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  1. Yes, my friend, it is a problem that occurs with everyone, but it is not a big problem. You can try again after a period of time, and the problem will be solved. I hope that this problem will be completely resolved so that we do not encounter it every period.
  2. Well my friend for me I work in a platform you long and did not see any problems I am very happy for my work in this platform and I received my posts daily I advise you to consult ancient members if I had a problem
  3. Thank you, my friend on our reliable site, but I am the best work in this forum here, you can gain and learn more than any other location on my experience in the coins of encrypted currencies
  4. Well, my friend, for me, I am still a beginner in the world of cryptocurrencies, but I believe that you can transfer your money to digitization by taking the deposit link for the currency that you want to send
  5. Well, my friend, keeping the cryptocurrency is called an investment, and in investment there is a profit and loss. This depends on the currency that you invested. If it is a safe currency and its price increases, you will win a lot of money.
  6. Well my friend, as far as I am concerned, I learned a lot in this forum and I gained some currencies as well. It is a very great forum. You can learn about digital currencies, participate and earn money through positive posts.
  7. Welcome, my friend, if you have finished the 100 free sharing, then you should subscribe to the Yobit platform because your money will reach it where you will get 200 satoshi and 10 ones for every positive post you write
  8. Yes, my friend, most of the cryptocurrencies are safe, but be careful if you want to invest, you must invest in a reliable and safe currency in order not to lose your money.
  9. Well, my friend, it is a great idea for me. I will buy it whatever its price, provided that it is an important book and benefits in the field of cryptography and cryptocurrencies.
  10. Thank you, my friend, for this useful information, and there are many people who exchange their digital currencies for paper currencies, and this is a completely wrong act because paper currencies will end their time and the time of the cryptocurrency will soon begin
  11. Welcome, my friends, to this forum. Through my work experience here, I discovered that we have to wait approximately 3 minutes between each post and the other, meaning we cannot write two posts in the same minute.
  12. Well, my friend, as for me, I advise you to start with the Dogecoin currency. It is a well-known and safe currency and its price is constantly increasing. I expect it to have a great future.
  13. Well my friend on this forum you can earn money in many ways Either by writing useful posts or by following the bonus section in the forum, where valuable prizes are offered to members
  14. Well, my friend, writing posts is not necessary, but it increases the popularity of the writer if they are useful topics. Therefore, I advise you to share your information if it is useful to members of this forum.
  15. Well, my friend, do not worry, you will get paid, but first you have to write a hundred free comments and then you will enter the paid phase where you will get paid for every post you write.
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