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  1. Or course I like ranking system. Because it reminds us that how much attentive on this platform. And we are important person of this site. We will get benefit of this in future.
  2. In this crypto field there are many information about to know about crypto. As a beginner you have to learn about that. Because without knowledge you can't do anything on this site.
  3. I didn't get any site like this forum site who can pay us for our simple task. But we can use another video sharing platform as like YouTube. It's name LBRY. Here we can earn massive free token.
  4. Congratulations for reaching 100 reputation from this forum. It's a great achievement fr this site. Because many people don't get this easily. Even I am here since 4 month but not get 10 reputation yet.
  5. I can't recognise my joining date. But I think I joined in January month. And from that time I earned so much free bitcoin from this site. Continuously using of this site I learned about it.
  6. Crypto are always volatile and it's price jump up and down. We can't see any stable moment in this market. And for that we can make massive profit through leverage trading.
  7. As I experienced I think your accounts won't get banned. But there is another things that you have to know. If you make some wrong then your account can be banned.
  8. Not only me many other of your well wishers won't say to invest in your first time. Because without knowledge you can lose your all funds. At first learn about crypto.
  9. I don't think it's not a major problem. Because some of my friends family members use cryptotalk like your. But always use one account per device. Always try to make great posts on this site.
  10. In every exchangers have this feature. It's mean your account number. In your account settings you will get your own his code which you can use for your purposes.
  11. As per rules we can only connect our one cryptotalk account to one Yobit exchanger. Also we cannot connect another cryptotalk account to Yobit if our first account get banned.
  12. In every exchangers 2fa security activation system almost same. Just we need to find it out. It's most important for our accounts. Because too strong security.
  13. In short we can say that your posts always be like genuine. Nothing copy paste can be used on that. Always try to make your own topic from your knowledge.
  14. At first you have to read all the rules of this forum. Because it's too strict. Also you have to know more about crypto to make more comments and posts.
  15. I don't think it will help us to recover our accounts. Because it's a payment option. And we can use our wallets on multiple sites like this.
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