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  1. Ripple is good and I think he got it at the right time which is very good for him, this make it easier for him
  2. The best Trading site for cryptocurrency is always binance, they are the best and easiest way to make things easier in trading
  3. Neo is a good coin and it has been doing well in cryptocurrency, this isn't a new coin, it has its own developers
  4. armor

    About trading!

    You don't need to compare forex trading with cryptocurrency Trading, this isn't the best way, cryptocurrency is always unstable and unpredictable
  5. There are many reasons why you might always lose and this isn't the problem of you but just because sometimes due to volatility
  6. Long term Trading is the best way to make a good Profits and this make it possible for anyone to be able to get it right
  7. Short term Trading is the best way to make it more easier for you to be able to get more profits if you have the knowledge
  8. You need to have a set of rules which you must obey to be successfully, you don't need to be greedy
  9. He can't recover an account been hacked because they might take away the assets and make the account useless
  10. The panic traders still exist and we have to do with them because it will be more of less profits if they become genius
  11. Trading is kind of fun when you realize you are earning good in trading and making more profits than ever
  12. Cryptocurrency is all about gain and loss you either win or loss your capital, this make you accumulate more experience
  13. It is very important to have your own set of coins where you can trade with them and have a better profits
  14. Buying after the price rise up, isn't good enough because it can turn over anything which might you see at loss which is improper
  15. The 80% you mentioned that re scammed us too high buddy, there are many of the exchanges that are good too, let say 50% are scammed because they used fake volumes
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