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  1. Hello An important question and we need clarification from the forum manager about the time required to reform the random rating system In order for the reform to take place, I think it is necessary to continue providing important responses and making use of the presented topics to keep in touch and make use of this time in preparing new research. Thank you
  2. Hello In general, every attempt that violates the forum rules leads to a ban Of course, writing meaningless responses and using copy and paste or repeat some topics are outside the permissible rules I advise everyone to work diligently and patiently until you achieve your goal in this forum. Good luck
  3. You do not necessarily have to respond to every topic, but if the topic is important and you cannot understand its content, you can search for another explanation of the topic on the network that is simpler and try to read it calmly so that you can respond and share what you learned through your research. Good luck
  4. Hello Certainly, spelling and grammatical errors make the meaning completely unclear, and this renders the topic useless, and this violates the forum’s rules and leads to deletion and in the best case will not get a positive rate. Therefore, attention must be paid to the content and scrutiny of the text in order for it to be useful to everyone. Thank you
  5. 1- 4-5-2021 2- Asaad achfa 3- Lenovo corei5 2.5GHz 4GB DDR HDD 1T SEAGATE 1T 4- 32
  6. Я благодарю тебя Это важная тема, которая может стать рабочим руководством для всех новичков в области криптовалюты. Это резюме, которое необходимо время от времени пересматривать, тем более что в последнее время появляется много валют. Удачи
  7. Greetings to you I completely agree with you, as the importance is due to the need to pay attention to the content of the response or the topic that you write, and this is what causes pride because it indicates great knowledge and interest in gaining accurate experience in the field of cryptocurrencies. Good luck
  8. Greetings to you There is no tool to delete the reply and there is no need for this tool only there is a button to re-edit the reply and this allows you to delete the entire response and create a new response It is best for you to check the content before publishing it. Good luck
  9. Hello Of course, the cryptocurrencies that I mentioned are the most important and most popular cryptocurrency and knowledge among those interested in this topic For your information, there are more than 5000 cryptocurrencies and they are increasing day by day, and the market value of each of them remains in a state of change, and the most useful of them is related to their current value, the increase or decrease and the size of withdrawal expenses. Thank you
  10. Hello I felt bored at first, but I searched the forum for topics with useful content and read them with interest without considering the necessity to complete 20 comments. Then I started searching for the questions that revolve in my mind to try to find out their answers, and so on ... Good luck
  11. Hello To get a good reputation and a positive rate, you have to work hard, be patient and provide benefit in your responses and comments, and this requires knowledge and reading a lot of important topics related to cryptocurrencies. Good luck
  12. Hello I am happy to read a success story and happy to know that real gains can be made by working hard on this site and the most important thing for me now is to learn new experiences and ideas about cryptocurrencies and how to trade them on the Yobit platform. Thank you
  13. It is a good suggestion to add a new feature to provide a special response to a member who has good experience or knowledge, or that can be used to correct or confirm information In any case, a tag can be added to the member in the reply normally Thank
  14. Hello Thanks for the helpful suggestions that every forum member avoided getting banned I think that the last suggestion is important and necessary to provide useful content and provide knowledge so that the rest of the members can benefit from it. Thanks
  15. Hello Any change in the forum rules can be recognized by the forum moderator, and I don't think there is any problem as long as the responses that get a positive rate are paid. Don't worry and keep working hard. Good luck
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