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  1. Для себя я покупаю монеты, когда их цена падает, и продаю их, когда цена растет, и я делаю некоторые анализы рынка перед покупкой и продажей валюты
  2. For myself, I am collecting the bitcoin that I earn from here so that I can form capital until I invest it in the field of encrypted currencies, I think this is the best thing I can do
  3. Halving Bitcoin is a big deal that first appeared on Bitcoin IRA official investment in the Bitcoin retirement account,While halving has an ominous tone, it is in fact a rare event in the world of coded currencies
  4. This is not true, my friend, you misunderstood, in the past they were giving you Bitcoin by giving a reputation, which means that if you give a reputation to someone, you will be given a training, but now it has stopped
  5. Don't worry, my friend, you can enter the platform with two devices connected to the same network, but if you enter the forum by two different devices from the same network, you will be banned
  6. First you have to publish 20 useful tracks daily, and then you must wait a week for you to be paid, I advise you not to withdraw the profits, it is better to collect them to form capital to enter the trading field
  7. Quite the opposite, my friend, the laws of this forum cannot be violated, if that member had not violated the laws of the forum certainly would not be banned, and this is a wonderful advantage in the forum, which is that the laws apply to everyone without exception
  8. This is absolutely true. We must continue to support good and high-value issues. We should not care much for money. In any case, the forum is still paying us
  9. For myself, I do not specify a certain amount of money until I invest, every month I invest in a certain amount, as I buy and store currencies to make a profit from them
  10. You can know this by analyzing the currency, when the currency drops significantly, that will be an opportunity until you buy, but be careful to buy at the first drop, good luck, my friend
  11. There are many ways to trade, and each method has its advantages and disadvantages, for the same, I prefer daily trading, just as I win, I also lose, and we certainly cannot compare the feeling of profit with loss, when I lose it is a very bad feeling, but I remain confident that I will win again
  12. I think this is just a correction of the market so that things do not get out of control, as we also know that after every drop there is a rise, so I think the price will rise a lot in the coming days
  13. Of course it is very profitable, when you choose a good currency and invest your money in it, there will be a great opportunity to make profits when the price of that currency rises, good luck
  14. Don't worry, my friend, nothing will happen if you interact from a prohibited member’s post, according to the laws of the forum. There is no law that prevents us from interacting with the publications of the prohibited members, good luck
  15. Thank you for sharing this information with us, but I want to add after the currencies, if we want to invest in the long run then the trenches are good for doing that, also a good OM currency for investment
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