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  1. true because this will be beneficial and beneficial also for penggarpannya projects hopefully useful thank you
  2. that's right I also save and hold my BTC because I think it's like an investment in the future like savings and in the future will be more useful
  3. maybe this is the reason why bitcoin has not been applied in various companies, only bitcoin is more dominant in stocks or investments
  4. I also joined a number of tokens that were redeemed quickly within one month can be exchanged I hope the crypto keep the spirit and think positively and this will be beneficial
  5. wow this is a very good project and hopefully it can be better known because it is profitable, hopefully it will be useful for your friends too
  6. maybe this comment can be responded to in order to make arrangements about the picture and it will be even better hopefully useful for us all and not disappointing too
  7. yes I agree also never knew about it ... and if in the future there really is then I think this is a very successful and profitable project and good luck thank you
  8. in my opinion this can be exchanged for coins like other tokens, this is I try it good luck and profitable, if there are friends who have felt the results please share your experience
  9. if the coin currency becomes stable this will have an impact with its exchange later, good luck the project from the bitflate project and dominate the global and market share
  10. if the emergence of blockchain phones this is a very interesting technology and can also make it easier for blockchain account owners may be useful and profitable
  11. but this does not rule out the possibility of going up again, and hopefully it can go up and more profitable for us, and I also try it again hopefully this project does not disappoint
  12. it really does pay and there are prizes for members who enter the forum, hopefully in the future more and more profitable again, I'm also very happy to see this comment
  13. Очень верно, что с атм есть много аттракторов, чтобы иметь возможность участвовать с крипто, надеюсь, полезно и спасибо
  14. in my opinion it can be because at present it is like controlling the world market and like holding investment in the future because not a few people want to join and start investing too That's right, so that everyone can learn more and get to know about bitcoin, even ordinary people like me, and to make it easier to learn about bitcoin.
  15. but it's true that you can't tolerate it because there are many who get bitcoin, and when you ask, it does corner and make a loss for that person, but for me it is profitable too
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