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  1. Find good airdrop from freeairdrop app download from playstore,You also see announcement of binance ,hotbit,yobit ,you get some good airdrop or trading competition.
  2. If you find a legit airdrop it is a good earning way otherwise you will waste your time.Now you find good airdrop from top rated crypto exchange site such as binance.
  3. I do not believe that cryptocurrency can kill proverty.Beacause many crypto traders suffering many losses who hold altcoin in 2018 but anyane have a good skill earn some free money from crypto.
  4. In my opinion you buy laptop and mobile.Laptop using only home but when go to outdoor you using mobie phone trading or gaming.
  5. I do not recommend play gambling because you can loss your all money playing this game.Best site for playing this game is yobit.net.
  6. Firstly go to coinmarketcap see top coinmarket list,you will find easily top list but if you need lowest withdrawal fee suggest you choose yobit,poloniex,hitbtc (doge withdraw)
  7. Yes right I made some profit crypto trade but after some days again loss huge , i hold dent,waves,xlm and I already losses 60% to hold this coin.
  8. The future of eth price is very brightful , Now we see eth pumping now, this year eth price is hit 345$ .Last year eth hit 1145+ so now you understand eth price day by day increase so buy and hold.
  9. I think many altcoin huge down , now many altcoin price 52 week low now , you see dent , waves, xlm bottom now so buy now this coin.It is the best time to hold this coin.
  10. Now best time to buy xrp and doge.We see eth , btc pumped but this altcoin do not huge pump so you buy this coin also buy coinmarketcap top 20 altcoin to hold.
  11. I also used myetherwallet and mewconnect in my wallet.You can hold any erc20 token in myetherwallet ,also you can added mewconnect to secured myetherwallet.
  12. Avoid gamble site because gamble can lose your all money so best option learn crypto currency and doing trade.
  13. You can use Gnote app from play store also go to website by your pc,you can write your note never lose any note.
  14. I f you hold erc20 token or bep2 supported wallet choosing trust wallet,Trust Wallet is the best ethereum wallet and cryptocurrency wallet to store your favourite BEP2, ERC20 and ERC721.
  15. I added 2FA all site so if can hack my password but can not login and withdraw money from my wallet.You see review Gnote from google play store.
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