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  1. You are right, my friend, when the post is good and rich in attractive information for the members, this makes it the focus of everyone’s attention and thus will receive a lot of positive reviews, which in turn will increase the profit rate of the owner of the post
  2. I agree with you about this information because procrastination and laziness are our enemies in this forum. Therefore we have to rise and advance in the level of knowledge and science in the field of cryptocurrencies in order to be one of the experts in the world of cryptography
  3. I think that experience and knowledge is a very important matter, especially in this forum, even for experts, but it has encountered many problems that I could not solve for me. It is to obtain information that enables me to reach the level of experts.
  4. We must apply these steps with guard and commitment to the spread of fraud groups on Telegram is extremely annoying and it is possible that we are defrauded and drawn into these fraudulent groups in the crypto world
  5. I agree with you, my dear friend, that getting free Bitcoin is much better than investing, because sometimes the investment may be in declining currencies, and it is possible for us to lose some money.
  6. Of course we need this forum here to learn a lot. About cryptocurrencies, trading and understanding the world of cryptography and investment. All this helps us gain experience and knowledge in addition to improving our capabilities and our English language as well as we can earn money so we need this forum for the information it contains.
  7. Yes, for me, it is the best forum ever because we can learn, gain experience and knowledge, improve ourselves, increase our capabilities and knowledge, and get money at the same time, so this forum is part of our daily life.
  8. Forum rules are clear that do not allow you to create more than one account on one network because that violates the laws and you will be banned if you want to create another account, you must activate it and open the forum through mobile data and work this way does not put your account at risk
  9. Yes, we all try and work to protect ourselves from scammers, so I advise you not to give one of your personal information. Secure your account or wallet with a strong password that is difficult to penetrate, not to open links and sites from unknown people, keep e-mail, and not put it on sites so that it is not hacked.
  10. You are right to help others is an important matter and we are here to exchange ideas, share them and help each other because all our experience and knowledge will be reflected on us through our receiving experience, increasing our capabilities and qualifications, and we will be able to guide beginners because they are the ones who need help the most.
  11. Forum rules are basic and clear, built in an organized manner that no one can skip them. Therefore, my friend, when you use two devices on one network, you violate one of the provisions of the forum rules, which are in violation of the ban, be careful and pay attention.
  12. My friend, between the first and second comment, it takes three minutes between them, but between the second and third comment the time expands as it continues to increase the faster you create posts.
  13. My friend advised you to check the e-mail, as you should receive a message on it, and if it is not closed, you can contact the support team of the forum and your problem will be solved as soon as possible.
  14. My friend should create useful publications to get the largest possible number of reputation. Also, every post must have a rating, as a non-resident publication is not paid to you.
  15. You can get profits by gaining experience and knowledge and learning how to work here, my friend, discovering new ways to make money, there are many of them yobit, which opens us to wide horizons of fields.
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