped some xlm every month and you get earned easily earn money holding xlm.
  9. Yes mostly mining site scam anyone recommend me trusted minning site i invest some money for mining.I start my mining holding eth.
  10. saddamali

    Trading Signal

    I do not beleve any trading signal i belive only good news and then buying coin.Mostly i buy dumping coin so best time to invest lower coin.
  11. I support ripple, i do not support steller because they supply so high and every month they stake xlm holder.So xlm price down ,you can invest your money in xrp.
  12. I used blockfolio application and active alerm bitcoin and top rated crypto currency.When any coin pump and dumping i got notification.
  13. If bitcoin growing ups, many altcoin dump for bitcoin dominance.So you can only invest Bitcoin and you get some profit.
  14. Yes bitcoin really help me I almost earned 10k usd from bitcoin ,i entered bitcoin in 2016 from earning free money faucet and freebitco.I have many refferals and i earned almost 0.2 btc in 2017 from freebitco.
  15. I think when Bitcoin dominance down without btc most top rated altcoin will be pump.Such as eth,xrp,xlm,waves which coin very demanding and anytime this coin growing up.
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