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  1. Whoever wants a lot of profits should start trading if he has capital that he does not need, personally I cannot and do not have money, so I am earning bitcoin from this forum just to help me increase my income, as a second job.
  2. This is our work in this forum my friend, to offer our help to others by sharing our experience with us, so that the benefit may be spread to everyone. Thank you for clarifying this idea, which many are ignorant of.
  3. I do not think that you can simply raise capital, but you may rely on the forum as your second job to pay your private life expenses, or collect bitcoin for at least ten years, so that the price of bitcoin doubled.
  4. Work in this forum is reciprocal in the process of benefiting, members benefit in money, and the forum benefits in spreading the Bitcoin currency all over the world through the valuable posts and comments that we write.
  5. After entering your account, you will find the website interface as you can see in the picture above, you will find a field named Freecoin, which you will click on (in the case of new registration, you must wait a whole week until this field appears for you) and the page that appears in the image below will appear for you: After that, you click on get free coin and you click on the CAPTCHA only once, then you go down on all the other currencies on this page and by that you will win a quantity of digital currencies and repeat the same method on a daily basis.
  6. First, you must write at least a hundred characters in a single post, write useful posts about cryptocurrencies, or share posts by writing useful comments as well.
  7. At first I read the forum rules, I understood a lot of them, but this section taught me the points that I did not understand (beginners section) because many questions are asked and the points are not clear in the forum rules and are explained through the comments of the expert members.
  8. My friend, I do not think there is a defect, if you do not find the post that you wrote, it may be deleted by the moderators because it does not comply with the terms of the forum.
  9. Digital currencies are the product of the technological and informational revolution, and it was successfully born in 2009, and "Bitcoin" was the first currency in the world of digital currencies, and digital currencies are issued, in a decentralized manner, through mathematical algorithms through computer programs, and the development of work in these currencies on the Over the past decade, as its trading operations were organized and controlled, through a general ledger of the blockchain, it monitors the exchange operations and knows each account, and this data is available to all dealers through the password and username that is obtained for the dealer on The network, and the category of miners is the backbone of the digital currency market, because its members are the ones who create currencies, or what we can call the issuers of digital currencies, and if Bitcoin was the first currency that was issued among digital currencies, then there is a large number of digital currencies, And if it did not gain the momentum of Bitcoin, and among these currencies, for example: Ethereum, Ripple, NEM, Litecoin, as well as NEO, Dash, and others.
  10. My dear friend, any work that requires individual effort first reflects positively on the collective effort. Therefore, each member asks us to work hard and write useful posts that are accustomed to the forum to be developed.
  11. Not only that, it is true, but he wastes his time because the useless jobs will be removed and thus he will not be paid. I do not know what is the benefit of those who publish these publications, because the forum will not pay them.
  12. First, my friend, you have to read a lot of articles on Google and YouTube to learn how to trade, but what no one mentioned, there is an important issue that must be raised, which is to read carefully about social engineering to know the fraudulent and professional fraud methods, which in turn will protect our account on the Internet.
  13. I agree with you, my friend, because if we do not succeed, there will be no post for us in this forum, and therefore our work is equal to zero and we will not earn money, so we have to work hard and write posts that are commensurate with the level of the forum with what moderators ask members to earn money.
  14. My friend, it is not important that you be a professional, you are required to be familiar with the English language so that the publication is understandable and simple so that it is useful to everyone.
  15. I agree with you, my friend, these are the wonderful features of the forum that offer us these things in one place of learning, sharing experience, profit, and spending time in a constructive way.
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