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  1. Yes my friend, this is the new payment system in the forum They decided that each post was 200 satoshi, not the same as 1000 satoshi We have to pay attention to our work in order to get the knowledge, share our best assets, and get a good reputation
  2. My friend The decision to ban is only in the hands of the moderators of the forum and we cannot prevent any member from posting We can only report the post. Just go to the top right corner of the post, reportpost Click on it and you can choose
  3. My friend Airdrops give very little profit For me, I consider it a waste of time because it needs a lot of time and effort for little money compared to what we offer. And I prefer only working in the cryptotalk forum Good luck
  4. My friend Running the 2FA system is essential for us to protect ourselves and our accounts from uninterrupted hacks We must take advantage of technological developments in order not to fall victim to hackers
  5. Our success in the forum and the ability to acquire knowledge is through integrated work The process of giving the reputation to those who deserve it, of course, is beneficial for us because we benefit from the information on the subject and therefore it is necessary for us first and is an encouragement for the member secondly
  6. Through my experience and work in the forum, I learned something basic and necessary, which is that we should not be fooled by the attractive words and offers that we see in advertisements, and that we should not open any electronic link. Because most of it is a waste of time and may cost us all we have good luck for everbody
  7. Always, my friend Attempting to specialize in a specific field of work gives us the ability to excel and be creative in it, and the possibility of development exists with full confidence in us We must do this because at a certain time we will have to choose in which field we will work
  8. Finding a member in the forum is easy. It is enough to go to the upper right side to the search box in the forum and we type the name and thus show us all the suggested names and you should search for the name you want
  9. I don't think we can remove the warning point that came to you, because that is only for the moderators The most important thing is that we work hard to get rid of and correct the cause of this warning point good luck my friend
  10. My friend When our main ambition in the forum is to obtain knowledge and experience Of course, our daily posts should be good content and useful, and this will definitely give us a good reputation from the members who benefit from our posts.
  11. My friend Success starts with the cryptotalk forum that gives us a pinch to learn as well as profit That would be the first degree on the road to success The knowledge and experience we gain in the forum is what will take us to the stage of starting investment and trading, and this is what I personally want.
  12. Since joining the cryptotalk forum my primary concern has been getting and making use of every character found in the different sections I tried to organize my time and set aside time every day to enter the forum We must use our time every minute we must learn something new Evolution does not stop and we must be
  13. Cryptocurrencies are starting to establish themselves as a payment system And it must have impact and spread in all countries Currently, the spread depends on the developed countries only, and they are the ones who will benefit first from it As for the rest of the countries, it will be delayed for some time And we members should be crypto ambassadors in our countries
  14. Success in any business requires extensive knowledge and good experience And that doesn't come quickly Perhaps it will take a long time and a lot of effort to succeed Rushing in our work may lead to wrong decisions that lead to failure Patience is the key to sure success
  15. This is true The Corona epidemic forced the world to turn towards cryptocurrencies because of the privacy, confidentiality and speed it enjoys in completing transactions, and it is not subject to government or policy unlike digital currencies. Little by little, the world will realize the importance of cryptocurrencies and force countries to recognize them
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